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Cross Knight : The Nobility Chronicles Vol. 1

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Follow the journey of Aaron Joist , a 16 year high school student who soon learns of his mystical birth right and obligation . In Boston MA, young Aaron Joist finally attends his traditional school despite the dismay of his adoptive mother Benny. Along the way, Benny and many other adults in the neighbor hood are kidnapped by zealots, a group of mystical creatures who are seeking a lost gem to resurrect their fallen queen. Aaron soon discovers a strange pendent that only he can wear and it brings him to the alchemist kingdom of Incersa., the place of his birth. This is where the Iron Nexus, a group of protectors task with protecting the kingdom. He soon learns that his parents were protectors of this kingdom and were murdered by the very queen the surviving protectors are trying to stop. Aaron must learn how to embrace his strange new pendent to access the Cross Knight armor , the weapon his parents used to stop the mad queen before, in order to free Benny and the citizens of Boston .

Fantasy / Action
Boss Kelly
Age Rating:

The Principal's office

" It freaking sucks to be the nice guy, ” Aaron Joist, an 15 year-old Caucasian school student with blond short hair and brown eyes, living in Boston, says to himself.

Aaron has been pulled into the principal’s office due to leaving school grounds during classroom hours.

" Mr. Joust ,” Principal Randall says.

Principal Randell has Caucasian skin with a pudgy waist line , dressed in a dark brown suit with black dress shoes, pink dress shirt , red tie, and wears glasses.

" Yes sir , ” Aaron sarcastically response to the principal.

" Have you heard a single word that I have said to you since you’ve entered my office ?” Asked Principal Randall .

" Oh sure , Dude, I heard every single word. Aaron said as he rolled his eyes while slouching in his chair.

Aaron folds his arms in his green jacket and folds his legs that are covered in blue, torn pants and white and blue sneakers.

" First off, I am not your dude, ” The principal clarified . ” This has been the third time this year you have gotten into trouble young man. You may be new to the school but you must obey the rules just like any other students. ”

" Principal Randall, I told you I was trying to stop those guys from breaking into Dr. Roki’s car. ” Aaron said.

" These types of things are best left to the authorities , ” Principal Randell responded while waving his finger in Aaron’s face much to his discomfort. ” You know that this is a very dangerous neighborhood for students to loiter around without adult supervision. If that officer hadn’t it brought you in into my office...”

" Like I said, ” Aaron interrupted. ” I was trying to stop those guys from robbing a car. ” Besides, they ran off the minute I went after them. ”

" Only because the officer overheard your yelling and noticed them. ” Principal Randell shouted out of frustration.

Principal Randall sat on the tip of his desk right infront of Aaron, holding his head in his hand to prevent it from falling his neck.

” I don’t understand you, Aaron. ” Principal Randall confessed. ” You seem like a very nice and well-meaning boy. But you keep getting into trouble. I don’t even want to start on the type of incidents that you have already gotten into many of your classmates. ”

" You mean those boys who like to pick on anyone who’s weaker than they are? ” Aaron whooped out of his chair. ” Someone had to keep those creeps in line if the teachers wont do their damn jobs. By the way, you’re welcome.”

” Aaron that’s enough, ” A female voice says as she enters the room. Aaron turns his attention towards an African American woman with long pulled back dreadlocks , purple eyes, and wearing an mail carrier uniform.

" Hello Mrs. Holston , ” Principal Randall says as he stands up from his chair. ” It is a pleasure to meet you ”

" Ms. Holston, ” Benny corrects him with an aggravated look on her face.

Benny had just came from work at the postal office in Boston. Taking time off was extremely difficult and leaving work early was frowned upon.

" Ben, you didn’t have to come, ” Aaron said.

" We will talk about this later, ” Benny said.

" Actually Ms Houston, ” Principal Randall said. ” I think it would be best to talk about this now,”

The room started to suffocate Aaron with a strong impression of surrealism as Principal Randell walked over to his desk and pulled out a folder that had marked “disciplinary ” on it.

" Now I know how much it has been hard for you and your ... ” the principle pause for a quick second.

" My son, ” Benny responded to him.

" Of course , your son, ” Principal Randall continued. ” I know how hard it is been for you both to relocate to such a new area. But you must know that Aaron’s actions so far in the school are not as favored as we expect from any students. Therefore, I would like to grant proposal that could better accommodate Mr. Joust ,”

While the two adults continue their conversation, their voices began to fade out in Aaron’s mind as his attention was stolen by a figurine on the principal’s bookshelf.

It was of medieval knights with a shield and sword ready to face off against a massive dragon. This made Aaron think back to the stories of a mystical kingdom that Benny had told him as a child. The kingdom was called Incursia.

Aaron visualized images of the strange kingdom , as if he had been their to witness it first hand.

Many of these visions included the dragons attacking the castle.

The second one included fighting against a foe from far away.

The third one involved both an evil which who had used dark magic to blast her way through the castles defense.

The final vision involved a nights and green and silver armor with a red X on his chest.

Although Aaron believed these stories to only live in the world of make believe, he couldn’t help to feel that there was more to this fantasy world then what Benny had led on about.

" AARON,” The two adults shouted his name snapping him out of his trance.

" What what happened ?” Asked Aaron .

" Thank you for your concern , Principal Randell. ” Benny said as she shook his hand. ” But I will keep that option as a last resort , ”

" I understand, Ms. Holston. ” Principal Randell responded.

" What, what option ? ” Aaron asked nervously .

" We’re going home, ” Benny said as she pulled Aaron out of his seat. ”

" Take care you two , ” Said Principal Randell as he closed the door behind them.

Principal Randell locked the door and pressed his back on its surface with a unhinged weight of fear in his chest. He reached into his coat pocket , pulling out an blue shinning stone.

The Principal’s hand crumbled in its clutch while holding the unusual stone as he whispered ,

Please, let us not fail

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