Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 17

An hour later Emily noticed a tall, dark mountain looming towards them. There was something about that mountain that Emily didn’t like.

“Is that where we are heading?” Emily asked Karissa as she flew down close to her.

Karissa nodded. “Yes. That is their newest lair. From time to time they like to take over anything they want. This time, it’s a mountain for some reason.”

“Alright descend and get ready for anything,” Joshua said as the mountain got closer. “Emily I want you to stay close to either Karissa or I.”

Emily nodded as they slowly started descending from the sky to the entrance of the cave of the mountain down below.

Joshua turned to the crowd behind him. “I will go in first. Everyone follow.” He turned without a word and walked in with Karissa, Emily and the Karannas following.

‘This is it.’ Emily thought as she took a breath. ‘Be brave and stay alert Emily.’

As they walked into the cave walls slowly changed into a medieval castle. “Oh, they went for concealment this time,” Karissa said looking around. “That’s new.”

“Also typical,” Joshua replied. “Reiki always loved castles.” He looked to Karissa. “And I bet I know where he is.”

Karissa nodded in agreement. “The Throne room. Do you think it will be an ambush?”

“Possibly. We can’t turn back now, though. We’ve come all this way. We need to continue on.”

‘This place really freaks me out.’ Emily thought to herself as she shivered. ‘I’ve got a bad feeling.’ Emily followed after Joshua and Karissa as they both moved on.

Joshua stopped outside a large wooden door and turned to the Karannas. “I know that it’s going to be dangerous from here so I just want to say thank you to all. If it comes to it we may need to retreat if things go wrong. Stay close to each other and remember what we are trying to achieve.” He turned to the door. “Okay let’s do this.” Joshua opened the door and slowly walked inside.

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