A Wolves Tale

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As I bolted out the doors of the school I could smell a strange scent I hadn't smelled before in Wolf Creek. Maybe it was just my imagination but then I saw him. A man in all black holding a giant clock in his hand. I couldn't see his face through his hood but he kept swinging the clock back and forth as if to tell me something. "Night!" shouted Jake as he busted out the doors after me. I looked at him then back at where the man was but the man with the clock had disappeared. I shook my head, "Maybe it was just my imagination." I said as Jake walked up. "What was your imagination?" asked Jake looking the direction I was.

I shook my head again and changed to my wolf form scratching my ear and looking around. Jake sighed and went to get on my back but I pushed him away growling. "I will be going to the sanctuary of Sh'asmar. You can't come with, you're not of wolf blood." I walked away as Jake's jaw dropped. "So I have to walk home?" he shouted after me. I looked back at him and nodded before bounding towards the woods. No one who was not of wolf blood can enter the woods. We with the gift of Sh'asmar ensure that no outsiders come in. I needed to get Sh'asmar's blessing before I faced my father. If I wanted to become the Alpha, I needed to show that I would follow Sh'asmar until the very end.

After passing the wolves on patrol around the edge of the forest I ran to a broken shrine in the middle of a pond. I changed to human form and slowly walked up to the shrine ready for anything. I bowed before the statues of Sh'asmar and kneeled before beginning to pray. I prayed for success and I prayed that Sh'asmar would bless my next hunt. Suddenly I jerked around and snarled before realizing it was Aiko. "What are you doing in wolf territory? You are not of wolf blood, it's dangerous for you here."

She flinched and then walked further in entering the shrine and looking up at the great statues. I whined a bit and closed the doors to the shrine praying no other wolves or humans would show up here. I knew it was the shrine of our wolven god, but I prayed the wolves would respect the door being closed and leave the shrine be. As I turned to Aiko she smiled and I shook my head hoping that Sh'asmar would not be angry with me for allowing her to live. Suddenly there was a flash of light and everything went black.

The room was black and the only light was coming from a wolf standing in front of me in this blackened room. I didn't know where I was but then the wolf changed to his human form. "I am Sh'asmar. Why do you think I have summoned you here?" I whimpered a little bit as I looked to him, "Is it because I brought a human to your shrine, or is it because she is female..." He laughed, "No, I called you here because I want you to do something for me. I didn't want just males to become one with the wolf. I wanted more, but that shaman of old believed that only men were of power and only men could handle the power of the wolf."

I nodded silently. I didn't know what to say to the god that all wolves followed. "I want you to make her one with the Blood Pack. I know that you care deeply for her. So make her one of us. Make her your mate, and become the Alpha of my Blood Pack starting a new age of wolves alike." I bowed and then he waved his hand as everything faded and I opened my eyes looking up at Aiko who was crying as she shook me.

I looked at her and smiled a little as I wiped her tears away. "I-I'm okay Aiko." she cried harder and put her forehead to mine. "I thought I lost you..." I turned crimson and she kissed me softly. I stopped her and she looked at me sadly. "I'm sorry Night... I shouldn't have... I'll leave you alone..." I sighed and took her hands in mine. "Aiko, I like you a lot. But before we can be together I have to make you apart of the Blood Pack. Sh'asmar has willed it that I turn you into one of us. Will you do it...?"

SHe blushed and nodded. "Yes, I will if it means I get to be with you." I smiled and looked up at Sh'asmar's statues, it appeared like they were smiling now. I shook my head and the faces returned to normal before I picked up the old crystal chalice. I bit my wrist and let the blood flow into the chalice until it was halfway full before handing it to her and cleaning my wrist. "Drink now Aiko, become of the wolf pack. Become one with Sh'asmar and join the Blood Pack." She raised the glass to her lips and drank it all before she sat it down smiling. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, "Stay here. Your first turning will hurt. I have to go deal with something. Hopefully I will finish before your turning so I can be here to help you." she smiled and nodded as she sat down on the ground and prayed to Sh'asmar.

I pushed open the doors and looked to the wolves growling in front of me. "She is of the Blood Pack. Guard her, or I will kill you all myself." They all froze and nodded. "Sh'asmar has told me to turn her into one of us. So if you don't like a woman being of the Blood Pack then when I become Alpha tonight. I will excommunicate you from the pack." I walked past them and returned to wolf as I ran to the dirt arena to face my father. I had Sh'asmar on my side. How could I lose? After all, its not like Sh'asmar was lying to me.

I jumped into the arena and growled as my father walked up in his wolf form. "If you lose son, not only will you remain a pup, but because you made a woman into one of the pack, I will excommunicate you both from the pack. Sh'asmar's will or not, I am still leader of this pack." I growled and tackled him to the ground biting his leg mangling it. He tried to stand but his back leg gave out from my bite. He snarled as the elders watched and I bit his ear tearing it off as blood splattered. I was not going to let my father live if he was going to go against the will of Sh'asmar. I snarled as the elders gave the order to stop but as they did I had already ripped out his throat.

He fell dead as the others of the pack looked on in horror. Suddenly Sh'asmar was standing in front of all of us and wee all bowed as he looked down at my father. "Night... You have done something that no one else has done before." I looked down and knew that I was about to be excommunicated. "You have defended the name of the pack even against itself. You truly do belong as Alpha." the elders began to protest as I looked up at Sh'asmar and he snapped his fingers as the elders fell over dead.

Sh'asmar smiled and bowed before me as did everyone else and I bowed in return. He picked up the corpses and looked upon everyone. "This Alpha will bring about a new age. He will bring men and women together in peace and harmony as the Wolves of Wolf Creek." I looked to the pack and Sh'asmar ascended back to his realm with the corpse of my father and the elders. I was going to bring a new age, but first, I had to help Aiko with her first transformation.
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