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A Gypsy woman teaches Bob how to conjure up a higher-dimension being from the Andromeda galaxy. But how does that go?

Fantasy / Scifi
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The clock on the nightstand read 1:17 am. Like many nights in the past couple of weeks, Bob had been awakened from another beckoning dream in which someone (or something) called out to him. Who or whatever it was pointed out the signs Bob had been given throughout the day. There was the family of deer that blocked Bob on the road early in the morning which prevented him from driving any further. They just stared at him as if communicating an urgency, something that he was to follow through with. Then there were the light bulbs that made peculiar noises at the office. The flickered and made a nearly harmonious buzzing sound.

The voice in Bob's dream continued to explain these things. "Don't you see them?" she asked—the voice of a woman. "I made these things happen for you."

Bob sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. "Who is she?" he asked himself. "This has been going on for the past couple of weeks.”

It took nearly an hour to fall back asleep. There were no further dreams of the beckoning voice that evening.


The following morning, a Thursday, Bob drove to work; but was forced to take a different route, thanks to a traffic backup—probably an accident. While doing so, he passed through a historic section of town and happened to notice a large sign in the front lawn of an old cape-cod style home that said, "Psychic Readings".

There was a phone number at the bottom of the sign that was easy for Bob to remember. Unsure as to why, he felt suddenly compelled to call the number and make contact with the individual.

"Hello?" It was a nearly monotone voice of a woman who answered."

"Hi... um... yes, I just drove past your house and saw the sign that you do psychic readings."

"Yes..." answered the woman. "Please come in. I can do a reading for you."

"Well, I'm on my way to work." answered Bob.

"Oh, but you should really come in, now. That's how it works." Then she hung up.

Was it another mystical sign which originated from the mysterious voice in Bob's dreams? Was he to follow through with an urgency to visit a psychic woman for a reading? Bob turned around in a nearby parking lot and head back to the old cape-cod style home where he parallel parked in the street.

It was a Gypsy woman who came to the door before Bob could knock. She was the sort of Gypsy that one might see at a carnival fortune-telling booth. She wore a rather motley collection of peculiar garments with a purple scarf that covered her long, black hair. Resting on top of her head was a gold-braided chain with pendant that hung over the center of her forehead—probably a mystical amulet that activated the third eye chakra.

"Good morning..." she greeted. "I'm Luminitsa."

"Nice to meet you, Luminitsa. I'm Bob." He gently took her hand and shook. An impressive collection of bracelets dangled from the Gypsy woman’s wrist.

"Follow me into the front room." ordered Luminitsa. "From what I understand, there is someone calling you... someone trying to get your attention."

"Yes!" answered Bob. "How did you know?"

"Ahhhh... Luminitsa knows all!" she exclaimed.

The front room wasn't at all far from the main entrance of the home. From what Bob could see of the place, there were plenty of nick-knacks cluttered on the tables, shelves and furniture—bizarre statues and sculptures that might have originated from third world countries, long ago. There were old, musty books scattered about. The house was old, and the Luminitsa chose to leave the hardwood floors exposed.

In the front room, Luminitsa sat down at octagon table that was covered by a deep red cloth with intricate designs. At the center was a circular cloth with zodiac symbols which were joined by a circle. A crystal ball mounted on gold stand was placed on top. There were other items that one would expect to see at a Gypsy fortune telling table. There were various quartz crystals, salt lamps, candles and Tarot cards spread about.

"Sit down!" ordered Luminitsa.

Bob sat down on the other side of the table so he could face the Gypsy woman.

"Your initial reading is ten dollars.” she began. “It's more of an evaluation fee, and it's owed up front."

Bob opened his wallet, and pulled out a ten dollar bill.

Luminitsa eagerly took it from him, and placed it in a wooden box by a nearby table.

"Someone is calling out to you in your dreams at night." began Luminitsa. "She has been causing many signs for you during the day, but you do not see them."

"You're right about the dreaming." agreed Bob. "And she has been telling me about the signs. So who is this person? Is it a family member; maybe a long, lost friend?"

"No..." answered Luminitsa while placing her hand on the crystal ball and closing her eyes. Her voice turned mysterious as she fell into a trance-like state. "Who calls out to you is not of this world. She comes from a place far, far away—so far that you could never reach it by foot, by horse, by car or by plane." Then Luminitsa opened her eyes.

"Okay...?" answered Bob. "Is there anything else?"

Luminitsa sighed, "It is very difficult for me to enter those trances. There are things I need to do to prepare myself. If you like, I can perform a quick ritual and learn more for you. But I'm afraid it's going to cost you."

"How much?" asked Bob.

"Thirty dollars." answered Luminitsa.

"Alright, is this how you operate?” asked Bob sounding so disappointed. “How much is this visit really going to cost me by the time I leave?"

"I understand your mistrust." explained Luminitsa. "But fortune tellers have to make a living, too. Like I said, it's not easy to do these things. And you owe it to yourself to find out who it is that calls out to you."

Part of Bob wanted to get up and walk away. But another part was anxious to find out who continued to call out to him in his dreams each night. It could very well be that no one would ever be able to supply an answer, except for Luminitsa."

"Fine! I'll do it!" agreed Bob while reaching into his wallet for a twenty and a ten dollar bill. "But this better be good! I'm trusting you!"

"I am here at you service." reassured Luminitsa. "Luminitsa knows all, and always sheds light on the most obscured secrets. That's what my name means: "little light".

Then she stood up and walked over to the corner of the front room where a folding Chinese partition wall stood that one might expect to see at a Chinese restaurant. "You are not allowed to come back here while I do my work, understand?" warned Luminitsa.

"Understood..." agreed Bob.

As Luminitsa stepped behind the partition, Bob imagined there to be another table with candles; maybe a mirror or some strangely-designed rug that hung from the partition. He could see that Luminitsa did something; maybe an ancient dance that enabled her to slip into another trance. This occulted working took place for nearly five minutes until Luminitsa finally emerged.

She nearly staggered over to fortune telling table and sat back down with eyes closed. She reached her hands on the crystal ball and appeared to use it as a means to support herself.

"Her name is Mirach [pronounced meer-aak]" began Luminitsa with eyes remaining closed. "She's a deity who resides in a higher dimension—a higher vibration existence—somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. She has found you, and wants to do an exchange with you."

"An exchange?" asked Bob.

"Let me continue." urged Luminitsa. "Deities and those residing in higher dimensions live in a world very much unlike ours. You see; we take for granted the consistent placement of things such as lakes and trees, buildings that sit on land and the furniture inside of them to always be in the same place. We take for granted the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The sun rises and sets. The seasons pass. Everything in our world is consistent. But in higher dimensions, this regularity isn't necessarily so. Things aren't so easily grounded like it is in our world. People who live in higher dimensions long for the energy and groundedness of our physical world. Just as you might wish to see things beyond your senses, or create realities through mere thought; people living elsewhere wish to have basic groundedness and stability. And that's what Mirach wants with you. She wants to do a magickal exchange—energy from your dimension to hers and vice-versa."

"What could she do for me?" asked Bob. It was, after all, a reasonable question.

Luminitsa opened her eyes and appeared to be pulling out the trance. Then she explained, "Making friends with such a deity could provide you knowledge and understanding of the universe in ways that your senses could never provide." she concluded. "There are just no limits. So many people throughout history have worked and utilized the Exchange. It can be thought of as an inter-dimensional trading post where magickal energy is swapped.

"But what do I need to do?" asked Bob.

"You need to pull her into this world." answered Luminitsa. You need to manifest and materialize her. You need to create a portal so that she can visit as needed."

"How do I do that?" asked Bob.

Luminitsa stood up from the fortune telling table and walked over to a bookshelf which contained a collection of musty, old books that looked to be centuries old. She selected one and brought it back to the table.

"You must use the Merkaba." said Luminitsa while carefully flipping through the pages of the old book. She reached a page that contained what appeared to be a hand-painted religious image of a biblical man who kneeled before a spirit in the sky—perhaps an angel. The spirit was encompassed by a large circle with peculiar geometric shape nearby.

"The first recorded revelation of the Merkaba to man was that of Ezekiel's sighting of the circular vessel in the sky. As you can see in the picture, the Merkaba was revealed to Ezekiel." Luminitsa pointed to the geometric shape that was near the spirit. It resembled two pyramids that had been squashed together at opposite ends.

Luminitsa continued, "The Merkaba is used to alter vibration for inter-dimensional travel. For us, here on Earth, it is most often used to manifest and materialize those residing in higher dimensions. But the priests of Ezekiel's time forbid the use of the Merkaba, and occulted it from ordinary man's knowledge. As they felt; it was for good reason. What if everyone materialized higher-dimension beings? And what are the chances that some of these beings are not so good?"

"I see..." answered Bob. "So where do I get a Merkaba?"

Luminitsa smiled.

"Well..." encouraged Bob.

Luminitsa stood up from the fortune telling table and walked behind the partition where she performed her ritual just moments ago. For nearly a minute she appeared to be searching for something before finally returning with a wooden box.

The box was opened. Inside sat a beautifully sculpted Merkaba crystal with a golden stand beside it—obviously for the Merkaba to sit on. The Merkaba, itself, was about the size of a baseball. Luminitsa announced, "I have a hand-crafted, authentic quartz Merkaba that can sit on this golden pedestal. I can sell it to you for one-hundred-fifty dollars. You might also want some sage and sage-burner to go along with it.

"Sage and sage burner?" asked Bob with a queer expression while shaking his head in rejection.

Luminitsa explained, "If you choose to pull in deities from other worlds, you want to ensure that they are not evil. Sage smoke is universally accepted as a useful tool to clean a room of bad energy and spirits. You walk the area of your Merkaba portal in a clockwise circle before opening it."

"And what makes you think I want to pay one-hundred-fifty dollars for your Merkaba crystal?" challenged Bob.

"You do..." said Luminitsa with a mischievous smile. "I am the only one who shed light on what haunts you throughout the day and in your dreams at night. And you are intrigued with what Mirach can do for you. She has powers beyond anyone and anything in our physical universe. You make a friend with someone like that; there will be no limits—even the sky. Such a small price to pay for a great opportunity."

"I can't believe I'm doing this." commented Bob. "Do you take debit card?"

"Yes I do!"


And so Bob set up a small table in the family room of his home that evening in hopes to duplicate the same effect that the Gypsy, Luminitsa, generated during her rituals. The Merkaba crystal sat on the golden stand in the middle of the table. And to make it all the more complete, Bob placed a lit candle on the side of the table.

Next he filled his sage burner, and then lit it so that smoke would be produced. With sage smoke pouring out, he walked around the table in clockwise motion, and made three complete circles. Satisfied that the air was pure and able to reject harmful spirits, he sat down at the table and unfolded a small sheet of note paper that Luminitsa had hand-written. It was to be spoken out loud at the time that the inter-dimensional portal was opened.

Bob called out, "Mirach, beautiful queen from Andromeda, in all your glory and wonder; I invoke thee; I invite and welcome thee through this portal that is powered by the Holy Merkaba. Since revealed to mankind upon the dawn of Ezekiel's awareness, the Merkaba has served as a vehicle for the angels and deities to cross over to us in the physical world. And so most beautiful queen from Andromeda, I call and summon thee. Manifest yourself and show to me some sign that you hear my invitation."

Almost immediately the electric lights in the family room, kitchen, even the hanging chandelier in the foyer went soft and flickered while making the harmonious buzzing sound. Bob recognized this phenomenon from many times before. It was truly the work and answer of Mirach.

Bob called out as instructed from Luminitsa's hand-written note, "I see that you hear me, Mirach. I am grateful for your manifestation, and am fully prepared for a magickal exchange with thee. If it be in your will to materialize in this moment, and use the Holy Merkaba crystal as offered; I humbly invite thee to physically appear."

At first there was nothing, not even the flicker of electric bulbs. Then, on a free area of wall that was void of furniture or hanging pictures, a soft light began to glow which eventually formed large circle. It radiated violet light which, somehow, commanded all the electric bulbs throughout the house to do the same. Or maybe the electric lighting in the house didn't work at all. Maybe such a tremendous amount of Earth energy was being converted to pull in a higher dimension being, and it caused the electric lights to no longer work. Perhaps the violet light that radiated from the large circle on the wall generated enough luminosity to flood the entire house.

What came, next, initially appeared un-Earthly and frightening. It was the first sign of Mirach, transmuting her higher-dimension vibration to match the vibration of our physical world. She was a ghostly silhouette that resembled the human form with flowing garments and long hair that seemed to blow from an unfelt wind from afar.

Was this all that Mirach was?—a ghost?

But then she took on more recognizable features—face, eyes, bare shoulders and arms that were left uncovered by a style of garments that—as Bob soon realized—were nothing more than a collection of joined-together flowers and various items of nature to create clothing.

Finally, she stood there in all her glory, beauty and true form—the most beautiful creature that could never be seen on Earth. Her glowing, honey-colored hair continuously shifted, tousled and blew from some unseen life-giving wind. It made the twinkling sound of millions of tiny bells that rang and matched from afar. The blue irises of her eyes constantly changed pattern, and at times appeared to match the stormy waves of the sea.

Despite the fact that she was many thousands of years old, Mirach was youthful. But there was something in her face—maybe around the eyes—that suggested eons of wisdom. Earth people might notice something similar in paintings of Greek or Roman goddesses that exhibit a similar feature of dramatic age and wisdom.

Her body was perfect; not like the perfect that today's media dictates. Rather she resembled the perfected natural form of some ancient goddess—delicate skin with healthy tones and coloring; the cleavage of nurturing breasts that promised to give; legs built to move gracefully as if floating on air.

She did something as her feet touched the floor. Bob could see this. The weight of her energy sunk into the Earth and seemed to revitalize and recharge Mirach. "It's one of the many things I needed from your world." she finally spoke. But she didn't speak with her mouth. Rather, she used telepathy. And her voice sounded just like the voice in Bob's dreams.

"So it's you..." said Bob.

Mirach nodded while smiling. Then she continued, "I want to thank you for cooperating with me. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that you trust me enough to call me into your world. The act required much bravery."

"Oh it was nothing, really." answered Bob.

"I truly hope that the Exchange works for you as well as it does for me. Luminitsa was accurate in describing my world. The key item I need is groundedness and ability to materialize in a physical world to do my work."

As Mirach communicated these things, Bob just continued to study her in amazement. She was truly out-of-this-world beautiful. Nothing like her existed on Earth. The more Bob studied and absorbed her, the more he fell deeper and deeper in love with her.

Mirach smiled upon realizing Bob's feelings for her. "We have these things in our world, too."

Feeling it was safe, Bob finally approached her as-if she were an ordinary Earth person. "Well I'm Bob." he stuck out his hand to shake.

She accepted Bob's hand. "Mirach... at your service as much as you are at mine." Her hand was ice cold, probably from traveling many millions of light years across an inter-dimensional portal.

So close to her body, Bob couldn't help but admire Mirach's slender arms and shoulders that were exposed from the type of garments that she wore.

"It's okay to touch." Mirach telepathically voiced.

Bob did just that; he caressed her bare arms and shoulders. Although silky smooth and full of excitement, Mirach's skin was icy cold. But he remained mesmerized by her beauty, and helped himself to a loving kiss to Mirach's lips.

Mirach really didn't mind. She was aware of Earth people's customs and acts of physical affection. It was obviously important to him. Mirach merely interpreted the affection as a sign and offering of his love for her.

The kiss was enough to nearly cause Bob's heart to explode though his chest. But he couldn't help but notice that her lips were as cold as dead December. He tried again for another kiss, this time reaching his hands behind Mirach and feeling her ass. Interesting thing; the garments that she wore were deceptive in such a way that they appeared to be three-dimensional flowers and various items of nature, but they actually yielded full skin-to-skin contact of what lie underneath. It was as-if Bob’s hands could penetrate Mirach’s clothing.

Once again, Mirach didn't mind. Bob was permitted to feel an ass that could very well have belonged to an angel.

But then, suddenly, Bob pulled away—nearly pushed the queen from Andromeda away. "I can't do this!" he said in disgust.

"What?" asked Mirach.

"I can't do this! You're body is cold and lifeless. It's like you’re dead."

Bob’s words deeply saddened Mirach. She wasn’t used to hearing such things from her world. "I'm sorry, but it's the best we can do.” she apologized. “It's not easy what we did. It's not easy to transmute the energy of one dimension to another. I thought you understood this."

Bob argued, "But it feels like you're nothing more than a mannequin! How can I do something with a mannequin?"

Growing all the sadder, Mirach walked over to the glowing, violet circle on the wall in a motion of departure. But before vanishing, she telepathically voiced her disappointment. "I was warned not to trust physical beings of your world. I was told that the people of your day and age are like young and immature children; in need of many eons of evolving before offering any meaningful inter-dimensional exchanges. Although I certainly benefited from grounding myself in the physical world, you harmed me by deeply hurting my feelings. What good was my visit?"

"I don't understand! What's the problem?” asked Bob. “I was just saying that you feel cold and lifeless. I can't get excited. It’s just too weird for me."

"That's the problem with the people of your world." explained Mirach. "You say thoughtless things to one another and pay no mind to hurting one another’s' feelings. Then you expect them accept what you say without getting hurt."

With that, Mirach vanished. Bob would never see her again.

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