Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 4

That night Emily got herself ready to go out for dinner with her parents and the Grieves family.

She grabbed her phone as it buzzed and groaned in annoyance. ‘The unknown texter again?! What do they want now? I swear this is some form of bullying. Should I reply back to tell them to leave me alone?’ She pulled out the text to read what it said.

‘You have made the right choice today. You have also made the wrong choice that may cost you. We will get you…very soon. You better watch yourself, little girl.’

Emily grumbled as she put her phone in her handbag and walked out of her room to where her parents were waiting for her in the lounge room.

“Are you ready to go Emily?” Renee asked. Emily nodded as she walked out with her parents.

They arrived at a restaurant and found the Grieves’ waiting for them at a table. Emily sat next to Hannah as their parents began talking.

“So how do you feel?” Hannah asked grinning as she looked her menu.

Emily shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess it hasn’t quite hit me yet.” She looked at her best friend. “Are you really leaving tomorrow?”

Hannah’s grin faded as she nodded. “Yeah…tomorrow morning. I gotta catch the plane out. You’re coming to my house to say goodbye right?”

Emily smiled. “Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” she gave Hannah a tight hug. “I’m going to miss you.”


The waitress came over to Emily’s side. “What would you like to order?”

Emily looked up at the waitress and gasped. Standing next to her carrying a small notepad in her hands and dressed in a white shirt and a long black skirt was Karissa.

She smiled down at Emily’s surprised face before putting her finger to her mouth. “What would you like?”

Emily gulped and looked down at her menu. “Um…. I-I would like a small salad and steak with a coke.”

Karissa wrote down Emily’s order and turned to Hannah. “And you?”

“The same thanks,” Hannah said smiling gently as she pushed up her glasses.

Karissa looked up from the notepad. “I’ll be back with your orders soon.” She turned and walked off.

Emily watched Karissa leave her table. Karissa handed her notepad to another waitress and walked over to a table where a young man a few years older than Emily was sitting alone. He was facing Emily and she noticed that he was looking right at her.

Emily looked at the young man as Karissa sat down opposite of him. He had long spiky white hair, piercing forest green-blue eyes and soft creamy snow white skin. He started talking to Karissa never once taking his eyes off of Emily. There was something about the man that made Emily feel uneasy. She figured that it was the way that he was staring so intently at her.

Emily jumped in her seat when Hannah waved her hand in front of her face. “Earth to Emily hello are you in there?”

“Yes? Sorry Hannah. What did you say?” she saw at the corner of her eye that the man was laughing.

‘Is he laughing at me?’ she thought.

Hannah sighed as she shook her head. “Never mind. It’s clear that you didn’t hear what I was saying so why bother repeating it.” She turned when their food arrived. “Let’s eat!”

As Emily ate Karissa and the mystery man stood and walked out of the restaurant. Uneasiness grew in Emily’s stomach as she watched him leave. She didn’t know why but she felt like she needed him around. Like she needed him by her side to serve him. Emily didn’t want him to go and felt the need to go after him. There was something about him and Karissa that Emily couldn’t place. Emily shook this odd thought out of her head as she finished her meal. ‘I don’t even know who he is. Why do I have this odd feeling?’ She thought as she looked to the front door where Karissa and the man had gone through. ‘Why should I care?’

For the rest of the night, she drove all thought of the man out of her head as she listened to Hannah talk. They left the restaurant and went back to Emily’s house to have coffee. Hannah and Emily went up to her room so they could have some time together. “Hannah at the restaurant did you recognize our waitress?” Emily asked as she sat on her bed.

Hannah turned from the CD collection that she was browsing through. “Our waitress? No, why?”

“You don’t remember her coming up to me after our graduation?”

Hannah shook her head as she frowned slightly. “No one came up to us Emily. It was only our parents that did.” She laughed slightly. “Are you feeling well?”

'She doesn’t remember her? Why?’

Emily nodded as she waved her off. “Yeah I’m fine. Hurry up and pick something. Hannah laughed and went back to the collection.

It was late when the Grieves finally decided to head home. Mr. Grieves wanted Hannah to get an early night so they could get up early tomorrow morning. Hannah gave Emily a tight hug before walking out of the door.

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