Paladins Tale

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Chapter Two Ripples on a pond.

Time passed slowly with only a few ripples to disturb its placid surface. The Venison boys flourished under Natalie’s care and the families grew closer with the passing of the days.

Sophia’s activities were small but still were enough to cause those worrying ripples.

Her father had begun to ail as she approached her twelfth birthday though he covered it well but not well enough for the children not to notice.

It was a summer’s market day when Sophia decided to create a major wave.

It was very busy with people bustling about buying and selling what had been grown through a particularly benign spring.

A blacksmith was displaying his wears opposite a lady carpenter, a little further down was a vegetable stall and one selling spices and herbs. It was in the centre of this melee of people calling out their wears that Sophia built with Tomas’s help a series of steps out of empty boxes up to the top of a barrel.

With Tomas’s help she mounted the barrel and began to preach.

“Hear me gentle folk of Prey Our Lady requests I speak with you.” Her voice carried clearly over the hubbub with adult clarity. “Hear me I pray for I speak the Litany of Grace in the common tongue.”

The local priest that had once treated Goodwoman Veron was startled to find everyone stopped what they were doing and fell deathly quiet.

“When Pandora opened the box of secrets all the evils that Our Lady Eve had hidden was released into the world till only three things remained, Faith, Hope and Love. And the strongest of these is love.” She had the crowd in the palm of her hand. No one had heard this in the common tongue it was normally spoke in the ancient language of the Roma people which the priests would then explain. But here it was plain to their ears for them to work out for themselves.

Sophia looked hard at the spice merchant as she continued.

“You can be the richest of men but if there is no love it is worthless.”

She looked hard at the priest.

“You can know all the mysteries and have Holy writ given to you but without love in your heart you are an empty vessel.”

She looked gently at the Blacksmith.

“You can give all you have to the poor but if you do not do it out of love it will avail you nothing in Our Ladies eyes.” The Blacksmith looked shamefully at his feet. “All that was left was these three Faith, Hope and Love and the strongest of these was Love.”

Sophia looked back across at the hulking form of the blacksmith and smiled warmly.

“Why do you look down gentle Leon? Did you think that Our Lady did not know that though you have little you give it freely to the poor, the sick and elderly? Leaving little parcels for them on their doorsteps in the night so no one will know it was you. Our Lady does not wish you to do this alone when there are others who would help with good hearts.”

Sophia pointed at the female carpenter and three others and without hesitation they came forward to join him.

“Leon why did you not come to me for help? Oh you foolish man.” The female carpenter admonished with a warm shy smile on her face. “I could have helped you. I could have repaired their furniture or even made new from the off cuts of wood I have. It would be basic but serviceable.”

“It seems that the Goodwoman Bella is much taken by you gentle Leon as much as you are taken by her.” Sophie said causing a gentle ripple of good natured laughter from those in the crowd. “Come here my children.”

Hand in hand they crossed over and knelt before the diminutive figure.

“Our Lady commands me to commend you one to the other in blessed union in the knowledge of Her love and of our Lord God’s everlasting love.” She made the symbol of the living Ankh on their forehead. “Rise and be content Goodwife Bella and Goodman Leon.”

They did so to the cheerful banter of the growing crowd.

“Go on kiss her you great dolt.” Called one of the selected, a pork butcher. “And when you have finished me and the baker will give you some of the waste we have for the poor.”

They kissed to a great cheer from the crowed along with a cry of.

“About time!”

“What of you market man Francis Abbe.” The crowd fell instantly silent to hear Sophia’s next words.

“Are you still cheating your,” She pause and cocked her head over as if listening to a difficult word or concept, “customers, yes that’s it customers, with your false weights. Oh yes my friends they are light.”

A sinister murmur went through the growing crowd.

“That is illegal by royal edict, and anyone caught using false weights has their hands cut off.” A market stall holder called bustling over to the accused stall.

“What does it feel like to feel fear for once usurer, instead of terrorising those foolish enough to be unable to pay back your loans at those stupidly high rates?” Sophia’s voice was shrill cutting through the general noise like a warm knife through butter.

“Careful who you accuse child!” Father Velcour warned.

“Ah Monsignor Velcour are you still selling absolutions and special immunities to the rich and those who have influence.” Her eye’s were like icy flames.

The Priest was about to reply when a shout went up at the market mans stall.

“What she say’s is true all his weights are light.”

Velcour gabbed Francis.

“Deal with it quickly man I’ll settle with the child.” He whispered fiercely.

He turned back but both Sophia and Tomas had gone.

“My friends, I bought those weights in good faith and am as stunned as you are.” Francis called out loudly. “See I will use my old set. Feel free to check those my brother traders. See there is no need to involve the Justices.”

Unseen a short figure in an all enveloping white robe hobbled away using his walking stick to aid him.

As the furore settled the two men managed to have a few words together.

“Who put her up to this clergyman; you and I were the only ones to know of this?” Francis steamed. “Her father?”

“I don’t think so; I believe he is just a farmer on the outskirts of the town. Leave the child and her family to me.” Francis muttered adding to himself. “I’m not going to let a snivelling brat stop me becoming Bishop.”

“What shall I tell the others vicar?”

“Tell them to keep out of sight for now until I find out if they propose a threat at all.”

The two men separated and went there own way.

Four eight days later the market was bustling with people selling and buying as the year progressed. It was Sophia’s 13th birthday and the whole family had come to the market to buy her a new dress for the Eight day services. They held their parents hands and skipped along roaring with laughter.

Clarence stopped a couple of times as a hacking coughing fit shook his body. He pulled away the handkerchief from his face and saw the tell tale spots of blood on its surface.

“Are you all right daddy?” Sophia asked touching his face gently.

“Yes Sophia darling.” He reassured quickly. “Just some dust catching at daddy’s throat.”

As he spoke a gentle heat eased his throat and chest a little.

The crowd ahead of them parted to reveal the blacksmith Leon and his carpenter wife standing by a child size pulpit.

Leon was nervous and took his wife’s hand for reassurance.

“We made it for you little Priestess, I hope we did right?” He stammered. “We saw you coming along the track and got it ready for you.”

He faltered but his partner was ready to take over.

“We hope you will speak the words of our Lady once more.”

Sophia looked up at her parents before letting go of their hands and crossing to the little pulpit.

She caressed it with her fingertips.

“It is beautiful, more so because I can feel it was made by your love.” She breathed.

She mounted the steps up on to the platform and looked out to the silent, expectant, crowd.

She motioned them to sit and to her parents surprise the crowd actually sat.

“My people the Holy Lady bids me to speak.” She took a deep breath and the little girl seemed to vanish to be replaced by a diminutive woman. “I speak the Parable of the Sharing. ’On the 30th day she went forth to preach and went down beside the sea…’”

The crowd sat enthralled hanging on her every word. Here were the scriptures spoken in their tongue, in the language of the common people, for them to interpret themselves.

But two figures watch with totally different emotions.

Father Pierre Velour seethed, muttering darkly under his breath.

“This is blasphemy.”

But he made no move to stop her judging correctly that if he tried the crowd would turn on him.

The little figure in the white monks robe was very worried for the little girl’s safety. He extended his senses as best he could and felt Clarence’s pain and laboured breathing, he could perceive however dimly the scars in the farmer’s lungs and the little marks where Sophia had eased his suffering.

“I leave you with the blessing.” She lifted up her hand and made the sign of the living ankh in the air as she spoke the blessing in the common tongue. “May the blessings of the Father, Mother and Son be with you forever more.”

The crowd crossed themselves as for the first time ever the blessing was spoken in a tongue they could understand. Then they stood and applauded.

To Clarence and Elizabeth it was surreal but with his heart filled with love and pride he lifted his daughter on to his shoulders.

As the people crowded round his emotions caught at his breath making him cough but at a touch of Sophia’s hand it eased and the pain diminished.

Later as dusk began to fall three men sat in the abbey’s great hall.

The last cycle of 32 days had gone by but the next had not begun, for today was the feast day of Saint Bernadette of Anjou, and like on all Feast days the conclave sat to hear the complaints and concerns of the monks, nuns and laity.

The three men that sat in their high backed throne like chairs before the desk were the Abbot, the Dean and the Holy Knight.

The Abbott sat in the middle of the three; a cruel looking thin sallow faced man who seemed perpetually to have a foul smell under his nose.

To his right sat the Holy Knight, Sir Andrew de Cognac, in his full armour over which was a simple white tabard. He was the leader of the Paladins and Justices that roamed the lands meeting out the Kings and the Churches justice. A man respected by all and admired by many as a just and honest man.

To his left sat the Dean of the Chapter House the gentle monk Brother Patrik. Patrik by rights should have stood six foot or more but his S shaped spine reduced his height markedly. His neck was short and thrust his large head forward giving a dwarf like appearance. To compensate for his twisted hip he walked with a cane. With all these problems he could easily have been an object of pity but his gentleness and happy wit made him almost universally revered and loved.

The Abbott resplendent in his mitre and cope of bright yellows and sunset red sat irritably waiting to begin.

“What is our agenda today my brothers?” He suddenly barked. The young monk who was putting the carafe of wine on to the table with great concentration started and spilt some on the table. “You idiot boy can you do nothing right or do I have to take my belt to you again!”

The boy looked up with terror in his eyes revealing his heavy Down’s face.

“It wasn’t his fault your grace the fault is mine in giving him the jug with the twisted bottom.” Patrik said gently taking the boys hand.

“You can hardly expect him to function well in these circumstances if you yell at him your Grace.” Alexander protested before turning to the boy Simon and asking him warmly to bring the tray with the glasses.

As Simon vanished into the darkness the Abbott shook his head in disgust.

“The two of you are too lenient with the boy!” He said angrily.

Patrik looked across at the Abbott and inquired calmly.

“Is your stomach paining you again this afternoon your grace? I could get some milk for you.”

“Thank you brother that is thoughtful of you.” The Abbott unbent a little. “Our healers can do little to alleviate it I’m afraid though they don’t know why. It is paining me somewhat.” He sighed. “I know I shouldn’t take it out on poor Brother Simon but he tries my patience so. Will you arrange for some milk for me please my brother?”

“Ah here is Brother Simon now, as you can see I took the liberty of procuring some milk for you just in case my dear Abbott.” Sir Alexander said keeping his face dead pan. Patrik coughed to cover his laughter before joining Alexander to retrieve the items from the boy’s tray.

“We have much to get through Your Grace. I have been gifted six children from the families of foreign dignitaries and those with influence at the court to train as Justices and Paladins. They are to be presented to us today.

I have reports from two of our Knights out in the field we should hear and we need to allocate areas to two Justices and three Chevaliers as well as blessing them in their new duties.

Brother Patrik?”

“I have two brothers for disciplining: they got drunk testing the wine and the chartreuse. And we have a request from the local priest, a Father Pierre, for an urgent meeting.” Patrik explained.

“Is he the one politicking for the position of Bishop when poor Matthias finally deigns to leave this world?” The Abbott was far from please at the thought of meeting the man in fact he looked like a man who had trodden in something nasty. “Let us begin shall we?”

Patrik motioned to Simon.

“Brother Simon will you tell Brother Lucien that we are ready for our first visitor, and then go to your prayers? We will not be needing you anymore tonight and thank you for your help.”

“Yes Brother.” Simon replied before vanishing into the darkness of the hall.

The hall was very large with fine tapestries lining the walls and magnificent stained glass windows, a hammer beam roof with heraldic beasts holding shields and two marble angels in niches by the table were they sat. For all its beauty and splendour the hall had one draw back.

“It’s freezing in here! Why can’t we hold this somewhere sensible, where there is a roaring fire preferably?” Sir Andrew moaned.

“Tradition my dear Sir Andrew.” Patrik replied with a broad grin.

“Well tradition will not prevent me getting frost bite.” The Knight laughed back deliberately ignoring the dark look the Abbott was giving him. “Ah here come our future knights if we are lucky.”

An elderly monk led a group of six children down toward where the men were seated and then proceeded to chivvy them into a straight line.

“Greetings Children now do not be afraid we won’t eat you, at least not this late in the day it tends to give us indigestion.” Patrik smiled broadly to put them at their ease. “I am Brother Patrik the Dean of the Chapter House and I will be taking you for Philosophy and for Religious Training.”

“I am Sir Andrew the leader of the Paladins here and I will be training you in the fine arts of warfare, strategy and for some of you law.” He gave them a mock glare. “That’s assuming you listen that is.”

The children duly laughed but looked uncomfortable when the Abbot smiled at them with a death head grin.

“And I am the Abbott of the Priory and it’s my onerous duty to drum the language of the classics and Holy Service into your skulls along with relevant history.” He paused a moment but when it was obvious that none of the children wished to speak he continued. “Will you do us the honour of introducing yourselves?”

A tall well built blond boy stepped forward and bowed.

“If it pleases you your grace I am Claude Bonnyface the youngest son of the Duke of Piedmont.”

He stepped back for the next child to take his place, a small slim boy.

“I am Gregory Lutz the son of the Magyar Ambassador.”

A self assured young girl stepped forward.

“I am Samantha Dela Cruz youngest daughter of the Aragon ambassador.”

“I am Viktor Maxwell Hamm, my father is a spice trader from Alsace.” The next said quietly.

The next child to step forward was of Arab lineage and gave an ornate bow touching his forehead, lips and heart with the tips of his right hands fingers.

“I am Aziz El Akbar El Qatar your Holiness, the son of the Moro Ambassador.” The boy was extremely nervous for all his apparent flourish.

“Be at peace you are welcome here Aziz El Akbar EL Qatar of Moro, and quite safe.” Patrik reassured him.

The last child sauntered forward arrogantly and looked down his nose at the others with a sneer.

“I am Pierre De Anjou the youngest son of the Duke of Burgundy.”

Alexander lent forward over his desk and glared at the boy.

“The bastard son I believe.” He said levelly. “Your family own a farm I understand with lands beside the Venison’s and the Farmer’s. Good families both of them.” His eyes darkened. “We have no favouritism here boy as soon as you walked through the Abbey gates all ranks are null and void.”

“You’ll be relieved to hear that this ordeal is over.” Patrik said smiling warmly at the children once again. “If you will go with Brother Lucien he will take you to your dormitory and arrange something for you to eat. If you would Brother Lucien? Thank you.”

After they had gone the three men sat back and discussed the children for a few moments.

“I think they are too young but what do I know I always think they are too young.” Mused Patrik taking a sip of his wine.

“They have potential Brother.” Alexander said trying to defend the decision.

“I don’t like the last ones attitude he could be a problem!” The Abbott grimaced as a pain seared through his gut.

“Then it’s up to us to change it your Grace. I know of his step father a powerful and totally dislikeable man.” Patrik concluded. “Brother Lucien you have returned, may we have the next on our list, Father Pierre, thank you?”

A sumptuously robed Father Pierre swept up the aisle in high dungeon at being kept waiting but his heart was icily cold.

“Holy Lord’s I must protest at being kept waiting so you could see those children.” He fumed.

“Be calm Father you are here now. Now how can we help you?” Patrik was deliberately calm and spoke with measured tones.

“My Lords I must report an act of such evil, such blasphemy, it will shake you to the core.”

“Really reverent Father? You must calm yourself my friend, help yourself to some wine.” Patrik brought his fingers together as if in prayer. “Now Father that was quite a statement, please elaborate and tell us what has occurred?”

“There is a child, a girl, who is preaching in the market place! She has spoken the sacred texts in the common tongue!!” Pierre drank down the wine in his glass in one go and thumped it back onto the table top. “She claims that the Holy Lady is speaking to her. Such sacrilege can not be endured!”

“Yes I saw her, she was quite impressive.” Patrik said sipping his wine casually. “Her diction and knowledge of the litany for a twelve year old was quite astounding.”

“You saw her Brother?” The wind was taken completely taken out his sails.

“Yes and I saw her the previous time too when she healed the market traders leg. Oh yes it was her work and not your unction’s that had caused the improvement.” Patrik liked seeing the surprise on the clergyman’s face. “It was then that I decided to keep an eye out for her.”

“And you approve Brother?” The Abbott said sharply.

“It is not a matter of whether I approve or not your Grace but more a matter of whether she is genuine or not.” He replied.

“And your opinion Brother?”

“Reserved at the moment your reverence.” He lapsed into silence.

“She should be dragged here to explain her actions.” Pierre couldn’t believe the calm way the subject was being discussed. “She is a witch and must be subjected to the inquisition!”

“I will not allow a twelve year old child to be tortured and subjected to that terror, do you hear me Reverent!!” Patrik was full of fear for Sophia but his rage won out. “I will not have the girl hurt just because she doesn’t obey our rules!”

“I insist that she be tried as a witch. She dares to speak the Holy words in the common tongue and in so doing defiling them. Only we have the right to interpret the Holy Scriptures and teachings for the people.”

“You will not insist Father Pierre!” Alexander roared silencing the man. “We will take your views into account in our considerations but you will not run rough shod over us and force us into a rash action. I agree with Brother Patrik that the child will not be subject to such an outmoded tool as the inquisition but I also agree that something must be done. Your opinion Holy Abbott?”

“The child may just be a puppet being used by our enemies to unsettle us. Sir Andrew will you investigate that possibility, but discreetly as we don’t want to give credence to the girl.” He turned to Patrik. “Is there anyway of monitoring the child or even bringing her here for observation and control Brother Patrik?”

“She shouldn’t be fussed over but should be burned at the stake and made to recant her sins!” Pierre pressed. This reaction was not what he expected and the result did not sit well with him.

The old monk had returned and was franticly trying to catch the Deans eye.

“Will you excuse me gentlemen a moment my fellow Brother wishes my attention.” Patrik said before hobbling over to hold a swift but intense whispered conversation. He rejoined them after a few moments with a deep frown on his face.

“Forgive me gentlemen. Father Pierre thank you for bringing this problem to our attention and be assured that we will give the matter of the child our most urgent consideration. Brother Lucien will you show our good cleric out if you please and have Brother Dorian take our guest via the gardens so he can enjoy the calming scents. They are truly wonderful this year.”

The old monk led the disgruntled priest away.

After the priest had left the Abbott turned to the Dean with a scowl on his face and spoke.

“I must admit to being more than a little irritated that you have dismissed this case so swiftly brother.”

“Yes I am curious about that too. What did Brother Lucien tell you that made it so essential to remove the man?” Alexander asked stroking his fine moustache and beard with amusement.

“I am sorry your Grace, Sir Alexander but the child in question is outside as we speak with her brother. She told Brother Lucien that the Holy Lady had sent her and that she has a solution to our problem of what to do about her.” Patrik was astonished.

“Are you saying she knew we would be discussing her at this precise moment?” The Abbott asked trying to make sense of it all.

“I believe she must have. Perhaps she followed the priest guessing why he would be coming to see us. Oh I don’t know.”

Alexander took off his impressive helmet and pulled back his chain mail coif revealing his salt and pepper coloured short hair.

“Well there is only one way to find out gentlemen and that is to speak to her.” Alexander said as the Abbott followed his lead and removed his mitre.

“Brother Lucien bring them in if you would please and bring two children sized cups too?” He added.

Soon the old monk was leading the children down the aisle to the table. Tomas was looking around him intently especially at the corbels of the hammer beam roof and the depictions of angels and the saints on the walls.

When they reached the table Sophia gave a creditable curtsey and after a nudge of his sisters bony elbow Tomas gave a decent bow.

Amazingly the normally irritable Abbot came round the table knelt in front of Sophia and carefully, gently picked her up and sat her on the table top. Alexander did the same for the boy.

Though both children were clean and smelt well, their Eight day best clothes were a little threadbare and showed evidence of repair.

“Good day young Lady, young Master, what can three old men do for you?” Patrik asked warmly.

“Where are your manners Brother. Young lady would either your brother or your good self like some milk?” The Abbott asked trying to smile but failing dismally.

“Thank you my Lord Abbott but no but may I have some water instead?” Sophia said steadily.

Patrik was amazed at how calm she was.

“May I have some milk please?” Tomas asked looking at Alexander in awe.

“Our father is dying my Lords and without him we cannot work the farm. The Holy lady told me you could help with this.” Sophia said looking anything but a thirteen year old child.

“What is wrong with him child?” The Abbott asked as he poured out the milk for Tomas.

“He has consumption, what is commonly called the ‘Bloody Flux’.” Patrik told them. “I felt you ease his symptoms today in the market.”

Sophia nodded and looked at the monk with her strange adult eyes.

“I know, the Holy Lady saw you and felt you touch my father.”

“We can help out from the poor fund, but it will not be much but it should help a little.” Alexander pulled a large ledger book toward him.

“I think her father would be too proud to accept such charity, am I right child.” Patrik had seen how the man held himself and was sure he was right in his assumption.

“Yes you are right Holy Brother, father would never accept it.”

“And you have a solution I take it?” Patrik asked.

“Yes Holy Brother. The Holy Lady tells me that if you were to take my brother into train with the others you have just met, then you can pay my father money.”

“Oh child it is a long time since we have done such a thing. The rich and powerful pay us to take their unwanted children.” Alexander said sadly. “What are your names child I don’t even know what you are called.”

“I am Sophia Farmer and my brother is Tomas.” She told him as she shook her head in confusion. “But I don’t understand the Holy Lady is telling me it will be alright.”

“Calm yourself Sophia I think I have the solution to one of the problems. My curate novice has left for pastures new and if you’re were willing to be my novice I could pay your Father a stipend, a fee, money for your time.” Patrik smiled warmly.

“But my brother is to be a great paladin?”

“I think I have the answer to that Sophia.” Alexander mused. “Father Abbott there is an opening for a priest to be trained and Tomas would be perfect. He needs to be only at the Abbey for two days in every eight. He can join the others as their squire with me and as a priest when they are with you two Holy Ones. That way we can pay compensation to the family.”

“Agreed my Lord.” Patrik said with pleasure.

“I agree but with caution.” The Abbott conceded. “But that would leave them short of labour at the farm and I have no idea how to solve that.”

“I do your grace.” Sophia said turning her head to one side as if listening. “The brothers you were going to punish for being drunk can work the farm as punishment.”

She almost had to spell out the word punishment as it was she broke it down into its syllables.

“A good idea Sophia and Brother Simon can join them to help around the farm thus getting him out of your way your Grace.” Patrik said his face shinning with joy at this revelation.

“My Lady wants me to speak in the market on an eighth day, as she said the Lord said, ‘where two people speak my name then there is where my church is’, but I can speak at the Saint’s days children’s service.” Sophia took a breath. “Brother you can join me at both services so you can see I speak the truth that our Lady speaks to me.”

“Do we all agree to this plan of action, Brother Patrik, Lord Abbott?” Alexander asked.

“Yes I most certainly agree but Sophia, Tomas, you must say nothing to your father I will approach him tomorrow on first day and ask for his help.” Brother Patrik said with relief etched on his face.

“Yes I agree also and if your father and mother agree I will expect you at your lessons starting the next eight days.” The Abbott had a sudden spasm in his stomach and winced clutching his midriff.

Sophia reached up and touched his face soothing the pain instantly. She looked across at one of the angel statues and nodded, in the light it seemed to be moving every so slightly in reply.

“Will you help us down please as mummy will wonder where we are?” Sophia asked.

“Yes of course child.” The Abbott wide eyed from the experience lifted her down as Alexander did the same for Tomas. “Do you need one of the Holy Brothers to take you home children?”

“No we will be alright your grace.” Sophia took Tomas’s hand and the pair of them skipped down the aisle.

“Am I a Holy Knight now Sophia?” Tomas asked.

“No not yet you have to be a priest first.”

“Oh that’s alright then.” Tomas laughed.

After the two of them had gone the three men looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

“Have you the same feeling that I have?” Alexander asked eventually.

“That we have been outmanoeuvred by a thirteen year old girl, yes I do?” Patrik answered.

“But how did she know that we had two brothers for punishment and a new intake of novice paladins?” The Abbott said rubbing his easing stomach.

“Yes how indeed?” Patrik replied hold his hands together as if in prayer.

“I think we should carry on with the days work and discuss this further later.” The Abbott decided.

Later in the darkened chapel of the Abbey a figure could be seen at prayer. They were lit only by the red light coming from the candle in the red lantern called the Light of the World.

The angel’s statues head rotated back into place as the whispered conversation came to an end.

A gentle warmth and the scent of spring flowers filled the air for a moment and then like the figure at prayer was gone.

In a crypt elsewhere a different story was being played out.

The area was fully lit by twenty black candles and filled the air with heady incense. A group of red robed men and women were chanting loudly in a vile distorted tongue as a skull masked individual moved around a bloodstained marble slab where a lamb was tethered. He flicked scented water over the frightened beast before lifting his ornate knife up above it.

The lamb bleated in terror and agony as it plunged down and eviscerated it.

As the figure pulled out the still beating heart he called over the mounting wall of sound.

“Lord’s of the Seven Darks come to me, I summon your servant! By Blood, Guts and Sinew I bind you!” His voice dripped with evil insanity as he squeezed the heart and stilled it. “Devil come as life is extinguished.”

“Who calls me to this plane of fools?” A great deep voice answered. “Speak! Who calls and binds me to this place!”

The head of the dead lamb rotated on its neck until it looked squarely at the coven leader. But it was no longer that of a lamb but of an impossibly hansom golden skinned boy.

“Ah it is you that summoned me.” Its voice was sultry, oozing an easy sexuality. “What do you wish of me?”

“Power, information?” The skull headed leader asked. “There is a child, a girl, who could interfere with our plans. She must be removed and quickly.”

“I know of this child and already we work against her but we can not dispose of her directly. She is somehow protected but her family is not. They shall suffer. Her father already does.” It laughed cruelly. “Her gift shall be her downfall but you must be patient for the time is not yet nigh.”

“You are bound Devil you must obey me!! Destroy the girl!”

“Do not ask what can not be done! You must move against her yourself!” For a mere split second its true self shone through but it was enough to terrify the leader. “Come there are other ways I can help you so let us begin.”

The leader roared with unhealthy laughter its soul in inhuman rapture.

“Yes let us begin.” The coven fell on each other tearing off clothes and copulating in manic desire. Hell had been loosened and none would be able to put it back into its bottle.

No, perhaps someone could, but they were far from ready.

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