A Wolves Tale

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Ice. Ice, thats what it felt like to have death touch my face. His bony fingers felt like ice as they touched my forehead. Had it been anyone else he might have killed them with that touch but not me, after all, how could you kill that which was your kin? My oldest brother was death. Afterall, we worshipped different things. As I staggered throughout the forest alone trying to remember who I was a girl stepped out of the shadows. "Night, its me Aiko, come on the packs waiting." I looked at her not sure of what to say. My voice had all but faded and I managed to rasp, "Night...? Aiko....? Pack...?" I suddenly dropped and blacked out. Aiko screamed and caught me as the pack came running. They took me home and laid me in bed trying to take care of my growing fever. As it got progressively worse Aiko got worried and consulted a shaman. He explained to her, "To find the root of the problem, cut it at the seams, and enter his dreams." Aiko nodded and prayed for the ability to link our dreams. As i rested she laid beside me and began to sleep as well.

Wolves ran about the forest as I walked aimlessly. I searched for my home and the truth but I seemed to get more lost the more i searched. Soon I arrived in a town that read "Arkaus." I looked around but there was no one to be seen. As I walked the streets alone I heard the howls of the wolves in the forest. I looked back and then when I looked forward again there was a screen. I walked towards it and slowly it began to play a silent movie of sorts. Then the noise came loud at first and then mellowed out as I sat down. It was clearly something I needed to watch. I looked at the video feed and there I saw it, her name. Aiko. I read it over and raised a brow before leaning back and the video played showing her and I together smiling. It showed time moving forward and showed our children as I was assuming. I raised a brow and smiled a little even though I didn't know my own name. Something in the video felt right. I sat there and watched more before it faded to black and a picture of me faded in. I looked at it as it read in blurry letters. I couldn't make it out. I guessed what it said and spoke out loud. "Night..." suddenly there was a burst of color and this gray and dismal town became bright and vibrant.

Then I heard it, a roaring in the distance that slowly grew louder and louder. A great demon emerged from the trees and stormed closer. With each step the ground shook. I backed away after getting up and whimpered in fear. I didn't know why but I felt scared. Even though my memory had returned to me and I could remember seeing Taka, I felt fear. Taka, my older brother, Death himself, had left a demon in my head to keep me from remembering the truth. The truth that he had killed my youngest sister, the truth that he killed our original mayor, and the truth, that he had killed me. I whimpered at the sight of the demon and then I saw her. Aiko was running out of the trees towards that demon yelling my name. "AIKO GET OUT OF HERE IT'S DANGEROUS!" She heard me just in time and dodged as the demon swiped at her. SHe ran to me and grabbed my hand as I felt the strength I needed flow into me. I knew that I had to protect her and she had given me the power to do it. I charged the demon and she whined seeing me tackle it to the ground. I snarled as the great beast fell and when it stood up it wasn't facing some small human anymore. Rather than a normal sized wolf, I was three times bigger. I roared and tore the demon apart slowly walking back turning to normal and limping to her grabbing her hand and jolting awake.

When I awoke I smiled and kissed Aiko's cheek, "thank you." was all i said before getting up and heading to the town hall, if Taka was back, it meant more than the rise of the vampires. It meant the rise of demons. Taka may be death himself, but even then, he was a follower of Lucifer. I needed to get rid of Taka and fast so that i could continue my search for Dracula's tomb. "But wait... why would Taka have attacked my memories in the middle of the forest... unless... I was close to something." Meanwhile deep in the forest Taka was walking to a large waterfall, he bowed before the waters and Jake walked out. "Lord Dracula will be pleased to have an alliance with Lord Lucifer and you Master Death." spoke Jake smirking.

Taka nodded silently and stood up straight revealing his eyeless sockets and gripping his scythe. A soft hiss escaped his teeth as he "spoke" and bowed once more. "Yes Master Death, Night must be taken care of before he can find his true nature. If he had found that relic, he would have found that he is not a werewolf, but a mightier race, the fox demon race. The one race that could slay both Lord Dracula AND Lord Lucifer. But my question for you is, would he be able to kill you?" Taka nodded yes and with a swoosh of his robes he disappeared. Jake muttered, "After Night, you’re next Taka." He waved his hand and the waterfall parted and he entered the cave hidden behind whilst the waterfall once again became whole.
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