A Trip Across the Snow

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Chapter 8: Not a Pleasant Waking

Out of the blue a snowball flew down, landing in Charlie’s shoe. His face blushed red. He leaned Jeffrey toward the sky and dipped down to his shoe. He dug his finger through his boot and scraped out the snow. A snowball perched on Jeffrey’s face. The chunks ripped into parts of Jeffrey’s face, scratching his skin. Three cuts glowed red; one on the left cheek, another underneath his lip, and the last dripped a pinch of red goo down the left side of his forehead. Tears rolled down his cheeks. His eyes battered up and down between the tears he shed.

“Oh, for crying out loud, you buffoon! Give him to me. Hold Ellie, but don’t wake her too!” Oliver said.

“It wasn’t on purpose!”

“You still did it!” Oliver seized Jeffrey from Charlie and handed him Ellie. Oliver wiped all the ice and snow off Jeffrey’s face and his cries turned to a few murmurs and tears. Oliver covered his head with the blanket. Please fall asleep. Just sleep, Jeffrey. He did no such thing. Jeffrey popped out of the blanket and scanned around. His eyebrows glowered and his lips sneered. “Where…where are we?” Jeffrey asked. Oliver didn’t answer and covered his brother in the blanket.

“We’re heading…” Charlie said.

“Don’t say anything Charlie! It’s no matter for you, Jeffrey. Go back to sleep,” Oliver said.

“I don’t want to go anywhere, let’s go back home!” Jeffrey said.

“We’re not returning! End of story,” Oliver said.

“I want to go home,” Jeffrey cried. “Put me down! I’m going home.” Jeffrey raised fists and kicks at Oliver. Oliver squeezed his brother and covered him again.

“It’s too dangerous, Jeffrey,” Oliver said.

“No it’s not. I can go in the snow too,” Jeffrey said.

“Lizzy, Charlie, it’s time to dash. We have to get there soon,” Oliver said.

“Stop! You’re going the wrong way. Let’s head back, let’s go back,” Jeffrey said. Jeffrey whined and scowled, but no one listened. Oliver, Lizzy, and Charlie sprinted. After a bit more, they reached Blooming Meadow, a region carrying myths of green grass and no snow. Those tales changed long ago when the first snowball fell from the sky.

Lizzy surveyed covered trees. Does anyone outside the stories grow plants? How would they with all the snow?

Oliver scanned the snow. So Grandma wanted to grow her garden here. Too bad the weather has worsened.

Charlie shook his head at Blooming Meadow. No actual grass exists. Just fairytales like Cinderella and Peter Pan. All hogwash. Good thing I know better.

So Blooming Meadow they entered.

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