Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 18

As soon as they walked in, Emily immediately saw Reiki standing in the middle of the room surrounded by grinning Spearkanans. He looked exactly like Emily had seen on the TV back at the cabin. His yellow eyes terrified her. Emily saw Arsen standing next to Reiki glaring madly right at her.

Reiki laughed and clapped his hands together. “It’s so good to see that you made it. I was beginning to think that you wouldn’t show. We all would have been disappointed if you didn’t. My Spearkanans have been itching for a battle.” Arsen growled deeply next to Reiki.

“Easy Arsen,” Reiki said gently as he roughly patted his shoulder. “You’ll get your revenge soon.” He turned and snickered when he saw Emily hiding behind Karissa. “And this must be the Changeling. It’s nice to finally meet face to face after all this time. I have waited many years to meet you. I thank you, Joshua, for finally bringing her to me. Now I can kill her personally.”

“I won’t let you Reiki,” Joshua said narrowing his eyes dangerously.

Reiki ignored Joshua as he grinned at Emily. “I have three people who I believe are very important to you. Do you wish to see them?”

“Let them go Reiki.” Emily cried out.

Reiki laughed. “Why should I? They are my slaves now. They do my bidding without question. Do you wish to see what they or will become? It takes time whipping someone’s mind fully but eventually what they will become my mindless slaves.” He turned slightly. “Bring them forward.”

Four Spearkanans slowly walked forward dragging Hannah and Emily’s parents along with them and threw the three to the ground by Reiki. Emily could see that her parents now looked more like Spearkanans and Karannas but she knew that it was still them.

“Mum, Dad!” Emily cried out.

“Hannah!” Joshua cried out at the same time.

“Emily,” Renee whispered as she flinched.

Emily noticed then that both her parents and Hannah were flinching madly on the ground.

“What’s going on?” Emily asked concerned. “Why are they flinching?”

Karissa hissed. “Reiki is trying to take over their minds but they are trying to fight it.”

“No!” Emily looked to Reiki. “Let them go!”

“Emily….. run,” Hannah said through her flinches. “Forget…. About…. Us.”

“Quiet.” One of the Spearkanans next to her said.

“Ah, she’ll soon forget everything soon. She’s losing her battle. Excellent.”

Emily growled as she saw red in front of her. “I need to save them.” She said as she raised her hand.

“Emily don’t. It’s what they want.” Joshua warned. “They are trying to catch you in a trap. Don’t attack them.”

“Listen to Joshua, Emily,” Karissa said as she hissed.

“Go ahead.” The one that stood next to Hannah snickered before Karissa could say anything else. “Kill me. Let’s see what you are made out of Changeling. Let’s see if you can finish what you are about to do. I’m not scared of dying. I will greet it with honour like all Spearkanans.”

“Ignore them, Emily. Don’t let them get to you.” Karissa warned.

Emily ignored both Karissa and Joshua’s warnings as she watched Hannah flinching all over her body. ‘That’s it I’m doing this for Hannah. I came here to rescue her and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.’

Reiki saw Emily staring at Hannah and smirked darkly. “Perfect. Just perfect. This is exactly what I want to see. I have something that you should see Changeling.” He said as he walked over to Hannah’s side. “This will make their minds closer to being mine.”

“Oh no,” Karissa whispered as Reiki placed his hands on top of Hannah’s head and closed his eyes.

Hannah immediately started screaming in pain as soon as he had touched her head.

“What is he doing?” Emily asked panicked as Hannah’s screams got louder.

“He’s speeding the process up,” Joshua explained. “He’s forcing himself into her mind to wipe everything. He’s stripping her of who she is.” Joshua growled as he took a step forward. “I need to help her.”

Before he could do anything to help his sister the Spearkanans stepped forward blocking Joshua from Reiki.

"You’re not going anywhere.” One of them snarled.

Emily could hear Hannah’s screams from behind the wall of Spearkanans. “Hannah! We need to do something.” She said as she let loose a stream of fire from her hands.

The beam of fire soared to a Spearkanans and lit him on fire as soon as it hit him. The flaming Spearkanans barely had time to scream before he was turned to ash.

The room suddenly went quiet as everyone stared at the pile of ashes on the ground. Even Hannah had stopped her screaming. Emily heard Reiki growl loudly and deeply as he barged his way through the line of Spearkanans to the pile of ashes on the ground.

“Arsen.” He called as he looked down at the pile of ashes.

Arsen immediately went to his side. “Yes, Master?”

Reiki paused for a moment before he continued. “Kill them all.”

Arsen grinned. “With pleasure.” He turned to the Spearkanans. “Tonight we feast on the blood of our enemies.” The Spearkanans cheered as they turned to Emily, Joshua, Karissa and the Karannas and charged forward to begin the fight.

Emily dodged out of the way of a beam of energy that was sent directly towards her as everyone fought together. She didn’t look behind her as the energy blasted against a nearby wall. Emily looked to her attacker as she clapped her hands together.

As soon as she did the ground beneath the Spearkanans opened up beneath him and swallowed him whole leaving nothing behind.

“Good riddance.” She muttered under her breath. “One more down.” Emily looked around and saw Arsen running over to her.

‘Oh great.’ She thought as she rolled her eyes. ‘Here he comes.’

Arsen chuckled as he raised his only hand towards Emily. “I’m going to enjoy killing you.”

"You won’t get a chance.” A small voice called out behind him before Arsen was knocked at the back of the head.

As he fell to the ground Hannah stood in his place. “I will be the one to do that.” She said smiling.

“Hannah?” Emily asked confused looking at her friend. She could tell that something was off about her.

Arsen laughed on the ground by Hannah. “It worked. Her mind is erased. Master Reiki has done it.” he stood from the ground. “I’m going to enjoy this little show.”

“What?” Emily gasped.

“Look at her eyes Changeling,” Arsen said grinning as he came to stand next to Hannah. “They are different to show that she is no longer in control.”

Emily looked at Hannah closely and realized that her eyes had changed from the forest green-blue eyes that she had grown to love into a smoky grey.

“No!” Emily yelled when she realized the truth. “Hannah. No!”

Arsen chuckled darkly. “Oh yes. She is now our little puppet.”

“Hannah it’s me,” Emily said gently. “It’s Emily. You have to remember me. Remember your best friend. You need to remember who you are. You can’t let Reiki control you.”

Arsen laughed loudly. “Give up Changeling. Your friend is gone. What you see before you is a mindless tool. Something we are going to use to our benefit.”

Emily ignored Arsen. “Hannah remember me? It’s Emily.”

Hannah tilted her head to the side as she frowned. “Emily?”

Emily nodded. “It’s me. We are going to save you.”

Hannah cried out and put her hands to her head. “E-Emily.” she cried out. “S-save m-me.” Emily could see Hannah’s eyes switching from back from her normal eye colour back to the murky grey then back again as she tried to fight for control.

“Don’t worry Hannah I will.”

Hannah stopped with her cries and started laughing darkly.

“Hannah?” Emily asked fearfully.

Hannah looked her way and Emily’s stomach dropped in despair when she saw that her eyes were that murky grey colour that meant that she was no longer in control.

Arsen chuckled. “Good. Now attack.”

Hannah nodded as she stepped forward and raised her hand towards Emily.

“No!” Emily yelled as she spread her wings out and jumped into the air. “I will not fight you, Hannah.” Hannah smirked.

“Good. I can kill you anyway without you fighting me.” She raised her hand towards Emily and sent out a large energy beam.

Emily tried to dodge out of the way of the powerful beam but one of her wings ended up getting hit. Emily screamed in pain as she fell to the ground.

“Emily!” Joshua yelled as he came running over to her side.

“Are you alright?”

Emily nodded. “I’m fine.” She said as she tried to stand. “I need to get up. I need to face Hannah.”

Joshua shook his head. “No, we are retreating for now. We need to get out of here. Karissa has already led the others away. It’s just you and me.”

Emily widened her eyes at that. “No.” she slowly shook her head. “I-I can’t leave. I need to save my parents. I need to save Hannah.”

“We can come back to save her. We need to regroup for now.

” “No, no, no I can’t leave her.”

Joshua sighed. “I’m really sorry that I have to do this Emily but you left me with no other choice.”

Emily turned to Joshua and frowned in confusion. “What?”

“Sleep deeply.” Emily widened her eyes before fainting in Joshua’s arms.

Joshua turned as Arsen laughed. “You will be seeing us again.”

“I should hope so,” Arsen said looking at Emily’s limp, unconscious form.

Joshua looked back at Hannah’s blank and empty face as Reiki placed his hand on her shoulder. He also saw Emily’s parents standing next to him with the same blank and empty look as Hannah.

‘I’m so sorry Hannah.’ He thought as he ran away.

Reiki laughed as he watched Joshua run out with Emily lying limply in his arms. “Until next time…” He turned to Renee, Zachary and Hannah who were standing blankly next to Arsen. “These new tools will be perfect in breaking that girl.” He said as he went over to Hannah and patted her on the head.

“They will do the job perfectly Master,” Arsen said grinning.

Reiki nodded. “Of course, they will. It will be the end of the Changeling.”

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