Changeling - Book 1

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Chapter 7

They raced to the edge of town in the black sedan. “How is she doing?” J asked Karissa.

Karissa turned around to look Emily deeply unconscious in the back seat. “Still sleeping deeply. It was a good idea to put her into a deeper sleep.” She chuckled lightly. “Little miss Sleeping Beauty.” She looked out the rear window when she saw a car following close behind them. “We got company.”

“Is it the Spearknanas?”

Karissa nodded. “Yes, I can sense that there are several inside and angry. And that there is another car following closely behind.”

“Is that new that they are angry? Spearkanans are always angry no matter what.” J looked around the neighbourhood as he drove. “I don’t want to start a fight which will cause innocent people to get hurt.”

“You know that they won’t remember anything anyway.” Karissa replied as she rolled down the window. “Humans always forget about us.”

J sighed deeply. “Fine. Just don’t cause too much damage and be careful.”

Karissa laughed. “I only promise to try.”

Karissa pulled herself halfway out the window turning to the rear as she did so and raised her hand out in front of her. The gravel next to the car exploded and the red car had to swerve to avoid it. Karissa dodged out of the way as a surge of power went flying past her.

“Are you alright?” J asked.

Karissa nodded. “I’m fine. Brilliant actually. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun.”

J rolled his eyes. “Can you finish this so we can escape please?” he looked back at Emily before looking at the road in front of him. “I don’t want them to know where we are going. I don’t wish to be followed.”

Karissa huffed. “Fine spoil sport. And just when I was having fun.”

She put her palm up and grinned widely at the two cars. Almost immediately the two cars that were chasing them exploded in fire and ash.

Karissa pulled herself back in her seat and turned to J. “All done.”

“Are there any more?” J asked.

Karissa shook her head. “No those were the only ones. No one else is following us. We’re safe.”

“Good. Did you grab her bag before we left?”

Karissa pulled out Emily’s handbag from the car floor. “Right here.”

“Pull out the messages.”

Karissa opened the bag and pulled out Emily’s phone from inside. She went through the phone and nodded when she found what she was looking for. "Your right. He has been messaging her.”

The phone suddenly buzzed in Karissa’s hand with a new message. “Is that him?” J asked.

Karissa nodded as she read the message. “You won’t get away next time.” She smiled widely. “He sounds really angry. Want me to send him a message? The girl didn’t send him one single message. I would have if I was in her shoes.”

J shook his head. “No don’t. Put the phone back. Emily was being smart in not replying.”

Karissa put the phone back and chucked the bag down on the floor. “How long until we get to the safe house?” Karissa asked.

“An hour. We’re going to have to stash this car somewhere and go on foot.”

Karissa sighed. “Did you have to make the safe house in the mountains? You have a million other safe places. Why is this the first one that you pick?”

“Stop complaining. This is the closest one to us.” He glanced over to Emily. “She’ll be safe here.”

An hour later they arrived at the edge of a thick and deep forest. J pulled Emily out of the car and placed her limp body over his shoulder. Karissa grabbed Emily’s phone and placed it in her pocket and turned to the forest. “Alright let’s do this.”

“I don’t know why you’re complaining Karissa,” J said smirking at her. “We can run fast. You know that we’ll get there in no time.”

Karissa rolled her eyes as she ran into the forest with J.

An hour later Karissa and J ran out the other side of the forest to the base of a mountain. J looked up at the mountain. “Almost there.” He turned to Karissa. “Come on.” Karissa nodded as she followed him up the mountainside.

30 minutes later they arrived at the top of the mountain. J looked around at the many large cabins that lay on the mountain. “We’re finally here,” J said smiling.

Karissa nodded in agreement when she noticed someone walking over to them. “There she is.”

J nodded as he closed the distance between them. “Hello, Nisha.” Nisha nodded in response.

She had pale white skin, light blonde hair in a pixie haircut and forest green-blue eyes. “It’s good to see you again.” She looked to Emily’s body over J’s shoulder. “Is that the girl?” J nodded. “Your cabin is all set up for you.” Nisha turned. “I will show you to your cabin.”

“Thank you, Nisha. Thank you for allowing us to stay here.” J said as he and Karissa followed Nisha over to a large wooden cabin.

Nisha nodded. “Of course. What sort of person would I be if I didn’t?”

Nisha walked up the steps and opened the front door and walked in. J looked around the large open cabin. He saw a large kitchen with a working fridge and water supply. He found that there was even a small TV sitting in front of several sofas. And there was even a dining table with several chairs surrounding it.

“I’ll show you to your rooms,” Nisha said as she closed the front door after them. “Each one will have their own bathrooms joined to it.”

Karissa grinned as she followed Nisha down the hallway. “Awesome.”

Nisha stood outside the first door. “Karissa this is your room. Everything you need is inside.”

Karissa opened the door and looked inside the room. “Perfect.”

Nisha walked over to the next room. “This is your room.” She said to J.

J nodded. “And Emily’s room?”

“This way. I will show you.” Nisha said as she walked over to the last door.

J opened the door and walked in. He looked around the large room. There was a double sized bed in a corner next to a small desk. J walked over to the bed and placed Emily gently on it and covered her body with a blanket. J turned back to Nisha. “Thank you for your help Nisha.”

Nisha smiled and nodded. “Anything for you. I will leave you to settle in.”

"Thank you,” J said as Nisha walked out.

Karissa turned to Emily’s sleeping form. “Are you going to stay here with her?”

J nodded. “She’s going to be confused and scared when she wakes. I’ll need to be here to calm her down. You can go if you like.” Karissa smiled before walking out the door shutting it as she did so.

J turned back to Emily and watched her sleep. ‘I know that you’ll be wanting answers as well. I promise that I will give them to you.’ J grabbed the chair by the desk and placed it by her bed and sat down next to her.

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