A Trip Across the Snow

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Chapter 10: A Brief Glance Away

Miles and miles away, where buildings stand in the clouds and people hide in houses, the last snowball lands. The city silences after several people see no snow falling. Some step out of the house; ladies grace the sidewalks while men clear the roads. Children skip to the streets and throw snow at one another. Lights blink on all the stores around the corners. The city wakes. People roam the streets, even across the high piles of snow! Neighbors and strangers greet one another with “hello.” The city declares the storm has ended, at least for now.

Back to the beginning of the mountain, the storm lives. It doesn’t terrorize the children anymore, but slows them. The winds whoosh themselves out and the last of snowballs collapse to the ground. Jeffrey and Charlie throw snowballs at each other, ducking and crashing against the snow wall next to them. Ellie and Lizzy tell stories they’ve heard from Mother. Oliver gazes at the area and paths ahead.

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