Paladins Tale

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Chapter Eighteen New Beginings

Chapter Eighteen New Beginings

The three men sat quietly by the fire enjoying its warmth.

“Our new Lord and Master is an improvement on his father but he is just as reluctant to loosen the reins of power.” The Abbott rubbed his stomach as he sipped his cold milk.

After his fathers death De Anjou’s eldest son, Alain, took his place. The young man was as stead fast in his belief in the feudal system as his father but at least he was approachable.

“At least the Grand Moot is back.” Brother Patrik said with a sigh.

“True but he is there at it’s leader. We have to face it my friends democracy is dead, at least for the moment.” Alexander said obviously irritated. “I managed to get the youngsters and most of the knights out before he knew what was happening. But they have no power as I’ve had to disperse them to the four winds. But they are safe and that is what matters. Tomas was the most difficult to hide in his infirm state but luckily the monastery at Orleans took him in the dead of the night so he’s safe and should recover. The girl archer is with him.”

“Will the children be able to complete their training?” The Abbott asked.

“Oh yes thankfully.” Brother Patrik said as he stared deep into the fire.

Earlier the good Brother had confronted the Angel in the chapel only to find her just as much in the dark as he was.

“Is their nothing we can do for poor Sophia?” Alexander asked.

“While she is in the box she is safe and still alive but the moment we remove her she will die. We and the Venison’s are the only ones that know she is in there and that is how it should be.” The Abbott told him tetchily. “Tomorrow we will tell the world that she has died and we will cremate her coffin.”

“Does Goodwoman Elizabeth agree to this?”

“Yes. She has entered the house as a nun so she should be safe. But I don’t understand why you didn’t leave along with your knights my Lord?” Patrik asked.

“If I had our new Baron would have no option but assume we were going to attack him and we have had enough bloodshed. Besides I’m getting too old to be an outlaw.” Sir Alexander smiled. “But ten years ago it would have been a different matter.”

“I hear that Alain’s younger brother Paul is to be our new Bishop.” Patrik sipped at his chilled wine.

“Yes I’ve heard that too. Talk about keeping it in the family.” Alexander stretched out his legs and warmed his feet by the fire. “Mind you that bastard son of his wont be holding a title.”

“I shouldn’t think so. The Baron’s put a hefty price on his head dead or alive. Ah here’s our ranger coming to join us.” The Abbott smiled a sad tired smile. “Your small beer is on the table for you. Come and join us in our prison.”

The ranger laughed lifted his glass in a toast.

“If this be my prison then at least I will have good company. Is the way from the Abbey to the castle still open?” The man’s voice was deep and warm.

“Yes know one here knows of its existence save us four and Goodwife Elizabeth.” Patrik told him.

“Good, then this is what we should do.” The ranger watched with satisfaction as the lights in their eyes grew strong casting light into their despair.

But that story is for another time.

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