Element of Heroics: Fire

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Humanity is different, but we all share physical mortality. If the end comes, we will all die. Time is always against us... unless you are the hero of fire. Believe in humanity. Don't forget that we all share common the belief of wanting peace in our own ways. We are all mortal, and we are all able to do great things. We just need to think first.

James V.
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Nightmarish foe...

Everything in my life was fine until I fell asleep that night. If he hadn’t intervened I would have lived my life normally; nothing exceptional would have happened. It all started with the strange dream. Dream is not at all a good word to use in this case. The word nightmare does not and could never come close to describing what was seen during my sleep.

If one described it as the most horrible, terrifying, and haunting creation from the depths of someone’s subconscious mind, that would still be a tremendous understatement. The only possible way to describe it is true horror. Without experiencing it, it is hard to understand it. The true fear felt would make the stoutest of hearts tremble the moment they stepped in there. The horrifying thing began in a weird cave.

Dark shadows coated the backgrounds to the point where nothing looked like it would light up the way. Despite almost everything being in shadows, I could see every last detail of torture being done. Nothing else seemed to be lit up, adding an eerie feeling and making the brutal scenes completely impossible to ignore. Colossal demons with short, thick arms and giant claws at the end of four long and lanky fingers were roaming around. Colossal is too small to describe them, they were at least six hundred times the size of a tall person. They seemed to be guiding people around, and once they reached their destination, it was obvious what they were doing.

I saw the painful scenes of the demons whipping people. The people would begin to bleed the moment they were whipped. Sometimes the skin would go flying off in large chunks. The demons were laughing, while the people were screaming and crying. I started walking faster, but the scenes did not get much better, if anything it got much worse. Skeletons were burning by being dipped into lava.

There were many more horrifying types of torture. On the right, there were people frozen in ice with frightened, shocked, sad, horrified expressions. A man, who was pushing a boulder up a huge mountain, reached the top only for the boulder to fall down. The torture seemingly had no end. They were all suffering forever. I wanted to escape seeing this, yet I knew the ones who were being tortured wanted out more! It was obvious from their screaming and the pain they seemed to be in that they wanted to be free.

What they were screaming during torture were all similar to one another. They were pleading for salvation. They were crying for help and some were begging to die. I could tell most of them had been tortured for centuries and they would be trapped for millennia more. It felt like I was in the scariest place in the world, which I later found out it was the scariest place in the solar system.

I wandered through the dream for what seemed like a while, passing quite a few skulls and skeletons. They were alive, and they were all begging and crying for someone to save them from the torture and pain. They had cracks in them, some with part of the top of their head missing. It seemed like they would cry if they had tear ducts. I felt terrible being forced to watch that.

I could hardly bare the depressing feelings. I wanted away from it, but my eyes seemed to be stuck open. It was as if my eyelids did not exist. My body kept walking, but things felt and looked worse and worse with each scene passed. I couldn’t help but think this would be a terrible place to work unless you were a sadist, one of the demons, or both.

That thought did not ease the worry I felt. My feelings of worry, sadness and fear would not disappear so easily in that place. The temperature certainly didn’t help me feel better. It only served to make things feel much worse. The warmth varied to a ridiculous degree. Things would change from one extreme to the next, from the extreme negatives to the high thousands as I passed into different rooms.

There were people were frozen in ice, frozen in terror, and then suddenly everything was on fire, screams in pain. I was on a path above them, but the floor was nonexistent, making each step feel like a test of courage. It went on repeating like that for some time. It was terrifying beyond comprehension for a while. However, eventually the freezing and fire ended.

The screams of pain could still be heard for a long while after that. It was when the screams of pain finally ended that I found a new area. It appeared in front of me. It didn’t seem like anything as horrible as the scenes from before, it was a simple dark and empty hallway with an open doorway at the end. The fear I felt was much worse than anything I had felt from before.

I couldn’t see if there was anything in the room. The fear emanating from the hall made me shiver and shake. I decided to go down it anyway. I couldn’t be sure why I wanted to see the end. It might have been curiosity, or the lack of the sickening feeling that I had felt before. I wasn’t thinking about it, but though the fear may have been much worse, I didn’t feel like vomiting in disgust or crying in sadness.

I was walking through the hall for a while. I was hurrying through the hall eventually. I ended up running through the hall in terror. Despite going quickly, the hall seemed endless. I was going as fast as my feet would carry me, but it didn’t help. The doorway was seemingly going farther away the more I walked.

As soon as I had thought that, the door appeared right in front of me. I would have felt relieved if I could see what was in the next room. It was complete blackness. Nothing seemed to be on the other side, not even a speck of light or scene of pain. After getting through the creepy hall, I decided to go in anyway.

I wanted it to end, but I doubted the end was there. When I entered the room, everything suddenly lit up in a red light. It was even more hot than any of the previous rooms. It felt like I was inside of a star. I noticed a woman was sitting on the ground. The room had nothing in it other than her and the chains tying her to the wall.

She looked fairly depressed as well. She looked tired and weak. There were some bones were visible under her skin. She must have been there for an extraordinary amount of time. She was wearing a blue dress. She also was wearing a blue baseball cap stating ‘Stop overfishing!’ on it. A cartoon goldfish with x’s over its eyes was next to the green font. The dress was tattered and the hat was in bad condition as well. She looked up for a moment, a look of resolve on her face.

Slowly she stood up, shaking heavily as if she was on unstable ground. Getting up seemed to be an extremely difficult task for her, as she was breathing heavily just standing there. She didn’t seem to notice me at all. She closed her eyes, and I was nervous as to what she could be doing. Her eyes opened and I heard a loud rumbling sound.

A giant wall of water formed and headed right to me. Despite flinching and failing to brace for the tsunami, I was not swept away. The water boiled away in seconds after that.

“Would you stop trying to resist. You’re cooling down my home more.” A deep and menacing voice bellowed. It sounded evil, commanding and menacing.

The voice quickly revealed itself to be a man in a blood red and orange cloak, with a dark red winter hat covering most of his bright red hair. “I am Morning Light. I am a” The cloak read.

“You won’t get away with this!” The woman shouted. Her voice was powerful, but soothing. However, her voice sounded dry, like she needed a large cup of water. I was not sure how long she was there for. I was sure it had to be a long time at that point.

The man in red laughed. The laugh reminded me of an inferno, crackling but intense and powerful. It reminded me of someone, some actor with a menacing laugh.

“I already have, since you are here.” He laughed. He narrowed his eyes for a moment before saying something. “If someone learned you were here, then I might be in some trouble, but the odds of that is less than one percent, heavily in my favor.” He whispered to himself.

After smiling with a smug grin, he opened his eyes and starting walking away at a brisk, happy pace. The back of his cloak read something downward, seemingly continuing from the front.






I could tell who it was. The woman slumped down, obviously weakened and tired from doing that.

I wanted to help, I wanted to do something. I was not sure how. Quite a few things were still bothering me as well. I had so many questions to ask, but I didn’t think she could help me. I didn’t want to call for Him, either.

“What just happened?” I wondered out loud. The woman looked up quickly.

“Is someone here?” She asked, with hope gleaming in her eyes. Her eyes actually shined for a short moment despite everything being mostly dark.

“Yeah?” I responded, extremely confused at the previous scene.

“Give a message for me then, tell them He has me hostage!” She shouted.

“Tell who?” I wondered.

“I would say the Elder Giants, if not then the Aquilanites, but any good-hearted creature from Fantusye will do.” She said with haste.

“Uh, okay?” I responded. Things began to feel better for a second before I heard His voice.

“Who are you talking to, a chatty skeleton? I’ll have to punish both of you if so.” He demanded, storming into the room.

I wondered for a moment if I should say something. For a moment, I debated.

One side argued “He can’t hurt you that much, can he? You haven’t done anything, after all.”

The other side said “Do you really want to risk it?”

I decided to say something, despite the loudest and smartest thought being “Be quiet you idiot!” “Uh…. hi?” I mumbled, somewhat terrified. He looked surprised for a second, then quickly looked angry. His face alone filled me with more dread and fear than I had ever felt in the entire time I was there.

He hadn’t even done anything yet, and I still could tell I was doomed. I wasn’t sure what he would do to me. He could get one of those demons to attack me, or he could make me like one of those living skulls, alive and broken but wanting salvation. I also felt he could do something far worse, but I was not sure what. He stomped forward a few steps, and I backed up a few steps in response. I was going to die.

I was afraid of what He would do next. I could tell he was being serious. If I could have thought through the terror, there is only one thing that would be on my mind.

I would have been thinking “You are an idiot.” The fear had only grown more powerful, so strong that I couldn’t think. The people with the stoutest of hearts would have crumpled into a ball and have begged for mercy by then. I was not anywhere near the bravest, nor was I a coward however. I was average at best.

I would have peed and collapsed in fear, but I had not. I was standing up and wanted to be away from him.

“You shall pay for your interference!” He yelled. He cupped his hands into a ball. Suddenly it was glowing a bright fiery red and started growing. It stopped growing once it was had the height of a tall man.

I knew what was going to happen. He had summoned the giant fireball that would be my demise. He was going to burn me alive. He was going to light me on fire until the universe has died thousands of times over. I was terrified. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think much at all, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

He raised one hand up and the fire ball went with it.

“Prepare to burn for eternity!” He shouted. He quickly launched it.

Things were bleak at the moment, and I just wanted to leave. I didn’t mean to do anything, I just said some words and listened. Is that a crime worthy of His wrath?

The giant fireball of death was about to him me. When it got so close it would burn me, things went dark extremely fast.

The moment after the darkness coated me I heard him say “Clever use of a dream message, I will need to remember that.”

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