My Victorian Dream Home and Secrets Hidden Within

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Fiction Fantasy and Real Dream Experience, I've had over my lifetime.. This dream has been prevalent to my memory. So I decided to base it around it. The story takes place in Salem Massachusetts, Many years later after the Witch trials, of Salem.

Fantasy / Mystery
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I dreamed of a large Victorian home made of bricks, stone wood mix on outside walls.

It looked like a three-story home as I came up the street, the tree’s Surrounded the house and a gentle flowing pound on the property not far from the main house.

I stood and looked at the house from the end of the walk, for a moment. I decided to go into the house, if I could, just to see what it looked like inside, and to find out if anyone might be home. I knocked, no answer, I knocked again, no answer. Strangely the door opens on its own this time. I enter the house through a beautiful stained glass window door it opens into a foyer, but there was no one there to greet me. I felt it be a bit strange but I went ahead and walked in. When I got further it looked like it went into another room looked to be a living-room.

A sparkling Chandler hanging from the high most point of the room. It sparkled like diamonds with the light on inside. As I got to the middle of the room a soft white curving staircase up to the next floor. All through the staircase was eye-catching, another room off to the right caught my eye, I walked into the room. In the room, the high ceiling was vaulted and had stained glass pictures of angels, fairies, wizards, Unicorns, dragons, and rainbows Spread throughout. The room was large so I figured it to be a ballroom. In the far back center of the room was a rise in the floor, it looked like a stage for a band to sit on and play music for a cotillion dance or for a grand ball. Off to the left of the stage, there was a breezeway that took me to another stained glass door that took me to the garden terrace, where you could find fountains, flowers spread throughout, roses, Calla Lilly, orchids. Also, I found fragrant lilacs and the rear edelweiss plant with a dainty white flower blooming. Clear sparkling lights threaded about the garden terrace, among the flowers trees and bushes.

The beauty of the garden Terrace is like a fairy tales, few and far between in life’s reality of human being unless you believe in such things, of which I do if only in my dreams. Many people think I’m crazy to believe in such things, then maybe I am, but it has gotten me through some hard times in my life.

I have had the ability of real dream experiences for many years.

But the dreams are getting more prevalent, real and much clearer and detailed than before. It's almost frightening, but walking through the garden Terrace has kind of calmed me down, the beauty of the garden is canning and breathtaking at the same time. I don’t know how but true. After finishing my walk through the garden I came back to the stained glass door once again. To take me back to the ballroom, I re-entered it and came to a dead stop in the center of the room. Closed my eyes, spun around and gave a big sigh, opened my eyes and continued on my journey. When I got back to where I first started this journey, stood for a second, looked around and to the left of the white staircase, another room caught my eye, so I entered, it was a bit smaller the last. The room was decorated with leather grand chairs facing a white and Grey marble fireplace, chairs were formed in a circle around it, ashtrays placed between chairs. In one of the corners of the room was a bar. I figured this to be the men's smoking room.

I then moved on to another room next to the smoking room, a solid oak wooden door separated the rooms, hand-carved the design. I entered the room, it was decorated with lace, tulle, and rose-colored velvet curtains. Smaller chair surrounds a roundtable, A parlor where a guest would gather to enjoy tea and coffee, this is more of a ladies room.

Maybe the ladies would set to embroider, sew or quilt as a group, the room is a bit larger than the men room.

Victorian couches, love sets and chairs scattered about the room, another fireplace accented the room with a warm glow from the firer built within.

Teal, red velvet design covered the furniture with love and care and beauty. Windows covered with rose color curtains, lace and tulle complementing each and every color of the curtains. Burgundy, peach, ivory and mint color accented across the room in the chairs, love seat, and coaches. A beautiful room this was.

I continued my journey through the house, I began to wonder why I have been called here to this mysterious house. I have no idea, but I’m compelled to continue this strange destiny, I've been handed by some Un-known force. I entered the next room of distinct grandeur estate. It was almost big as the ballroom, but a bit smaller, but it has rows and rows of bookshelves surrounding the outer wall, the shelves were as high as the room, almost every shelf filled with books.

The grand cherry desk and shelves were beautiful and outstanding. Burgundy desk chair fastens with gold color fabric tacks to the arms and back of the chair, rollers to move around the desk, files and mail slots for the person that would work there. There was a Sliding ladder to climb to the upmost point of the shelves.

A spiral staircase across the room could be seen.

The stairs looked as if it took you to the uppermost point of the house if you were to climb it.

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