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Descendant of Flames

By Nymue All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


The glittering Crystal form of the last known Fire Wielder stood solemnly in the center of the crumbling ruins of Ashtanshire; The Old Palace. The woman's arms stretched out towards empty air as if seeking forgiveness as her knees buckled beneath her. It was hard to tell what she wore but it was certainly old styled and her hair was loose from the confines of the thick braids women wore today. In this country, fire was a rare and precious gift born to only those who are capable of wielding this fierce passion. The last one to wield this power was Chenelle Morvina, the ancient warrior of Naginis; the woman made of crystal. She, with her dying breath managed to seal away her twin sister; the wielder of dark flames. Her sister Miciana Morvina was pure at one point, ruling with Chenelle over the Naginis before she changed everything.

For five years they had ruled together in harmony, as the perfect pair. However, on their sixth year Miciana began to change. It was little things at first, like getting angry over someone being late or spilling something near her. Chenelle tried to talk to Miciana but she was always shunned. Chenelle began to fear for her sister’s life as she knew what could happen should she linger on this destructive path. Eventually Miciana’s anger got out of control and she killed an innocent with her power. Through the grief of slaying an innocent, she lost her sanity and Miciana truly turned against the Naginis. She banished her sister from Ashtanshire and ruled with a cruel streak that was never in her before. She began ritual sacrifices of those wielding the Air or Water elements; for in Miciana's eyes they were the weakest and highly corruptible. Miciana enslaved the Earth users to build monuments of herself and built walls to encircle the Palace.

Life grew dark and listless under her reign as she began to spread her vile power across the continent of Aukroa. Sceania was her first priority of conquering all of Aukroa as it was the second largest country after Asmos. Sceania was a long and hard fought over the span of two years but she managed to quell all the resistances. Fluicia and Secril fell soon after and all that was left of Aukroa was a small country called Esmia. This small country trembled at the might of Asmos’ ruler Miciana but from the shadows was a small burning light that shone with hope for Esmia.

Chenelle finally grew strong enough to face her mad and cruel sister that she loved and still loves. Chenelle had to harden her heart towards Miciana as she drew all her power against her beloved sister. After four days of fighting a stalemate, Chenelle finally had enough. She began chanting in an ancient language that was foreign to Miciana. Despite the warnings she had received; Chenelle felt as if she had no choice, she had to use this power against her dear sister. So with tears in her eyes and a whispered ‘I love you’; Chenelle released the enchantment upon her sister sealing her away in the depths of Elemn Lagoon on the outskirts of Esmia’s main city, Faerdham Citadel. Chenelle wept for her sister as she soon perished; the spell weakening her even further, turning her into crystal. The Naginis wept for their beloved ruler as they pulled their rag tag army back into Asmos. Since Chenelle’s crystal transformation; there has not been another Fire element as strong as the sisters and no twins have been born since.

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