Saving Hamlet

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It's time for Corrine to right the wrongs committed by a long dead man, William Shakespeare. Corrine's father always had his secrets. It was what pushed Corrine and her mother away in the first place. But when he dies, Corrine comes back, full of guilt, to find out what his secret really was. Corrine's father has always had his secrets. When he dies, Corrine receives a letter, an apology from her estranged father, and a mission left for her. Corrine has a gift, the power to enter stories and change them, and her father wanted her to do just that. She will have to figure out this power, and learn all about what hides in plain sight, even in stories. It's time for Corrine to right the wrongs committed by a long dead man, William Shakespeare. It's time to save all those lost, and Corrine will start with Hamlet.

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Is this what it feels like to die? Is there panic? Do people fight when they feel death coming, or do they just give up at the end? His letter said to fight through the water, but I feel it pulling me down. Even the light that I know will bring me into this other world seems too far away.

But my father, he left me the letter in his will. He wanted me to do this. I have to fight. How can this even be happening? I’m swimming through water, at least what I think is water, and at the other end, a universe where the most important people in my father’s life, Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet, Rosaline, they exist? Maybe I’ve been dying since before I read the letter. Maybe I’m in a coma, and this is the end.

Because I couldn’t have thought this was a good idea, not in my right state of mind. Swimming to get to a universe where the characters my father loved are alive? It can’t be.

But there. Light. A blinding light. So bright that I forget that I can’t breathe for a moment, which is enough. Those are arms around me, pulling me out of the water.

“Miss, are you alright? Breathe! Please breathe!”

My lungs feel like they are full of water. Like I’ll never get it all out, even more and more comes out of my mouth as I cough. I give in to darkness. I’m sorry, Dad. I’m sorry I couldn’t do what you asked me to. There is no saving Hamlet.

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