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Vanessa is plagued with the choice of either following her mother’s orders and ruling the Kingdom on her own, or following her heart and ruling with Thomas by her side. A diminished citizen Vanessa was a not so average girl, she lived in the year 2469. She lives in the realm Carpathia, She moved in with her aunt Lisa Governess of Carpathia. One day she was walking in the woods and came up on a very peculiar community. Though she new about these tiny things she was curious and sat in the clearing by the community watching one tiny work. She smiled watching him until the sun went down. Without disturbing the little community she gets up and walks back to her village.

Fantasy / Romance
Jennifer Kidrick
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

(the meeting)

He was working in the community off to the left of the field she was in. Vanessa could see his skin glistening in the sun, his shirt off, those tiny muscles rippling under his tanned skin. She watches him as he converses with another mini as she twirls the stem of a red rose in her hands. He walks over to the tree by the wall; the wall is only three feet to GF’s but about fifty feet tall to a mini.

Vanessa walks up to the wall, her shadow overcast the community and he looks around and way up, drinking from a canteen, he drops the canteen at his feet. As he looks way up and sees her looking at him. Vanessa sees the fear and intimidation in his eyes. He steps back and almost falls, she leans against the wall and reaches her hand out, putting a finger to the side of his body and lifts him back up to his feet.

“Hi, what’s your name?” She asks him still keeping her index finger on his side, looking at him from his tiny head to his even tinier feet.

“M…my n…name is Thomas Jakes.” He says with fear in his eyes. He realizes then that he is not getting crushed; he can feel her warm finger on his side and notices how she barely touches him.

“M...may I know your name?” He looks up at her.

She smiles. “My name is Vanessa.”

“T….that is a lovely name you have, Miss Vanessa.” He backs up to look at her better as the sun is in his face. “She is very beautiful” he thinks to himself looking up into her eyes. “What beautiful hazel eyes she has. He looks down, where her hand is still holding on to his side. “Soft, warm, gentle hands. He notices her hair shining in the sun. Dark brown and from how is moves over her shoulder, he can see it is possibly mid length.

Vanessa looks around the small community, “what do you do here?” she asks. She looks around and watches the other minis working in the gardens and in the square. He looks up to her, noticing her voice is soft but for a mini it is loud, however it does not hurt his ears.

“I……I...I am a carpenter, lead carpenter.” He says stammering over his words. Obviously intimidated by her size, but intrigued on how gentle and soft she is.

Vanessa nods her head looking back at him; she moves her hand and leans inside the wall. “What do you do after work?” She asks him.

“Shower of course, then go down and have a drink at the bar.” He says looking up at her still very nervous.

She looks at him smiling. “Wouldn’t you rather come on a walk with me?”

He looks at Vanessa and nods his head vigorously. “Won’t we get into trouble Miss Vanessa?” He asks her with wide eyes.

She shrugs, “wouldn’t it be better than going to the bar?” She asks him.

“I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” He says as he bows, “where do I meet you Miss Vanessa?” He asks as he starts running off.

“In the field.” She says to him.

He bows, “Yes Miss Vanessa,” he bows again and runs off. Vanessa lies in the field waiting for Thomas. Within minutes he is back, she sits up looking down at him.

“Would you like to take a walk in the woods?” She asks him, he looks way up at her and nods his head vigorously. She puts her hand on the ground and waits for him to climb into it. He comes slowly over to her hand and climbs onto it sitting in the center of her palm. She stands up and puts him on her shoulder, he sits holding on to her collar and a few strands of her hair, and she hears a faint “whoa” and smiles.

“I take it you have never been up this high.” Vanessa speaks softly as to not hurt his ears.

“No Miss Vanessa, I…I have not had the privilege of seeing the world at this great height.” He says to her as he looks around.

She smiles, they walk on the path at the entrance of the woods and walk in a few feet, the breeze Vanessa is creating is blowing his hair back, he looks sideways at her, “she is so beautiful” he thinks to himself, She keeps walking looking down with her right eye. She sees him looking up at her and smiles.

“What are you looking at Thomas?” She asks smiling.

“I…I don’t mean to stare. You are so beautiful, Miss Vanessa.” He says to her.

“Thank you Thomas,” Vanessa says as she blushes just a little. She walks them further into the woods; she veers off to the right and goes in-between trees. She climbs over fallen branches and brush. They come to a clearing; she takes him off her shoulder carefully. Vanessa holds him gently around his waist making sure to keep his arms out. In the clearing is a platform, with tiny lights on it. She walks over to the platform and places Thomas on it. He looks at it then up at her.

“You built this?!?” He asks his eyes wide, looking way up at her, as the platform is only a few inches off the ground by GF standards, all though to him it would be a few feet.

“You built this for me?” He asks running up and down the paths.

“Yes Thomas. I built this all for you.” She points into the trees to the left of them. From here it looks like small pathways. “Walk with me?” She asks him, he nods quickly. They walk along he starts to jog. She looks back and notices he has stopped to catch his breath, she smiles and walks back to him. She picks him up gently and places him back on her shoulder.

“You really are gentle Miss Vanessa.” He says smiling up at her right eye. She smiles and blushes, she then stops in a clearing and he looks out. She gently picks him up and puts him back on the platform. He looks up and down the platform.

“I can’t believe you made this for me.” He says looking up at her his eyes wide with a big grin on his face.

“I’ve been watching you for the past few weeks.” Vanessa says shyly, “I would watch how you would hold your hammer, how you would inspect the wood, though it took me a while to actually be gentle enough to handle the smallest pieces to make the platforms and paths.” She says looking at him, kneeling down to get closer to him.

“When I saw you take a break by the tree, with your shirt off, your tan chest and back glistening with sweat in the sun, your hair shining. I figured that this would be my chance to be able to meet you.” Vanessa tells him looking down at her hands shyly; He looks at her wide eyed.

“I’m honored and privileged you chose me. No mini ever thinks it will happen to them. When a Mini is chosen the GF will just come in to the community and take them.” Thomas stammers through his words, his face pink in the cheeks.

Vanessa stands and picks Thomas up around his waist and walks further into the trees, noticing the sun going down, she speeds up a little. She walks through a clearing where the platform turns left.

Vanessa puts Thomas down on the platform and removes some brush from the ground; in a hole she has placed a small box. The box is mahogany red, buffed and shined. Almost like a pirate’s chest from centuries ago. “What is that Miss Vanessa?” Thomas asks curiously. Vanessa smiles and brings the tiny box over to him, setting it down on the platform by his tiny boots. “Wh…what is this?” Thomas asks looking up at her.

Vanessa looks down at him. “Open, it” She says down to him a little shyly. Thomas opens the box and his eyes go wide.

“I…I...I can’t believe what I’m seeing.” Thomas looks up at Vanessa with excitement and disbelief. He takes the little gold coin out of the box, looking at both sides. It catches the sun glistens on his tiny face. “It’s a freedom medallion. I’m free to go anywhere?” He asks her.

She nods at him. “He is so handsome. She looks at him with his dark hair wavy and shining in the sun. When I see him without his shirt off my heart beats faster, his skin is tan and has well-built muscles rippling under his tan skin as he picks up a piece of wood and lifts on to his broad shoulders, he has a six pack and a very definitive chest.

“I don’t know what……” He looks up at her, “I am honored and most humbled that you have chosen me Miss Vanessa.” Thomas kneels with his head down in complete and total submission to Vanessa.

She smiles down at him. “Rise” she says, he rises and puts the medallion back in the box. He looks up at her.

“Do you live in the village Miss Vanessa?” He asks her as they start to walk through the trees again.

“Yes. I moved from Amsterdam a couple weeks ago. I am living with my Aunt Lisa.” She looks down at him with her right eye.

“You’re the Governess’s niece!?” He shouts up to her so that she can hear him.

“Yes, is that a problem?” Vanessa asks Thomas quietly.

“Of course not, though she can be ruthless at times” He says looking a little nervous. She looks down at him.

“I…I am sorry Miss Vanessa I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.” He says as he rings his hands.

“There is nothing to worry about. And yes I know how she is. It took me a week to convince her to let me give you the medallion.” Vanessa says to him.

“Please stop calling Miss Vanessa.”

“I…I’m sorry Mi…Vanessa.”

She looks at him smiling. “What now?”

Vanessa smiles slightly and licks her lips, “take off your pants” Vanessa tells him.

He rushes taking off his pants in no time. She licks her lips again. He takes off his shirt as well and stands there right in the sun; it glistens on his body from his dark hair to those tiny tan feet.

Vanessa stands up and starts unbuttoning her blouse one button at a time. She watches his face; his eyes are fixed on her chest. Vanessa unbuttons the rest. Pulling it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. His jaw drops, she smiles. “She has the most beautiful giant breasts, her nipples are so huge, and they are so perky, so firm. He thinks to himself.

Vanessa then undoes her skirt letting it fall to the earth; she can see his manhood grow as he sets his eyes on her entire body.

“Oh my god, you’re prefect.” Thomas shouts up to her.

She doesn’t say anything just smiles and blushes at him. She looks down at him and kneels. Vanessa takes her hand and wraps her fingers around his waist, and she lifts him up to her face. Thomas closes his eyes as this feels so good. This is a new experience for him as he’s never been touched with affection, particularly from a GF.

Thomas lowers his head to the finger that is cross his chest. “Your hands smell wonderful to me, like lavender mixed with rose pedals.” He looks up at Vanessa.

She smiles and lightly touches his hard shaft, sliding her fingertip up the head. Vanessa’s whole body shudders, as she looks at him seductively her face hot and flushed. Vanessa licks her lips again and pulls him closer to her face.

Thomas is only inches from Vanessa’s warm moist lips that she had just licked. Her hot breath washes over him, his skin tingles from the sensation of being covered in moist hot air that’s smells of peppermint leaves. He slowly reaches his left hand out and touches her upper lip, running his hand lengthwise, noticing how soft the skin is, so so soft.

He pulls his hand back and the palm and fingers are wet with Vanessa’s saliva. He smells it and smiles, then licks his hand tasting and sharing in her fluids. Vanessa smiles at him as she watches Thomas lick his hand that has her saliva on it. She leans closer to his body and licks her finger and runs it length wise down his entire body.

He giggles a little as this tickles him and his body recoils a little, but he tries to stand as still as possible as they experiment with each other, putting together a puzzle of love, one that they will never figure out hopefully as mysteries such as this should always remain as such. He licks her giant finger that’s covered in her warm sweet saliva, and it tastes amazing to him as his eyes close and he licks his lips. Thomas looks up at her a longing in his eyes “I want more, to drink from her.” He thinks to himself.

Vanessa smiles at Thomas as she moves her hand away, she stand up and startswalking further into the woods, coming to a fork in the path, she turns left going deeper into the woods where the only light is the tiny lights on the path she has built for him. Thomas clings to her huge thumb as he likes to do as she walks, cuddling tightly to it. Vanessa can also feel him rubbing his hard shaft against it.

Vanessa watches as he rubs his hard shaft on her thumb; she walks further down the path and comes to a small brush lying in the way. She kneels down on the brush pushing it up off the ground and then laying on her back, putting Thomas on her tummy as she does. He stands there on her stomach, rising and falling with each inhale and exhale. He looks up and down her body.

Thomas looks up towards Vanessa’s face, “I...I don’t know what to say are a work of art!!” He yells to her knowing no one else can hear him but her.

”I am commanding you to explore my body as you see fit, head to toe, now.” She says breathlessly.

There is a sudden serious look on his face. Thomas bows to her. “Yes m...” He stops himself from saying miss again. “ you command!!” He says as he looks up and down her body making his decision to start at her feet and work his way up.

Thomas starts to walk quickly down the left side of Vanessa’s abdomen and past her left pelvic bone. He continues his vigorous walk down her left thigh looking over the side, down between her legs as he walks. He breathes heavily as her legs are so long. His intended destination is head of him, her feet. She watches as he makes his way down her leg, she gets on her elbows to watch and wait to see what he has planned on doing with her feet.

As Thomas reaches the lower part of Vanessa’s shin, She feels him slide off the side of her shin for a five to six foot drop and land safely on his feet. Vanessa sits up more and gasps. He waves back up at her. “I’m worries!!“He shouts so she can hear him.

Vanessa watches him walk down and around the edge of her left foot. Thomas looks up at it in awe. Vanessa’s foot towers over him easily fifteen maybe twenty feet high. He walks closer, examining every line, and wrinkle of the sole of her foot.

He notices that they are surprisingly clean as Vanessa has been walking barefoot all evening, but mainly in the grass. Vanessa leans a little to her right to watch him. He steps up and presses his face against the sole of her foot; he feels that it is warm and soft. He inhales it and a slight scent of perspiration mixed with leather and lavender again, with a hint of rose pedals feel his nostrils.

Vanessa giggles and wiggles her toes as she feels his hair tickle the soul of her foot, she sit up to watches him and giggles more. He hears her toes moving above him and he looks up and smiles, seeing them wiggling wildly. Thomas smiles as he hears her giggle and so he kisses the sole of her left foot, even licking it, trying the taste of that part of her. Sweet and a bit salty, but she hears a very faint yummy sound coming down by her foot. “I love this part of you as well my beautiful Vanessa.” He shouts up to her.

Thomas plays for a moment and runs his tiny hands up as far as he can reach which is well below the ball of Vanessa’s foot and he runs his hands down, tickling her massive foot as much as possible. Vanessa giggles and wiggles her toes more, sitting and watching him kiss the soul of her foot, and she lets her hair down from the pin holding it up and it falls down and around her face.

Thomas plays for a while longer, and then decides to move on. Giving Vanessa’s foot one more kiss and lick for the road, He walks between her feet and starts his trek between her legs. Vanessa blushes as she knows where he is heading. He passes her calves running his hand along the soft and smooth skin and kissing it in places. Then he gets to her knee keeping his hand on her skin. He tickles it a little and hears a small laugh from high above him. He is now at her thigh. He starts kissing more and licking her thigh as he walks getting closer to the Valley that is between her legs.

Thomas looks way up and on both sides of him are walls of beautiful feminine flesh, walls fifteen or more feet high above him. He makes it to his second stop, her womanhood, her goddess like vagina. He looks at it in silence. “I hope and pray I do not screw this up,” he thinks to himself.

Trying to pleasure her and not to do so would be disgraceful to him. He starts to climb up using her soft lips, footing difficult but he manages. Remembering some of his anatomy classes from when he was in school, He knows that there is something called a clitoris. Vanessa feels him searching for it using his right hand while he clings to the skin with his left she moans softly as he has found it and she grips the earth, curling her toes.

He finds the clit, and it’s huge, bigger than what he remembers seeing in his tiny books, of course they were only pictures. Thomas takes a hold of Vanessa’s giant clit with both hands and braces himself using his feet. She moans louder, arching her back, trying not to move too much in fear of her tiny man falling. Thomas’s world quakes as Vanessa’s mid sections rise in the air. He hears her moans and it echoes all around him. He knows he’s doing something right. He notices her thighs, the muscles moving wildly under the skin. He massages her clit with his hands, then takes a chance and gives it a kiss.

Vanessa cries out and moans again louder, her toes cramping from the endless curling, her back arching and ecstasy fills her entire body. He braces himself as best he can with his feet, then notices how slippery his footing is getting. Vanessa’s clit engorged and swollen, Thomas nibbles and licks and kisses and massages it, causing her body to convulse even more. Vanessa’s cries sound like the cries of a goddess, moaning sounds of pleasure from the sky. Thomas decides it’s time to move, only not up...but in.

Vanessa starts to feel Thomas move inside her. She tries not to move but the pleasure Thomas is giving her has her body shaking from head to toe. Vanessa is filled with such pleasure her body convulse more as he moves inside. Thomas slips inside easily as Vanessa is extremely wet. He goes in head first, crawling and wiggling his way in. It’s warm, very warm inside her and moist. Thomas runs his hands along the lining of Vanessa’s love canal. He hears her moans loud and clear inside her beautiful body and feels her body shiver, shake and tremble.

Vanessa squeezes her muscles inside to show Thomas she can feel his hands on the walls of her honeypot, she purrs as she feels his fingers and hands caress every inch of her insides. Vanessa’s muscle squeezes him tightly, holding him in place, but not so tightly to harm him. Thomas squirms and wiggles his way in deeper and deeper inside Vanessa, all the while trying to massage and stimulate every sensitive spot he finds.Vanessa starts to moan faster and louder as Thomas wiggles his way deeper inside her cave of wonders. Vanessa’s muscles involuntarily squeezing him, as she is getting ready to explode.

Thomas finds Vanessa’s G-Spot, not even knowing it because he doesn’t even know what a G-Spot is. Thomas finds out though because when he touches it, Vanessa arches her back, her legs shiver as he touches her G-spot, Vanessa moans louder and faster and she gets to the edge of a great orgasm. Thomas rubs this spot that obviously had the greatest effect, rubbing it over and over, and kicking his little legs at the same time. A small stream of hot fluid starts to flow.

Vanessa feels a rush of warmth all over her body, and arches her back as the fluid starts to flow out of her.Thomas is suddenly in the midst of a river of hot juice. He opens his mouth a little and tastes this fluid. Thomas smiles wide as this is the best yet and he starts drinking mouth fulls of Vanessa’s hot sweet juice. Vanessa’s body convulses as her breath starts to slow, she still feels Thomas inside her, as her body starts to relax. Thomas takes his fill of her love juices. Feeling her body relax, Thomas sees he was successful.

Thomas hears Vanessa’s mighty heart pounding in her chest, bum, ba...bum. It’s so relaxing. He lies there inside her exhausted. Vanessa moans his name “oh, Thomas, that was so wonderful.” Thomas hears her speak to him from within her body, which is exciting to him.

Thomas can hear sounds of all kinds inside Vanessa. He can hear that she are slightly hungry, he can hear muscles move and joints creek slightly. Thomas starts to move to go to the exit.

Vanessa feels Thomas move inside and it makes her moan softly again, feeling him getting close to the outside Thomas finally makes it out and slowly climbs up and onto her pelvic area where he collapses, breathing heavily. “Did...did I please you...Vanessa?” Thomas calls up to her.

“So much, Thomas, so very much, you have pleased me to no end.” Vanessa whispers softly, as her body is still quivering, feeling him lying wet with her juices all over his body.

Thomas rises to his feet and walks up Vanessa’s stomach and up between her giant breasts, there he sits between them and looks at her beautiful face. “I...I think I need a bath.” Thomas says giggling.

Vanessa giggles and nods her head; she takes Thomas in her hands and sits up. She looks over at the platform and Thomas’s eyes follow hers. At the end of the platform is a pool of hot springs, Vanessa points it out for Thomas saying.

“You can bathe in the pool I have built for you.” She looks at him smiling sweetly her eye lids half closed.

Thomas looks up at Vanessa and the words pour from his mouth as easily as his breath, “I love you Vanessa...I love you with all my heart....until death comes for me.” Thomas says looking up at Vanessa with passion.

Vanessa’s heart pounds as she hears his tiny voice, and see his tiny mouth say the words again and again. “I love you as well Thomas, from the moment I saw you.” Vanessa says smiling and blushing.

“I will do all you ask of me and without hesitation, right or wrong, I will always do your bidding. I have one request if I may?” Thomas says as Vanessa holds him gently in her hand.

“Yes you may Thomas” Vanessa says smiling at him.

“My request is that you never change, always stay the way you are now, kind and gentle and loving. We will need you in the coming future...the times will change...but please...for me...don’t ever are so beautiful inside and out, so strong and yet so pliable.” Thomas smiles up at her rubbing the finger that is a crossed his chest.

“As you wish my love, I will never change.” Vanessa says as she stands up and walks Thomas over to the pool.

“Won’t your aunt the Governess be surprised when she sees me?” Thomas says laughing while Vanessa carries him to his bath. He laughs thinking of the outcome to the situation.

“She knows how I feel about you, although she is not very happy about it.” Vanessa says to him.

“And now, by law, she has to accept me, she may not like it and she may try to make life difficult, but as long as we stay together.” Thomas smiles at Vanessa.

Vanessa puts Thomas gently in the tub and walks over to get a small towel, the towel to Vanessa isn’t any bigger than a postage stamp, and carries it over between her thumb and forefinger.

“The thing is, is that I don’t want her making life harder for you. After all I want you to be happy Thomas.” Vanessa says as she brings the towel over and hangs it on the side of the railing

Thomas looks up at Vanessa smiling from the hot spring water and listening to her. “I understand what you’re saying...but if I can persuade her...change some of...just a fraction of the way she thinks about us Mini’s...I could change many things in our social structure.” Thomas says with confidence looking up at Vanessa.

She kneels down watching Thomas, putting her pinky finger in the water and swirling it around absentmindedly. “She is very stubborn Thomas” Vanessa says with a sigh as she leans her chin on her right hand.

Thomas thinks about what Vanessa is saying. Watching her giant pinky swirl around in the steaming hot spring water. “Listen....if it became too much...I give you my word I will give in...I won’t fight on as Gen Patton would say...I promise you...I want you happy too.” He says with a warm smile up to Vanessa.

“It took me almost a week for her to let me give you the medallion” Vanessa says as she gestures to the box on the other side of the platform. “Being with you anywhere makes me happy.” She finishes.

Vanessa takes a finger and gently pushes back the hair that has fallen in Thomas face, and then strokes his cheek, feeling the hot and wetness of the springs on his skin.

Thomas closes his eyes, loving the gentle touch of Vanessa’s finger against his face. He opens his eyes and looks up at her. “How did you learn to be so gentle...normally GF’s go through extensive training and protocol courses to know how much pressure can’re so gentle....did you have Mini servants as a young girl?′ Thomas asks touching Vanessa’s finger as it touches him.

Vanessa laughs. “No I was friends with some minis when I was young, I would sneak out and play with them when everyone in the village was asleep. They taught me how to be soft spoken as to not hurt your ears, and how to be gentle when lifting and touching.” Vanessa says with a smile.

“You actually snuck into a Mini community? That was very brave....ever get caught?” Thomas asks smiling up into Vanessa’s lovely eyes.

“No I was careful to and very quiet, I can walk anywhere without making noise. Those mini boys were my best friends, until I moved here.”

“There was this...this giant girl when I was a boy....she never snuck into our village...this is when I was living in Remeron....anyway...she would sit on the wall and I would play my guitar and sing for her and she would sneak me a singlestrawberry, which fed my household clansmen for a week.” Thomas says laughing up at Vanessa.

“Some of us are into taking charge, being forceful. Some of us GF’s are gentle, even though we have been taught differently, we were taught to think of mini’s as sheep, as nothing but servants and treat them as if they owed us to just be able to breath.” Vanessa says getting a little aggravated, she inhales deeply, calming down she finishes speaking in a soft voice.

“I didn’t think that was fair, knowing you are human with feelings, it upset me so much I wanted to get to know who mini’s were so I took it upon myself to get to know your people.” She finishes with a sigh and smiles down at Thomas tenderly.

Thomas smiles up into Vanessa’s eyes, “I see the kind of person you are, the kind of GF before me would never harm me or any of my fellow Mini’s. But I have seen the worst. It was in Remeron when I saw the worst. There were protests, protests by Mini’s. The local Governess and magistrate sent two GF’s into our village to subdue the protests. They destroyed fifty homes and two hundred and seventy-eight Mini’s were killed in only twenty minutes time. I saw firsthand what only two GF’s were capable of. But meeting you...has taught me that there is good even in badness.” Thomas says looking into the bubbling water.

“Some GF’s don’t like minis at all, they won’t even knowledge the mini’s in the village, but since they are protected, no other GF can harm them. There was a mini of a friend of mine; she went out to walk in the field as I do at times. After she had left I went to her cottage to sit with her mini, we would talk and play games. Anyway, this particular day I walked up to the cottage and he was laying on the steps, while there was a GF hovering over him yelling at him. She had killed him just because the sight of him sickened her.” Vanessa says choking back tears.

“Those are things that will never change, but can be reduced in frequency of occurrences. I have studied GF laws front to back and there are many loop holes. I intend to plug up those loop holes. It will take time, but time is all we have right? So dry your tears Vanessa...and be strong as I know you can be. I have a plan for now.... if I may be so bold?” Thomas asks Vanessa’s permission to speak on. Vanessa nods her head unable to speak.

Thomas gets out of the tub and takes the towel Vanessa gave to him. He walks close to her face that’s leaning on her hand. Thomas steps close to Vanessa’s face and standing on his tippy toes, reaches up with the towel and begins to dry Vanessa’s eyes of the tears.

“I propose you take me to your home....tonight...and allow me to see the layout of our Governesses home...where I will be staying and where the Governess sleeps, where the kitchen is and where the Mini servants this agreeable to you beautiful of my life?” Thomas says trying to cheer her up.

Vanessa smiles down at him.Tears still glistening in her eyes, she looks through them at Thomas. She nods and picks him up gently; she walks back through trees where they had left their clothes and gently puts Thomas back on the platform. Thomas looks up at Vanessa and smiles.

“Failure to preparation for failure...a famous commander once said this and it is so true....the Governess and her type are always underestimating my kind and I will use this to my advantage....I will use my weakness and my diminutive size against her.” Thomas says smiling up at her as they both get dressed.

Vanessa bends to pick up her skirt and wraps it around her waist; grabbing her shirt off the bush she slips her arms inside and buttons it looking at Thomas as he pulls up his jeans, Vanessa pauses thinking.

“Thomas, she may be the governess, but remember she is my aunt.” She says looking down at him. “I have taken this into consideration and will do nothing that will harm her or her reputation, this I swear to you as my owner and come first...if you tell me to cease and desist, I shall with no you believe me?” Thomas asks as he looks up at Vanessa with a serious tiny face.

“Of course I believe you.” Vanessa says smiles

Vanessa kneels down and leans her face so it’s only inches away from Thomas’s. “As long as you know that if I do tell you to cease its only because there is no hope to ever change her mind against minis.” Thomas smiles warmly because Vanessa knows how he loves it when her face is so close to his. Thomas hugs Vanessa’s nose, draping himself across the bridge of it, loving every second he spends with her.

Vanessa wraps her fingers around Thomas’s tiny frame in a one handed hug. Smiling crossed eye at him on her nose.Thomas looks at her cross eyed and laughs. He hugs her then squirms from her hand and backs away to look at her better and so she didn’t have to go cross eyed.

“Let us make haste M’lady...time waits for no one...the game is a foot!” Thomas says in a terrible English accent, quoting from famous novels.

Vanessa laughs at the terrible accent, and sets Thomas back on the platform, then starts walking a little bending to pick up a rose that has bloomed. She looks back at him, putting the rose to her nose and inhaling deeply. Thomas listens to the thuds of Vanessa’s footsteps as they walk along, when out of the corner of his eye he catches movement down on the forest floor, in the brush below. Thomas stops in his tracks as his keen eyes catch glimpses of two minis, running in the opposite direction in which they walk. Vanessa looks in the direction of where Thomas is looking and she runs to catch them.

They run under fallen branches and around toad stools trying to lose Vanessa’s sight. They can hear her giant footsteps and feel the slight tremors in the ground, making them try and run faster. Vanessa blocks their way with her foot and bends to pick them up, they squirm and wiggle in her hands. Her fingers close around their tiny shaking bodies. She looks at them and her voice rings out.

“Be still!!” They go still as they look up at her. Vanessa walks back to the platform and kneels again lowering them to face Thomas, not letting them go.

“Wildings...who are you wildings and what are you doing in Carpathian territory?” Thomas asks them as Vanessa holds them tightly, but not too tightly as to harm them. They stare at him with cold looks of defiance and stay silent. Vanessa shakes them a little.

“Speak when you are spoken to!” She says loud enough that they cover their ears as she speaks to them. One of them waves his hand up to Vanessa.

“Okay...okay....please...I will speak...I am Kel and this is Eric...we were sent to scout...for hunting that’s all...hunting...we have been driven from our lands by a new Community, and the Governess there is ruthless...we are scouting for new territory...please believe me.” Kel says with a nervous sound to his voice.

“How long have you been here?′ Vanessa asks him her voice firm, her eyes on him, looking at him in disbelief.

“We made camp three days ago after a week’s travel across hostile country and avoiding the local GF patrols... we mean no harm...I swear this on my clans blood!!” He says looking up at Vanessa in fear.

“Where is your campsite and how many are there?” Vanessa asks still not believing him. She looks at Thomas, waiting to see his reaction.

“Our camp is just beyond the stream under a hollowed stump. We only make fire when it is dark so the smoke will not attract attention.” He says looking up at Vanessa then down at Thomas from her hand.

Thomas looks up at Vanessa. “I believe him...see the markings on the side of his neck....he is a scout...and I’ve heard word that there is a new community west of here...If you believe my thoughts...I think you can release them...we have more important matters to deal with.” Thomas says in a calm manner, speaking to Vanessa with respect.

Vanessa sighs; “On one condition” she says looking at all three of them.

“Yes...what is the condition?” Thomas asks looking up at her, as do the two in her hands.

“This place is off limits, stick to the trail, if I find that you or any of the others have come in to the clearing, and let’s just say it won’t be pretty. Leave this area alone, do I make myself clear?” Vanessa speaks to the two in her hand

“Yes oh great one!!” Kel says.

Eric looks up at Vanessa too afraid of her to speak, he nods vigorously. Vanessa sets them down on the ground, and watches them run away. She turns back around looking at Thomas smiling.

“Shall we continue?′ Vanessa asks Thomas trying to calm down.

“I love you so much, especially when you are serious!” Thomas says laughing up to Vanessa.

Hearing him say that she smiles wider and she gets to her feet, she bends and takes him into her hand lifting him up to her face again.

“I love you so much as well Thomas.” She giggles a little as her breath ruffles his hair. Vanessa sets Thomas on her shoulder and starts to walk back to her village.

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