Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 16

An hour later they stood in front of an old oak tree surrounded by the Karannas who lived up on the mountain. Emily had decided to shed her camouflage and let her tail and wings stand out. They had buried Nisha under the oak tree and had placed a sign above it.

‘Here lies Nisha. Loving Mother and friend. She will be missed by all.’

Joshua looked away from the grave to the crowd of Karannas. “We are going on a mission to rescue my sister and the Changelings parents. I suggest only the strongest come along with us. I do not know how dangerous it will be. Thomas has decided that he will come with us. Step forward those that wish to also come.”

Emily watched as 20 Karannas both male and female stepped forward. ‘They are very brave.’ She thought to herself as she looked to each of them.

Joshua smiled slightly. “Thank you. We will leave after you have said your goodbyes.”

Emily frowned in confusion as she turned to Joshua. “Goodbyes?”

Joshua nodded. “This is going to be dangerous. This might be their only chance to say goodbye to each other.” He turned as the last of Karannas separated from each other. “I am thankful that so many of you are risking your lives to join us.”

Emily watched as his wings grew on his back then watched as the crowd of Karannas copied him.

Emily turned to Karissa. “If everyone is flying how will you be traveling?”

Karissa smirked. “Don’t worry I will be running. I won’t get tired with my speed. There are still other ways of travelling for me.”

“Does Joshua know where Reiki is?”

Karissa nodded. “Yes, he will be leading us right to him. I think that Joshua hopes that you’ll be able to defeat Reiki on your first meeting."

Emily widened her eyes. “Really?”

Karissa nodded. “He believes that you can do it. We all do my friend.”

“Friend?” Karissa smiled. “That is what I think of you. My friend and sister. I care for you which is a weird feeling to me. It’s not something I am used to it, or comes easily to me.”

Emily smiled back at her and pulled Karissa in for a tight hug. “Thank you my sister.” She said as she pulled away. “Thank you for everything. I didn’t say this before but thank you for saving me that first time. If it wasn’t for you showing up like you did, I wouldn’t be here.”

“It was my pleasure.”

Joshua clapped his hands together as he jumped into the air and spread his wings out. “Let us go.”

Emily followed his lead and leaped off the ground with the 20 Karannas. They then as a group flew off together with Karissa running underneath them.

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