Trinity of Worlds Vol 1. (Excerpt)

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Chapter 5: Arlaum

Chapter 5: Arlaum

“Hey! Riy! Come on wake up!”

“Kid! Come on, rise and shine!”
Thud! Riy groaned, feeling something hit his ribs. The first thing he felt, actually. His vision was dark, and confused the boy until he realized his eyes were still shut. Slowly, he opened them to see Renne and Alistor leaning over him. The girl’s held curiosity mixed with concern, while Alistor had a hand to his chin, frowning. Seeing him react, the man chuckled.

“Yup. He’s good.” Riy scowled at this, his vision still a little blurry, and took the outstretched hands from each of them. They pulled the teen to his feet, and he rubbed his eyes.

“Why do I feel so dizzy?” He said, looking around him. Although his vision remained blurry, he could faintly make out many figures walking around, although it was just a mesh of colors to him at the moment. Alistor clasped the boy on the book and nudged him.

“Don’t worry about it, the same thing happened to me my first time here.” He said reassuringly. “You’ll get used to world-travel.” Riy furrowed his brows, looking to the man.

“World-travel?” He repeated. Alistor bore a grin and shook his head.

“You’ve got a lot of learning to do. Don’t worry, you’ll get it.” He said. Renne stepped up next to the men with her hands behind her back and turned to Riy.

“Can you tell me what you see?” She asked. Riy tried to focus his vision which was still not completely clear, looking around. He could make out shapes of what he assumed were buildings, a mesh of brown and sand color, and they were round in shape. Some were higher up than other’s, indicating to the boy that there was a path going upwards. He glanced down and could make out a stone path of an alternating square pattern. Sand was surrounding it, which made the boy think one thing.

“Desert?” He muttered. Renne nodded, pointing to the cluster of dome shaped buildings ahead.

“Yes. This is a desert city on the south-most part of the Liduan Peninsula.” She answered. Riy looked at her with a ‘’really” face, indicating he didn’t know what that was. Alistor cleared his throat, and pointed to the city ahead.

“Come on, we’ll go to the city first, and get your eyesight situated.” He suggested. Renne nodded.

“Then we can discuss things more.” She added. Riy sighed, slumping his shoulders.

“I guess that’s a good idea.” He agreed. his gaze went to Renne, staying on her for a moment before something occured to him, making his eyes widen. “Wait a minute! You’re hair is all dry!” Renne just smiled innocently.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She said, walking towards the desert city with a wave. Alistor chuckled horsely and gave Riy a few pats on the back, signalling it was time to move on.

“Let’s get moving kid. Don’t want to stay out here too long.” He said, nudging him forwards. Riy sighed heavily.

“Yeah, I got it.” He responded, and started moving forwards, following after Renne up the stairs. While doing so, the smell of cooked meat brushed against his nostrils and gained his attention, although due to his blurry vision he could only glance in the smell’s direction. People of all kinds walked up and down the city streets, wearing brown cloaks and robes and the dome shaped buildings aligned neatly in rows.

“This city is called Halgome. It’s a commerce city where people of any race can come to trade products.” Renne explained, pointing to some clothes hangers to the left, and unique machines sitting outside on the right. “Machinists, cloth makers and chefs come here to peddle goods year round. It’s a nice place.” Riy looked from left to right, seeing blurry figures wave their arms to people as they passed, and even saw a bird fly by, disappearing overhead.
Continuing along, the trio stopped in front of a large sandstone fountain, Renne sat down on it and placed her hands in her lap.

“Sit down. Someone’ll be here to help with your eyesight adjustment.” She said, motioning with her hand to the fountain and encouring the two men to take a seat. Alistor walked over and swung his legs over the fountain's edge, dangling his feet just above the water inside. Riy took a seat opposite of the man, and stared up at the sky. Just like Earth, a rich blue horizon could be seen. There were clouds around, but it looked like there weren't many.

"It's rather lively today, isn't it?" Alistor noted, watching some merchant try to peddle sandles to some people passing by. Renne nodded as a gentle breeze passed through, lifting her hair up slightly. She looked to Riy, turning her attention to another matter.

"This city is one of many on the Liduan Peninsula, which is a part of Vampiria, a kingdom of a race of Vampires." She said. Riy widened his eyes.

"Vampires? As in, bloodsucking, bat morphing vampires?" He said. Renne burst into laughter, placing a hand over her mouth to stifle it, and shook her head.

"Of course not! Your world greatly exagerates what they're like." She responded, her laughter dying down but it was clear she was amused. "They can take blood from their advesaries, including wildlife, but it's generally done defensively." Riy muttered something to himself, although Renne heard it as 'huh', and sighed.

"So what exactly are we doing?" Riy asked. Renne looked to him with a raised brow. "I mean, we're here which is what you wanted, but what is your goal?" Renne turned forwards and grew a serious expression, folding her arms across her chest.

"I must go back to my home. There's no stopping those after me, wherever I go." She answered, curling the hand in her lip. "I want to mobilize my kingdom's military forces." Alistor arched a brow at this.

"Is that wise? Starting a fresh battle?" He inquired. Renne narrowed her eyes and breathed out heavily.

"There isn't much else I can do. I have... I have to do something." She responded. As she said this, Riy noticed a slight quiver in the girl's voice. Was she afraid? Or was it something else?

"Ah! Well there's a face I wasn't expecting to see so soon." The trio looked up from their conversation to see an elderly man standing just a few feet from the fountain, carrying a sack over his shoulder. He was for the most part, completely bald save for a fell grey strands in the back. He had small brown eyes and wore round glasses, with beads attached to the end. He also wore the same brown robes as others in the city.

"Oh Marlos!" Renne exclaimed, rising to her feet. "It's a pleasure to see you again." The man named Marlos knelt forwards slightly and took hold of the girl's hand.

"The pleasure is all mine, my dear." He responded, releasing her hand and looking to the two men with her. "I see you've brought companions. Alistor and a boy." Renne nodded, turning to the boy in question.

"His name's Riy, and he could use your help. His vision's a little blurry from world-travel." She explained. Marlos stepped towards the boy and reached out to his forehead, staring at his eye's for a moment, then said something under his breath and stepped away.

"I've got some drops for that. Anything else, you need?" He asked, turning back to Renne.

"We can talk inside your clinic." She answered, taking a casual glance around. "Away from prying eyes." Marlos nodded, and pointed to a nearby building with red tapestry hanging over its front door.

"That's alright by me. Come on then, it's over there." He said, and began heading in that direction. Renne followed close behind, with Riy and Alistor in tow. Marlos' front door was reminisce of a medival gate, made of a red wooden material. He pushed open the door and stepped inside, and as the other's did so, they looked around.

A single wooden desk was across from the entrance with a bright red table cloth laid out, hanging off the front and back with gold patterns along the edges. There were windows to the right and left, and a deep red rug along the ground. Two chairs were on one side of the desk, and one on the other. Marlos took a seat on the far end, and motioned to an empty seat.

"Don't be shy my boy, have a seat." He said. Riy tentatively took the right seat, while Renne glanced over to Alistor who shrugged.

"Go ahead and sit. I'm fine standing." He offered. Renne shrugged and took the seat next to Riy while Marlos was reaching his hand into a bag under his table.

"So Riy, this your first visit to Arlaum?" The man's question caught the teen off guard, and he reeled back in his seat.

"How did you-" He started, but lost the words and fell silent.

"It's not the first time Renne's brought people from outside of this world." Marlos said, grabbing something from the bag and sitting straight up. "Alistor came here a year ago, during a battle on this continent." Alistor felt Riy's gaze fall on him, and he shrugged, folding his arms.

"I was lookin' to relocate. Didn't find it here, but I got interested in this place." He stated. Marlos put a leather cloth on the table as well as a vial of liquid, twisting the metal cork on it and taking it off.

"Alistor worked in a few cities, trying to find a good place to live. Claims he didn't find it, but I've my doubts." He said, reaching forwards with the vial in hand. "Now hold still my boy, this'll sting for a moment." He slowly tilted the vial, until a drop of the liquid inside spilled out and splashed the teen's eye. Then Marlos moved to the other eye, again, a single drop. Riy cringed in his seat, feeling a burning sensation in his eyes, but as Marlos said, it faded shortly.

"That the same thing you gave me?" Alistor asked. Marlos shook his head.

"Different version of the same medicine for younger folk." He answered, pushing the metal cork back into place and putting the vial back in the bag. Turning his attention to Renne, he arched a brow. "So now, miss Araa, what has brought you back to Arlaum?" Renne folded her hands in her lap and responded while Alistor leaned against the nearby wall.

"Akedime sent an assassin to that world. Their intent on taking out every major royal family's heir." She responded, curling her hands into fists. "They're getting innocent people involved too. Something must be done about them." Marlos frowned.

"I admire your courage my dear, but you know very well that Akedime is the kingdom of Demons, and has second strongest military force on the continent." He said, stroking his chin and leaning back. "What would you do to stop them?" Renne exhaled before she responded.

"I want to gather the kingdoms together on this matter, if that's possible." She answered. This seemed to interest Marlos, as his brows raised and his eyes hinted at his curiosity.

"Well, that would certainly work, if you could get them to work together." He replied, placing a hand on the desk. "Vampiria is currently dealing with it's own problems, and Aldevia is struggling with in fighting. It'd be difficult to get them to focus on Akedime." Renne nodded.

"I'm aware of this. Still, something has to be done." Seeing the conviction in her eyes, Marlos started chuckling to himself.

"You remind me of the former Queen of Fenrir. She thought a lot like you." He remarked, breathing out and resting a leg over his knee. "There are Mulhuwars that you can borrow from the stalls at the city stairs. They should help you cross the desert to get to Perriles." Renne widened her eyes slightly, tightening her jaw.

"So you think-" She was cut short by the wave of the man's hand.

"It sounds absurd to most, but I think you can do it. You three, that is." He stated, looking to each of the three people in his clinic. "I would suggest gathering some things for the trip, since it is still far." Renne nodded, and glanced over to Alistor.

"Alright. And, Marlos?" She said, earning a raised brow from the man. "Could you tell Riy a bit about the history of Arlaum, while we go gather supplies?" Marlos nodded.

"Very well." He said softly. Renne looked to Riy next, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"We will be right back. I want you to know about this world if you're going to be travelling with us." She explained. Riy nodded slowly, understanding what she meant.

"Okay. I'll, wait here then." He responded. Renne smiled, noticing the different attitude he had from the one that was present on Earth just a little while ago. Rising to her feet, the girl walked towards the front door and pushed it open.

"We won't be long. Hang tight!" She called, stepping out into the city. The door hung open, and Alistor chuckled to himself while stepping towards it.

"Well, the more the merrier they say." He muttered, glancing over his shoulder to Riy and waving. "Well, be back in a few." The tattoo artist then stepped outside after Renne and shut the door behind him, leaving Riy with Marlos. The elderly man breathed out and turned his full attention to the teen in front of him.

“This could be a long tale. So get comfortable.” He stated, Riy reacted by settling fully into his seat, leaning back and resting his arms on the chair arms. Once he had done so, Marlos breathed in and then exhaled quickly putting a hand to his mouth.


A world composed of every race imaginable, existed in peace once. Six kingdoms of Enelios, four kingdoms of Dalkatros. Two continents, that existed on opposite sides of the world. Governed by powerful beings, Spirits, these kingdoms participated in many events together to unify the world as a whole.

That all changed, when one Spirit, named Delvotha, led a rebellion against the supreme Spirits and their students. Leading their forces to the kingdom of Demons, Akedime, this Spirit tainted the minds of a once peaceful society.

They became power hungry, ambitious, and sought to unify the world under one rule, theirs. Governed by four pillars, they possessed the most powerful army in the world. A war fought against them lasted for decades.

Destruction spread quickly, and as there was no end in sight to the war, unrest began growing in various towns and villages. Riots broke out, fires set to buildings and thieves reveled in this. Akedime took note, as a sign of their would be coming to be soon.

The five other kingdoms, disorganized and not fighting together, were summoned by Spirits to meet. There, they were given six special tools. A sword, a shield, a staff, an axe, a spear and a bow. To seal away the Demon king of Akedime.

A warrior from each kingdom came together, wielding the tools and marched forwards to the Demon’s capital. There, they confronted the Demon king, engaging in a furious battle. This battle, ended in a stalemate as neither side could get the upperhand. Ultimately, however the Spirits took advantage of the Demon king’s weakened state and used the six tools to seal him in his throne room, or rather, deap underneath it.

Thus, this war was brought to a close with Akedime defeated. Its military scrambled, and the five kingdoms who fought together began focusing on rebuilding efforts, Those continue today, as the war ended merely fifteen years ago.


As the man brought his story to a close, Riy had started leaning on the table, grown very interested. It sounded like something out of a fantasy book, yet here he was, being in a world with such a history. It would seem too otherwordly to be true to anyone else.

“There you have it, young man. The basic history of Arlaum, and what it has gone through, in these last few centuries.” Marlos said, resting a hand on his chair. “Do you have any questions?”

“You mentioned two continents, one being Dalkatros. Did they play a role at all in the war?” The teen questioned curiously. Marlos shook his head.

“I’m afraid no one knows what they were doing during the war. A vast sea sits between the two continents, plagued with constant storms. It’s very difficult to get there by ship.” He answered. Riy leaned back in his chair and put a hand to his lips.

“Hm…” Seeing the newfound interest in the boy, Marlos reached down into his work bag and started rummaging around for something.

“Dalkatros is a very secluded continent, so it’s few and far between times that we get to know what they’re doing over there.” He said. The man sat back up, having found what he was looking for and extended to Riy a bag with something it in. Riy reached out, unsure of what it was.

“Uhm…” Was all he could say.

“It’s a gift for you.” He said in response, as Riy took hold of the bag and peeked inside. “Medical supplies, including anti venom and Qui quills for paralyzed limbs.” Riy grew a soft smile, and nodded.

“Thank you, Mr. Marlos.” He said, bowing forwards slightly. Marlos laughed in response, waving his hand.

“There’s no need to such grandios formalities.” He remarked, Riy rising back up. “Just Marlos is fine to me young lad.” Riy nodded, rising to his feet while slinging the bag over his shoulder.

“I guess I should go find them.” He stated. Marlos nodded.

“Safe travels, young lad.” He told him as he turned on his heel and walked towards the door. Offering a glance over his shoulder and a wave, Riy pushed the door open and stepped outside. Thanks to the medicine, he could see much clearer than before. Now taking note of the tapestry and lamps lining the streets, he sighed and looked around.

“Well, I gotta find those two so I don’t get lost.” He said to himself. “But where to start looking…” Looking down the street in which he’d come earlier, the teen nodded to himself. Best to start there, he thought and begun moving forwards. At the same time however, an ear piercing screech rung through the air and forced the boy to the ground, covering his own. The sound stopped, and he slowly rose to his feet, flinching.

“Ow... “ He muttered, turning around and felt his heart drop. There was a large creature sitting atop the center town building, looking very much like a scorpion. Large black armor plating on the top, with an anchor tipped stinger and large mandibles in the front. The teen frowned.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’s not friendly.” In response the beast swiped its tail with a hiss.
Yep. Definitely not friendly.

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