Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 13

Emily woke the next day alone in her room. She was glad when her body responded to her commands this time as she sat up. Emily shivered as she remembered attacking Karissa yesterday.

‘I must see if she’s alright.’ She thought as she stood from the bed. ‘I need to see for myself.’

Emily tiptoed to her door and very quietly opened the door. ‘It’s still very early. Maybe they won’t notice me.’ She flinched when she heard Joshua’s voice in the living room. ‘Alright, I take that back. I need to be extra quiet.’ Emily took a deep breath as she tiptoed to Karissa’s room that was one door down.

As quietly as she could Emily opened the door to Karissa’s room and crept inside and closed the door behind her. Emily let out a deep long breath she didn’t realize she had been holding.

“I knew that you would eventually come.” Karissa’s voice rang out from her bed.

Emily looked at the bed to see Karissa staring right at her. “Took you long enough though.” Emily stood awkwardly by the door playing with her fingers. “Are you just going to stand there?” Karissa demanded. “Come here.”

Emily rushed over to the bed and sat down on the seat next to Karissa. She looked to the bandages around Karissa’s torso and sighed. “How bad was it?”

Karissa shrugged. “Bad. They were very deep. You did some damage. They are healing though thanks to Joshua.” She sighed. “I owe him my life. I must repay him.”

“I’m so sorry Karissa.”

“Don’t apologize to me Emily. I don’t want your apology or your sympathy. I know that you were not in control at that moment. We didn’t think that your brain would go animal as well.” She frowned. “It was weird. I tried to control your mind while you were in your animal form but something was blocking me.”

Emily shrugged. “Maybe my mind is protected when I’m in another form?”

“Possibly. You need to train yourself to gain control, though.”

Emily nodded. “I know and I will.” Karissa chuckled as she propped herself up on her elbows. “What are you doing?” Emily asked alarmed.

Karissa ignored her as she went to her nightstand and opened the drawer to grab something. “This is yours,” Karissa said pulling out Emily’s phone. “It’s time that I return it to you.”

“My phone,” Emily said as she grabbed it from Karissa. “You’ve had it this whole time?”

Karissa nodded. “He’s been messaging her.”

“Well, we better see what he has to say.” A gruff voice said from behind Emily making her jump.

Emily turned to see Joshua standing by the door with his arms folded. He made his way over and took the phone from Emily. “Let’s see what Reiki has to say.”

He was about to look at the messages when Nisha and Hannah ran into the room. “Joshua they are here,” Nisha said with wide eyes.

“Who’s here?” Joshua asked confused.

“Spearkanans,” Hannah said with wide eyes. “They are outside.”

Joshua sucked in a deep, shocked breath. “Have they hurt anyone?”

Nisha shook her head. “No, they want us all to come out. They said that if they don’t see the Changeling then they will start a killing spree.”

Karissa shivered. “They won’t stop until everyone on this mountain is dead.”

“Right everyone needs to stay behind me when we get out there.” He turned to Karissa. “Can you stand?”

Karissa nodded. “I can but I’ll need help.”

Hannah moved to Karissa’s side as she slowly and painfully moved to the edge of the bed.

She grabbed Karissa’s arm and placed it over her shoulder then lifted Karissa off the bed. Emily looked at Karissa’s pain filled face before she was grabbed by Joshua.

“I need you to stand next to Nisha and Hannah,” Joshua explained. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I want you to be safe.” Emily nodded as they walked out of the room.

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