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Liv Chase might’ve seemed like any normal fifteen year old, well that is until you learn that she’s a foster kid who’s been able to read minds all her life. Only Liv’s best friend Bella and Bella’s father know about Liv’s gift. It’s not something you’d want to flaunt around like it’s a medal unless you yearn to be shipped to the looney bin. But when a mysterious new kid moves to town that Liv can’t read, she is shocked an intrigued at the same time. And despite all her attempts to get close to him after a strange first encounter, he seems insistent to push her away. Soon Liv learns that there just might be more strange people like her out there, a lot more. And there just might be a secret ancient society out for her head. Maybe there was a reason curiosity killed the cat after all.

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You might say I was weird if you knew everything about me.

Well, it would probably be better for you if you kept that opinion in mind when I lay out the whole story.

Maybe you should just keep an open mind about this whole thing.

But before I say my side of the story, I need to make sure you know something. My name is Liv Chase, and I can read minds.

Now, don’t run away screaming just yet. I promise I’m not from the looney bin.

You need to know that I never wanted to be a mind reader. I never wanted to have the life I have. I’d rather have a regular teenage life with regular teenage problems, like, does the cute guy in algebra II like me, or when will the hottest boyband release their next single.

In fact, I can remember so many times in my youth where I wished to give up my gift at a chance to find my real parents.

Being what I am is dangerous for me and those around me. In fact, I’m pretty sure half the people I meet now are out to kill me. I wasn’t even supposed to make it past my sixteenth birthday if certain people had gotten their way.

If you’re absolutely normal and boring, like maybe 9o% sure you are, then you’re probably reading this thing because you think what I’m about to say isn’t real, that it’s all fiction or fantasy. That this story is just the same as any coming of age young adult novel about strange and imaginary things. Great. Keep on going through life with that exemplary idea. Enjoy whatever silly life you’re living with all your normal people things and worries. Because of this I envy you. I envy you with all of my heart that you can believe that none of this is true.

But if you’re reading this book because you think you can relate with what I can do, with who I am, please stop. Don’t read another sentence, I’m warning you. Throw it in the flames of hell if you have to, just don’t read on. Please just believe whatever lie your parental guardian told you about who you are and what you can do (that is considering you told them). Don’t go digging. Be happy with whatever normalcy your life has.

I’m telling you all of this because, if you’re like me, if you’re different in the way that I am, they will know. Maybe they don’t know yet, but they will soon. Just the fact that you’ve picked up this book is suspicion enough for most of his supporters to come after you. Once you start to believe, you won’t be safe.

Don’t say that I never warned you of the consequences.

So, if you are like me and decided to keep reading, I give you a warning.

If you are as powerful as me, they will right their mistakes and eliminate you before you can eliminate them.

This time they won’t make the same mistakes and they’ll kill you before you realize your destiny.

Good luck.

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