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By Abimael Acosta All Rights Reserved ©



Two ancient tribes of gypsies struggle to get the sacred stone that will give them power and wealth. This precious stone that came from the bowels of Teide Volcano has been the subject of battles and blood of those who wanted to possess it. A century ago a gypsy cursed the ancestors of the enemy tribe that never would have offspring that would inherit the stone. Now, a century later, the descendants of these tribes will fight to get the stone and perform the ritual that will give them infinite power. The Chosen hide their powers to the outside world acting as magicians in two rivals magic circuses ; The Grand Wizards Circus and The Amazing Shandor Circus. Wizards is the first part of the saga of gypsy sorcerers.


In the summer of 2010 rose the idea of what eventually would be transformed into what would be my first literary novel. It was logical that being a television and film writer, I began developing a script about the sacred stone chosen by the two tribes of gypsies enemies.

The interest of several Hollywood producers to read the script and the praise of several literary agents and actors made ​​me think that a project as visually rich as this, required a huge investment to recreate fairly the fascinating world in which the story unfolds. These experiences and the pass of time were opening trails that as a writer I had not dared to explore so far.

I always had said that when old age would come into my life I was going to devote myself to write literary novels, but fate was determined to get ahead as planned. One day, almost without realizing it, I began to entertain the idea to transform Wizards into a novel. As I was getting deeper into that world, more fascinating and magical seemed to me the immense creative freedom that the genre of the novel put before me to serve my sorcerers. The new experience became something wonderful and in some way addictive, that made me want to keep writing without stopping, revealing details of that universe and the characters, which were not weighted until that day. Today, after three years, I place in your hands the key that will cross the threshold of a world full of magic, mystery, and witnessing the ferocious battle between the Salgueros and the Gabarras to take over the sacred stone that would grant the winner the eternal youth, immortality and infinite power.

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