Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 19

Emily later woke to find herself lying back on her bed in the cabin and found that the wound on her injured wing had healed.

‘What happened?’ she thought as the door to her room opened.

Karissa and Joshua walked in and went over to her bed. “How are you feeling Emily?” Joshua asked.

“Where is Hannah?” Emily asked alarmed. “What happened to my parents?”

Karissa sighed sadly. “We are sorry but Reiki has them under his full control. He taken control of their minds. They are his to use now.”

“No,” Emily whispered in disbelief. “No, I don’t believe it. That can’t be true.” Emily look to Joshua as anger settled under her skin. “You promised me that we would get them back! You promised me, Joshua!”

“I know I did.”

“Then where are they, Joshua?” Emily asked angrily. “What happened to the promise you so foolishly gave?”

“We will get them back Emily,” Karissa said gently. “But first, we need to train some more and harder so next time we will defeat Reiki.”

Emily exhaled sadly and stood from the bed. “I think I need to be alone for a while.” She said as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door after her. Emily went into the shower turning it up as hot as she could sat underneath the steaming hot water. She soon began to cry as she thought about her parents and Hannah and the situation they were in.

‘I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.’ She thought to herself. ‘But I won’t give up. I will come back for you. Just please don’t forget about me because I won’t forget you. I’m coming for you. I will not give up on you. I will get stronger and will come for you…this I promise!’

The end.

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