Forever Night

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Demon King!

"My name is Alexander and what my yours be?" He asked walking over to his horse.

"Evangeline, it is nice to meet you." I said looking down at my feet I felt uncomfortable just standing there with him."I'm sorry I must be going."

He just watched as I left heading back into the group of people that started to form. From the look on his face he had no idea who I was or what I was doing there. How could I blame him, though being in his presence I started to feel like I knew him from some where.

"Sorry, I was not watching were I was going!" A boy said helping me off the ground.

"No problem I was not watching were I was going either."

"I see you met the King. What do you think?"

"I'm not sure, he seems nice but I just don't know how to act around someone like him." I said with a smile.

"Well it is not as hard as someone would think. When you feel comfortable it is just like talking to a friend." He said walking with me.

This boy is nice and he seemed to know the new King very well. That was when it hit me that he was the boy that was there when I changed though his eyes were different. It started to make me wonder if he had any relations to the new King. Asking him would just be too awkward. Andrew found me in the crowd and did not look happy to see me talking with another guy.

"My prince we must be going your brother is waiting for you." A guard said walking up to us.

"I will see you at the castle and don't worry he is a nice guy. I can also tell that he likes you." He said smiling as he disappeared into the crowd.

Andrew had managed to make his way over to me as the parade started. We were not able to find any available horses to ride so we just watched till we were given the all clear to make our way into the city. This city has multiple gates for the multiple "Worlds" that all verge here at this one point. So when a person walks through the gate your changed form it all that everyone sees. No humans have ever entered the city but many monster have gone to the human world through portals. These portals are scattered throughout the human world and are the cause of much problems for the humans. A lot of them say that they have seen monsters and ghosts at some of these portal sites and this has made it to were those portals cannot be used anymore.

This portal was no exception, when the King went through with his brother they changed. The Kings hair got longer and darker it was a deep brown before and now it was a deep black color. The brother had blonde hair and now it turned white. Both of the brothers had horns on the top of their heads but the eldest brother's was longer and darker. I guess the name Demon King works for him. It was not long before it was my turn to walk through the portal. This would be only the second time that I had changed and I was only hoping that it was not going to hurt as much as the first time. I took one step through and then another, I didn't feel any differently than before I walked through but with the looks that I was receiving I had changed.

"WOW mommy look at her wings! I want wings like hers!" A little girl said pointing at me.

Andrew and Draco were next to me and seeing their changed form was interesting. I had no idea what a werewolves changed form would look like. They had pointed ears and were much taller and muscular than before. There were a lot of people staring at them and I could tell why, the only werewolves in this city were all guards. I had managed to calm down enough for my wings to disappear, however in their place were dark wing shaped tattoos. I heard what sounded like a gun shot that came from the front of the group followed by screams.

"You see the building to your left go in there and get away from the glass!" A voice said in my head.

I was not going to argue with this random voice in my head. Andrew and Draco ran to the front of the group while I ran to the building. There was only the shop owner and his family in there and they were more than happy to have me hide in there. It was not long before the street started to fill with smoke. There was a period of silence than someone walked through the front door. The owner of the building placed himself between this unknown person and us with only a bat to protect himself.

"Are you safe?"

"Yes! What happened?"

"There was an attempt to kill the King."

"How are you talking to me like this?"

"I will explain when you get to the castle but for now there is a guard that entered the shop he is going to take you right there. Please stay safe my Angel."

The guard came from around the corner and saw us. The man with a sigh of relief set down the bat. All the guard had to do was look at me and I knew that he was the one that was sent to come get me. It took about ten minutes for us to get to the castle but there he was the King waiting at the front entrance. When we walked through the front door he looked up and gave me a smile. The boy that I had talked to earlier ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. The King just walked away, holding his arm.

"Sorry about him, he didn't want to get his arm looked at until he knew that you were safe. Oh my name is Aragon, second son of the first Demon king and brother of the new king." He said showing me to the front sitting room of the castle.

"Will he be alright?"

"Yes, he is a quick healer and being in this world it will not take long. You must be tired from your trip, come I will have one of the maids show you to your room."

Out of nowhere a maid showed up and took me down a long corridor to a large room at the end of the hall. When she opened the door there was a smell of roses that filled the room. I walked over to the bed and sat down this was all so much for me to take in. I went from having nothing to having someone with so much power want to be with me and yet I feel like I have been here before.

"You have been here before just a long time ago, young one." An elderly man said walking in to my room and sitting down on the little couch that was in the room.

"I'm sorry sir but who are you?"

"I am Alexander and Aragon's father first king Elexander. When you were little your parents used to be close friends of mine and you used to run these very halls with Aragon. However there was one that you always wanted to spend your time with even while he studied. Shortly after you turned ten your parents thought that it would be best to get out of the city and go live in the country where you could be a kid. The boys were sad that you were gone but we always hoped that one day that you would be back. Now you have and we are so grateful." He said with a smile on his face this old man had been waiting all of this time to see me again.

As he spoke memories started to come back. I could remember running through a garden that had the most beautiful roses of all colors. I could hear my mother calling for me from the entrance of the garden and smiled as I came running. There were two boys that I would play with. I could remember that one was always smiling and would play whatever game that I wanted to play. The other boy was older and was always studying. I however would sneak into where ever he was and just keep him company. I could remember that this boy had deep burgundy eyes that were almost blood red. He would always make sure that I was safe and not getting into trouble. He would also call me Angel instead of Evangeline.

"My lord I think we should let the young lady settle in before we start bringing back memories like this. We would not want to overwhelm her." A man with short silvery hair said standing in the door way.

"You are right of course Xander. How is Alexander doing it is not like him to get hurt?"

"He is doing fine. The wound will heal fast, as for the wolf brothers they are going to take a little longer. Whom ever was attacking us were using silver bullets." He said walking out the door with the First King.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and began to think about what had happened.

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