Forever Night

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The Unknown

It did not take long for me to get home. I live in a small sized house in the middle of an opening in the forest. It is in the outskirts of town, not many people live out here so it is nice and private. My parents gave me this house before they were taken. Hunters had found them one day and took them somewhere and I have not seen them since that was almost three years ago. In this town everything is done by going through the town's elders, they are the ones that say who stays and who goes. It is them who said that I could stay but there is a catch. If I am to stay and when the day comes that the Demon King decides to take another bride instead of a family sending off their own daughter they would sent me instead. Though the odds of the Demon King picking our town to send someone is very rare. You see we are just one little town in a large empire ruled by the King.

All I want to do right now is get inside and get some sleep so I took a deep breath and got out of my car. When I looked up at my front door I noticed that there was a note on it. Of course my first thoughts were that this was all Andrew's doing because he has been trying to get me to be with him for years, however there was something different about how this note looked. I grabbed it off my door and went inside it was starting to get cold outside and with the fact that my clothes had holes in them I didn't want to catch a cold. I changed clothes and sat down on my couch, I took one long look at the note still folded in my hand, when I opened it the letter was hand written in black ink the only color on it was my name that was written in red.

Miss. Evangeline,

It is my greatest pleasure to congratulate you on becoming one of the bridal candidates for the upcoming Demon King. This is a great honor and should not be taken lightly, for you have shown all of the qualities that are needed to become the next queen. Tomorrow you will meet with your town elders, and they will make the necessary arrangements for your safe travel to the castle. Once you arrive you will be greeted and then introduced to the new Demon King. It is then will he choose out of all ten who he will marry. We recommend that you only take things that are important to you when you leave your town for you maybe sent back depending on who the King has chosen. For now rest and gather your strength for your journey.

Sir Xander Silver,

Adviser to the King

I closed my eyes, how could this happen now. I have so much that I want to do before I marry and now I have to marry someone that I have never seen or met before. However, this is what I agreed to with the town's elders and this is what I must do. I fell asleep fast that night but the dreams I had were not the most pleasant. Dreams of darkness and pain, this is something that I am not used to and it scared me. Day light started to make its way over the horizon and through the trees into my living room.

I got dressed and started to make my way down to the towns center where the elders normally gather during the day. The walk would not take to long and the morning air felt nice on my skin, plus this may be the last time that I can walk down this path before I am shipped off to the King. Some of the trees were already beginning to bear fruit. This time of year was always my mother's favorite. She used to say that it was a time of rebirth and renewed life. I lost myself in the smells and sounds of late spring and before I knew it I was entering town. Just as I suspected the elders were in the towns center but so was Andrew and a few others.

"Now that everyone is here we would like to congratulate you all on being chosen to either guard or entertain the new King. This is a great honor and you all should be proud! You all will do great out there and will greatly missed."

Everyone looked happy, from what I had read in books no one has been chosen by the King or any one from the Capital City. From what I had read the City is a mixture of old and new. By that I mean that there is a huge castle in the middle of a modern city. Some people walk everywhere and some drive it all depends on the people.

"Now young ones this means a lot to be chosen. We have arranged everything for you all and you also will be given money to buy everything that you may need in your new life. We will send out your things once you have settled down in your new homes." Another added handing everyone a large amount of money.

One of the elders pulled Andrew and Draco aside to talk to them. I could not hear what was being said but what ever it was it seemed to be eating at Andrew and how could I blame him. He had been trying for years to get me to be with him and now that opportunity is gone. Not long after the elder was done talking a few small cars pulled in to the town square. Everyone said their final farewells to their family and grouped in to the cars that were open. Draco, Andrew and I did not have anyone to say our goodbyes to so we just went to the last car in the group. Not many of us have ever been out of town and seen what the world is like out there. Andrew sat in the back with me while his brother sat up front with the driver. I could tell that Andrew wanted to say something to me, but he did not speak a word.

The drive to the Capital City was going to take a two days. We passed through the great mountains of the north which separated the land of the dracul from the land of the witches. Even though we all can live together there are some that think that the mixing of monsters is monstrous, so each type of monster has a central home that they could go back to if there is ever something wrong. Most monster types call if the safe zones. For me my safe zone would have to be Capital City, because that is where is was born and where a mix breed like myself is accepted with no questions ask.

I had managed to doze off about three hours in to the trip, I did not get much sleep the night before and I was tired. As a drifted to sleep I started to have a dream, everything was covered in fire and there was fighting. This looked more like a war zone than something that I could ever possibly dream up. There was a person flying high above it all as mothers and their children were screaming down below looking for their husbands and fathers. It was horrible blood and hate filled the air. I could hear someone talking off in the distance but I couldn't make out what they were saying. The next thing I knew there was a man in my face looking at me as if I should not be there. This man only had one eye that was red and the smile on his blood covered face showed all of his pointed teeth. This man was a vampire but not one that I recognized. I could hear someone calling my name and the next thing I knew Andrew was looking over me with worried eyes. It was just a dream I told myself, nothing but a dream.

"Are you alright?" He asked pressing the back of his hand on my forehead.

"Yes, it was just a nightmare."

"The driver said that we are making good time and that we will be to the city by night fall. He did tell us that there would be a festival for the return of the King and that there are no car allowed on the streets that night, however we are allowed to ride horses during the festival. He told us were we could get some really nice dress clothes so we don't stand out too much." Draco said looking in the review mirror.

It took almost four hours to get to the Capital City. Just like the drive had told Draco the guards were not letting cars enter the city. We got out of the car and a man rushed up to Andrew and Draco with a huge smile on his face. This man from how he was dressed looked like a high ranked guard.

"My boys! It is so good to see you! Look at how big you have grown. Oh and you must be Evangeline, I would like to welcome you to Capital City. My name is Samuel I am the Alpha of the werewolves here in the city. Sorry about have to have you guys ride horses but with the festival it is safer. The King should be almost ready to ride through the city to the castle." He said showing us to the front of the group.

There was a horse that was black as night itself. It walked over to me and pressed its nose into my hand. This creature had to have been at least six feet to the top of its back. I could hear people talking as this creature just kept wanting me to pet it.

"Well Eragon, have you made a friend?" A voice said from right behind me.

When I turned around I was greeted by a man that stood at least six feet tall. He had long black hair that was pulled back into a neat pony tail at the nap of his neck. He wore all black with a dark red cloak that trailed behind him like a river of blood. His skin was pale and his eyes were a deep burgundy color. This looked like the man that had helped me back in my town but it was not the same something was off. Out of nowhere came another man this one was shorter in height and in hair style but other than that looked the same.

"My King we are almost ready we just have to get Eragon saddled."

"Yes brother do whatever needs to be done."

I couldn't believe that this man standing before me was the new Demon King!

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