Living Among Little People:

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When I was a Young One, I listened to the Elders speak among themselves of the legends and myths of Little People in hushed voices as they sat in their early morning Circles...

Dave Gibson
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Ug.... Name is Madukarahat. Say Ma du kara hat. Me Great Big Hairy Man. No like fire or thundersticks of Little People. Me big hungry man, eat dogs and little children....

HAHAHAHAHAHA! No, I can’t do it. That was for the benefit for those of you Little People reading this who think if what you call Sasquatch (if we’re real at all) are intelligent or not. I mean seriously? This is all quite hysterical to me.

From my observations, Little People are an odd bunch. Their behavior makes absolutely no sense to me or any other Forest People, try as we might to understand. This book relates my Little People encounter experiences for all you Young Ones with the hope that you will take my research and develop it into a cohesive theory of their strange behavior. A tall order, I know, but time is on our side.

But this book is especially written for the benefit of you Little People who have the desire to learn and understand about the People of the Forest. It tells of our way of life, and our side of the stories of our interactions with you.

We Forest People are a People who live in the Forests, of course. Our Earth Mother provides us with all we need there. The Trees provide shelter from sun, wind, and weather. The mountains give us cold streams of fresh water to drink from. We have all of the food we need; Berries, Apples, Roots, Grubs, succulent young Twigs, and Fish and Animals to eat. What more do we need? Nothing. The Forests take care of us Forest People, and we are the Keepers of the Forest in return, watching over all things that happen here and protecting it and its inhabitants.

But apparently, the small hairless ones feel they need more than what the Forest provides. They take more than their share. This I still do not understand.

Little People seem to be very weak. Although some live in the Forest as we do, they need complicated structures to keep the weather away and to give them warmth when it is cold and cold when it is warm. They avoid rain for some reason I haven’t discerned yet. Living in this way has deprived them of body hair, which they have replaced with the oddest colored and shaped animal skins I have ever seen. And the skins are all different. Their leg coverings are mostly blue, but I have seen brown, green, and even multicolored. Chest skins can be any color you can imagine. Where they found animals colored like that, I have no idea. Many Little People have head coverings that make their brows seem long, flat, and thin. Young Little People seem to not understand the proper placement of these head skins and put them on backwards, or even sideways. I am serious. I am not making this up. There is definitely something wrong with the brain wiring of young Little People. This usually, although not always in the case of the males of the species, corrects itself as the Little People age.

This book chronicles my journey of learning of the oddest of all beings, the Little People.

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