A Wolves Tale

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I bolted through the woods back to the sanctuary for prayer to Sh'asmar. I heard growling and crashing inside as the wolves outside whined worried as to what a female werewolf could do. I sighed as I pushed open the door and closed it as the room went completely black. I could smell her but she was struggling with her new form. She kept running and falling growling each time she hit the ground. I sighed as I changed to my wolf form and helped her up holding her up as she started to walk wobbly. "It's going to take practice." I said as I smiled a little walking her around.

She nodded and growled in response. "So you haven't figured out how to talk normal yet I see. That's why being given our blood is something that is done at a young age." I laughed a little and she bit my ear. "Ow, don't do that." I turned to her as she stood up straight and pounced on me. "Whats the matter? Can't take a little pain?" she asked smirking before getting off me and walking around the room sniffing the air. I shook my head as I rolled over and got back up before pushing open the door. "Let's take you on your first hunt." She purred and ran after me.

We bolted through the woods and hunted for some deer. We needed to get her used to the animals of the forest so that she would be able to sniff them out on her own. Suddenly we were joined by a golden wolf that i didn't recognize but it suddenly shifted into the man in all black with the clock as I froze. Aiko kept running and slid to a stop as she looked back at me. "Night? Are you okay?" I looked at her then back but he was gone. "S-sorry, It's nothing. Come on your preys getting away."

I ran past her as she looked at where I had looked and then ran after me. "Night wait up!" she shouted as I pounced on the deer and bite its neck as it slowly stopped struggling. "Dig in." I said as I bit the deer hide and pulled it off as she bit into its meat. She looked up at me as we both ate. "It's good." she said and took more bites hungrily. I nodded and smiled as I kept eating. When all that was left were bones we buried them and walked towards the town. We walked around the sidewalks as the other wolves howled and continued to watch the edges of our little town of Wolf Creek.

There was a scream and I bolted towards it. As the new Alpha it was my job to check it out with the others to see what had happened. Aiko chased after me and we both froze as we looked in horror. It was a boy in a hood biting a woman's neck and drinking rapidly. When he looked up at us he smiled but all we could see were his crimson lips. "Lord Dracula has risen again. The time of wolves in Wolves in Wolf Creek is over. The time of the Vampires has come again." He cackled and ran off as we chased him, I caught his arm and bit hard mangling it before letting go. He fled into the darkness as he laughed and flew away. Aiko and I stopped at the edge of the town and howled to notify the other wolves of the threat. Whoever it was, they weren't going to be coming back in.

"That's it, we don't have a choice." I snarled as I looked at the pack members who had just arrived. "Gather everyone, male, female, child, infant. We will change this entire town tonight. The Vampires will not be taking over." The nodded and ran off in all directions to gather everyone at town hall. "The time of the werewolves.... is far from over." I kissed Aiko's fur and walked towards town hall with her. But that taste... It tasted so familiar

As I walked to the town hall I kept thinking about the taste I had just had. It tasted so familiar to me. It felt as if it was something I should find of importance. After arriving at town hall Jake ran up in a long black jacket and asked what was going on. I shook my head and entered the town hall as the people spoke worriedly. "Whats going on??" demanded a woman in the front row as I changed to normal. "A vampire has appeared in our small town of Wolf Creek. In order to defend against this threat, I have decided to make all those who wish to remain in Wolf creek into our kind, male or female, infant, child, no matter what you are, if you wish to remain, then accept the gift of Sh'asmar. It is the only way to ensure that the vampires will NEVER take our home town."

There were gasps of shock and confusion before everyone quieted down. "Now, all those who wish to leave, you may leave, but you must leave this town and never come back." Nobody budged. I noticed Jake slip out the door and sighed before snapping my fingers. All the wolves bit into their arms and had each person drink a little of their blood. "You all are now one with Sh'asmar. Be ready for the fight of our lives." I announced as many started changing into their new forms.

After many people had changed including the infants, we all went to the forest in order to try our first town pack hunt. After catching a few deer we all gathered around and I sat in my wolf form with Aiko by my side. "I, Night, Alpha of the Blood Pack, welcome each and everyone of you to the Blood Pack. Now, let us eat!" They all pounced the deer as I slipped away with Aiko and looked up at the full moon. "It's going to be a long night if we have to watch for Vampires." She giggled and looked to me, "But we don't need to worry anymore. Everyone became one with Sh'asmar."

My eyes dropped and I folded my ears back sadly. "Not everyone... Jake didn't.. he left." She rubbed her head against mine and I smiled a little as I looked into her golden eyes. "Thank you Aiko." she appeared to blush and kissed me before pouncing on me. "Your welcome Night." We rolled around and played in the grass as everyone ate not far from us. I sniffed the air and sighed in relief. I thought I had smelled the Vampire from before but it was nothing more than a bird.

Suddenly the pack let out screams and snarls as the vampire from before dropped into the middle of them and started killing the younger ones. I ran back as the vampire picked up a pup and stroked its fur before grabbing the base of its skull and pulling out its spine dropping it dead. The pups mother growled and attacked but was easily dispatched by the vampire. "Just because you changed them doesn't mean they can take me or Lord Dracula on. By the moons fifth cycle, Lord Dracula will arise again. It's not like you will decipher that silly journal and find where the original Alpha buried my Lord Dracula."

I froze, only two people knew about that journal. Myself, and.... "Jake." I said growling softly. The Vampire laughed and pulled down his hood. Jake's face showed in the moonlight as his smile was covered in blood. "So you figured it out Night? I was hoping we would get to be friends for a little longer." I snarled, "But why?" He laughed and pointed a bony finger at me, "You get everything you want, you're the Alpha now, you even got Aiko! So I became a Vampire to show that the Werewolves weren't the only ones people should respect."

"So you decided to bring back the most hated enemy in the world?" I asked watching him carefully. "Yes, don't you see? If Lord Dracula comes back I will get to take back everything. THe Vampires will become the best once again, we will erase you dogs from existence and once again claim the night." I snarled and lunged at him but he leapt back and held out his mangled arm, "You did a good number to me already Night, I'm surprised you didn't notice it when we walked past each other." Suddenly Aiko tackled him and we attacked him as he let out shrieks of pain.

I ripped out his throat and snarled as I watched the light fade from his eyes. "Consider this friendship... Terminated." I walked away with Aiko and went to check on the others. "Is everyone okay?" I asked as the wolves all whined and whimpered over those they had lost. I shake my head and howl. Everyone begins to howl and I look to them.

"Tonight, not only did we lose our family members, our brothers, our sisters, our children. We also lost a friend. Jake Thompson. He is the Vampire that slaughtered our brothers and sisters tonight. Thankfully, we have eliminated him, but the fact that Dracula is coming back means we have a lot of training ahead of us. I don't care how hard you run, how high you jump, or how strong you bite, I will break you, then I will make you. Is that clear?" Everyone howled in response and we headed back towards town. "You better be ready Dracula, We are going to stop your resurrection..."

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