A Wolves Tale

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It was dark and cold. I felt the water dripping on my fur as I laid in the dark room. I could see nothing but the outline of a door and could feel only the cold ground and the chains around my neck and paws. "What happened...?"I thought out loud groaning in pain as the cut on my face throbbed. Obviously I had gotten into a fight but yet I couldn't remember why, or better yet, where I was. I groaned as I dragged myself up and examined myself in the dark. I had many gashes upon my arms and legs but they weren't bleeding anymore. I coughed up some blood and the door creaked open. In the light I saw a silhouette of a woman and a man. Their grins menacing as the came closer. I growled and barked as they came closer before Aiko entered the room. "Whine all you want Night, the doctors need to help you."

I snarled at the doctors and the lights flickered on showing the hospital room I was laying in. I whined as the needle got closer and the doctors smiled as they stuck in the needle. I let out a yelp and growled. "Calm down Night, it's just a needle." laughed Aiko as I shot her a look that looked like I was going to rip her face off. She giggled and started petting me as I slowly felt my eyes getting heavy. "This isn't.... medicine..." she laughed showing her fangs as the doctors did the same. "No my dear Night, we vampires need you asleep though if we are going to drink from you..."

I immediately shot up and looked around. I was in my own room and I let out a sigh of relief. "A dream... It was all... a dream..." I fell back onto my pillow and frowned as I thought about the night before's events. I thought about the feeling of Jake's blood splattering on my fur and how I enjoyed that sensation. I looked at my hands as I laid there and thought for a moment. "What if we had spared him... we could have gotten the information out of him..." I shook my head and got up. Today was the beginning of training and I didn't have time to delay. After eating breakfast I went outside to head towards the meeting place but to my shock there was a giant crevice in the middle of the street. Out of this crevice crawled demons and monsters you could only imagine in your dreams.

As if space and time had been ripped a giant hole appeared in the air as Angel's descended to combat these demons. Not only was my little town of Wolf Creek going to be a battle between werewolves and vampires, we now were going to have to worry about demons and angels. This just made things worse for me. Now how was I going to get any training done with demons running about. I shook my head and when I looked back at the street everything was back to normal. There were no demons, no angels. It had been my imagination. I sighed, "Maybe I should go see a doctor..."

Aiko hugged me from behind and asked, "Why do you need to do that?" I shook my head again and smiled, "No reason my love. I just need to get something checked out about myself." she raised a brow but didn't ask any more questions. We headed to the meeting place but there were no wolves when we got there. Just blood and a message in the dirt. "I see you." was all it said before a bullet shot the dirt and I rolled to cover with Aiko. I found the rest of the pack hiding in the trees holding the wounded and dead. I sighed and sniffed the air. "That shouldn't be right..." I shook my head and ran out towards the shooter. He fired twice and missed both times as I tackled him to the ground. the gun skidded across the dirt and his bandages were all I needed to see. "Jake."

He laughed maniacally and pulled off his bandages showing his mangled neck. "I'm surprised you were able to figure it out so quickly." he said hoarsely as he glared at me in the shade of the tree. "I killed you." was all that escaped my lips before he drove a knife into my chest. "No, I killed you." he laughed and kicked me off him sliding me across the ground. "There will be no surviving this one Night. That's a knife made of the finest silver. You should be dead any moment now." I laughed a little and he raised a brow, "Why are you laughing?!" he demanded as he stepped closer, "The journal said that silver was effective!" I laughed harder and stood slowly. "Reread it Jake." he skimmed it and read out loud, "Silver doesn't really work on us..." he looked at me in terror as I pulled the knife out of my chest and plunged it into his. "Now maybe you'll understand, the power of the werewolf."

I spartan kicked him off the hill and he rolled down out of sight. The pack immediately swarmed him out of anger and started to attack him as he shrieked. They pulled him apart limb for limb and then left all the pieces out in the sun. We all watched as his remaining pieces burned to ashes in the light of Sh'asmar. "You really should have just stayed dead Jake.." I walked away with the pack and training began.
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