A Wolves Tale

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After a very short breakfast I ran out the door leaving Jake behind as I caught the bus. I looked back and realized I had left him behind but the bus was already leaving as he ran to our stop. I sighed and kicked open the back door. As the alarm blared on the bus, everyone including the driver glanced back and saw it was me. "Same as usual then Night? Should I take your bag and leave it at your desk?" asked a girl sitting to the left of me. I sighed and shook my head. "Yeah that would be helpful Aiko, I'll be leaving now. Take care you guys." I leapt out into traffic and changed immediately into my wolf form ignoring the people who were suddenly swerving out of the way. As I bounded back to the house to get Jake an older man shouted after me, "Same as usual Night?"

I slowed for a moment and replied. "Sadly yes Mr. Johnson." He laughed as I kept running and stopped in front of Jake. He sighed and scratched my ear before getting on my back. "This is what you get for not accepting Sh'asmar's Gift. Everyone accepted theirs when they hit the age of 16. I still don't understand why you and a select few of the males refused to accept the gift of the god of Wolf Creek's gift." He shook his head as I ran and spoke, "I told you already, I don't want to stay in Wolf Creek forever Night. I have a dream. I dream of getting out of here and marrying a girl who's never even heard of Wolf Creek."

I suddenly stopped and he fell off my back. "You would leave behind the gift of Sh'asmar, you are 18 years old. You could still accept the gift. But yet you dream of marriage already. You're only 18 Jake. You need to grow up more before thinking like that." I sighed as I walked away leaving him sitting there in the middle of the road. The fact that of everyone in Wolf Creek, he was the only person I spoke to that was neither female, or had the gift of our god Sh'asmar.

Why would he not accept the gift of the wolf. We don't do any harm to others. We aren't the original twelve. What bothers me though is the fact that yes, we do hunt monthly, however; we hunt animals now rather than other humans. That is probably the only reason humans who visit Wolf Creek and people who just didn't accept the gift, are not scared to be around us who have been bestowed the gift.

My father is the current Alpha of the pack. He is scared though as any father who is an Alpha would be. When a Alpha's son comes to the age of 18, he and the father fight until one of them yields. My 18th birthday is today, meaning after school I am to go to the pack's secret sanctum and wait for the others as my father prepares for battle. When he arrives we will then wait on the elders to come and watch the fight. As I got to the door of the school I returned to my normal form and walked in smiling at those of the students not already running to class.

I found Aiko sitting on my desk and looked at my stuff. It was normal and nothing had been opened or messed with. I smiled and thanked her before she hopped off the desk and got close to me. "Night..." she started as I looked down at her. She blushed and shook her head running off and sitting down as Jake came in. He looked at her then at me and rolled his eyes as he sat down in his desk in front of me. As the day went by I kind of just droned it out looking out the window. I was excited to have my test tonight and nothing could ruin my mood. I looked down at my bag and pulled out the Journal of the first Alpha. I wanted to read more of his past before I faced my father so I could see if there is anything that could tell me the weakness of the Alpha.

~It was dark. We didn't know where to start looking. The Vampires had taken over the northern half of the village while we wolves only controlled the bottom half. I was certain that if we could take out Dracula we could win the war. I scratched my ear and began to shift to my wolf form snarling as I stood as Alpha. I barked out orders and the wolves of the Blood Pack dispersed searching for any sign of Vampires in the southern district. They were to howl if they saw anything so that we could race to them and support them in case there were more vampires than just one.

These things hunted in packs just like us though. What we didn't know at the time was that there was someone among them who was far more dangerous than we could imagine. He wasn't like the other Vampire's. He knew exactly where we wouldn't be and the Vampires would strike in those zones. This was worrisome to me because this meant that our food supplies would fall rapidly to them and even more Vampire's would rise. Wolf's Creek is our home, we don't need Vampires taking over our village. I want to make sure that one day I can take control of the beast within me. I want to pass on my genes to a successor one day. Had I had control of my new found power, I would still have a successor. Now I am forced to find a new heir.

No matter how I look at it, we needed to find this mystery creature that was helping the Vampires. Mating and hunting could come later. Reminiscence could wait because the pack could not. We were getting hungry as the days passed by and yet we had to keep to our oath. No hunting until we had put the Vampires to death and blown away the ashes. Maybe one day we could~ "NIGHT!" shouted Jake in my ear making me fall as I looked at him. "What?" I asked closing the journal and putting it back in my bag. "School's out. Don't you have plans tonight?" He asked before stepping back as I stood up. "Your right!" I ran right past him and straight towards the Sanctum of Sh'asmar. Our hidden Sanctum. Tonight was make or break, I would become Alpha, or stay a pup for another year. It was time to grow up and be a man. Even if it cost me my life.
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