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Slated for Banishment on her sixteenth birthday, a young warrior must elude capture, rescue her best friend and hope her own twist doesn’t mutate further in the process. In a world reduced to walled cities of survivors, only the pure are allowed into mainstream society. Anyone displaying signs of genetic mutation is immediately ripped from their homes and cast into a Compound. Here they are tattooed, forever marking them as an outcast. On the day of their sixteenth birthday, they are forced into the Trials and tested for the extent of their mutation. If they Fail they will be Banished into the wilderness of a world three hundred years after the DNA Wars, a certain and unpleasant death. Keira has lived in Keimusho Red Compound all her life, training with her knives, hoping she will survive her sixteenth birthday. Born with orange eyes, she’d been taken from her family too early to remember them, cast into the compound with all the other twists. But when her best friend is taken by the guards she must decide; rescue him and expose a mutation she has carefully kept hidden and risk immediate execution or leave him to die.

Fantasy / Other
L.M. Feldt
Age Rating:


Survival in doubt

My lineage to blame

I strive for more.

Not to personify the

Monster that others see

But to become

My own creature

Fierce, me.

By unknown author, circa 2265

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