A Trip Across the Snow

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Chapter 13: Green Acres

“Everyone, we’re in Green Acres,” Oliver said.

“Hooray! We can take a break.”

“Gaze around and breathe in the scenery. You may roam around so long as you stay in the area,” Oliver said.

Jeffrey headed toward the hills, but Oliver snatched him back.

“Jeffrey, you must stay with one other person the whole time. At least for a little while.”

“Really? Why only me?”

“Because I don’t trust you.”

“But do I have to stay with you the entire time?”

“Not at all. Come with me to find our lodge for tonight. Afterwards, you’ll be free as a bird to follow your siblings,” Oliver said. He clutched Jeffrey’s hand and they wandered around the curve.

The other three eyed each other. “Anyone have any idea where to go?” Charlie asked.

“No clue,” Lizzy said.

“I guess we could catch up to Oliver,” Charlie said.

“Sure,” Ellie said.

“Let’s go! Before we lose sight of them,” Lizzy said. She grasped her brother and sister’s hand. They caught up with Oliver and Jeffrey.

“I guess they couldn’t stay away from us, huh Jeffrey?” Oliver said.

“Well, we didn’t know where to go,” Ellie said.

“Where to go? Look about the trees and bushes wavering in the breeze. The animals hopping and flying through the land. Flowers blooming like it’s spring. There’s everywhere to go,” Oliver said.

“But where to start?” Lizzy asked.

“Why don’t you accompany us and find a spot to spend the night?” Oliver said.

“Is that anything?” Ellie pointed to a shallow opening in a hill.

“No,” Oliver said.

“How about that?” Lizzy asked. Perched between several trees and bushes lay another cave.

“Appears good. Come in,” Oliver said, “put your stuff down and you can all head out.”

“Catch you guys later,” Charlie said.

“Make sure you return before the clouds get dark,” Oliver said.

“I will,” Charlie said.

“I’m off as well,” Lizzy said.

“See you back here,” Oliver said.

“Can I go with her?” Jeffrey asked.

“Why of course,” Oliver said.

“Yay! Hey Lizzy, wait up,” he said. He galloped to his sister. She held out her hand for him and they departed in a jiffy, leaping up and down until they shrunk and shrunk in the distance.

Oliver turned to Ellie. “How ’bout you? Are you going?” Oliver asked.

“Yes, I’ll go out and about in a little. I must grab a new outfit for Alice first,” she said. She rummaged through the backpack, setting clothes aside. She dug her head inside and popped up with a doll dress. “Bye, Oliver. I’ll return soon.”

“Bye, Ellie,” he said.

“C’mon, Coco. Come with me.” She clapped her hands. Coco hopped to her side. “Let’s find some flowers and build a castle.”

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