Chasing the Horizon

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He truly felt like he was just a piece in his father’s strategy to have the largest kingdom. Konnor Tendarian, an omega prince trapped in his own castle. He's barely 16 and his father already has him arranged to be married and sent away. Daxton Austeareus, a true alpha and Prince of Toeaux, has never wanted to settle down, especially when his father is the one forcing the marriage. Both princes leave their worlds behind, running from confinement and searching for freedom. In a small town bar, they find each other. With Konnor's and Dax's wants and needs so different from each other, their pasts threaten to destroy their budding romance.

Fantasy / Romance
Vivyan Lynne
4.8 10 reviews
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Coming of Age

“But Dad!” Konnor’s protests were dismissed by a wave of his Dad’s hand.

“I don’t care what you want, you’re going to marry the Prince of Toeaux.” King Tendarian turned his back on his son, sitting back down at his desk.

As soon as he heard the words come out of his father’s mouth, Konnor turned around and ran out of the room. He knew that this day had been coming, he was already 16, even if his birthday was only a month ago. But to be arranged to be married to some prince in Toeaux that he’d never met? He truly felt like he was just a piece in his father’s strategy to have the largest kingdom. That was always a problem for Seslin, there was a lot of land in the kingdom. With most of Seslin being between two freezing mountain ranges, most of the land north of the castle was ice. If the union between Seslin and Toeaux would solidify friendly borders, fair trade and wealth, Konnor knew his father would make it happen.

His father had been disappointed when he found out that he had an omega for a son. Though it didn’t end up derailing his plans as much as it could have, no, King Tendarian just switched from looking for suitable princesses to suitable princes. It was just fortuitous that the heir to the neighboring kingdom was as alpha as anyone could be.

Konnor had never met him and he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to leave his home of Seslin, being an omega, he’d certainly be expected to marry into Prince Austeareus’s family and would be expected to live there. It was supposed to unite their kingdoms and show goodwill, but to Konnor it was just a way for his father to get rid of him without bringing the family shame.

Konnor didn’t know what he was going to do, he slumped down against the door to his room. He had a life here, even if he wasn’t allowed to leave the castle very often. He still knew every servant and every visitor that ever came. He didn’t want to just be sold off to some creep and forced to leave his home, it was unfair. At this point it didn’t seem like it would matter, he’d have to leave one way or another, either through marriage to the prince in Toeaux or by his own choice to just run away. He wasn’t thinking too clearly and with emotions clouding his judgment, he decided to do the latter.

He wanted to keep his freedom more than anything and in order to do that, he’d have to leave his home. He didn’t take anything with him, he didn’t want it to look like he left for good. He just wanted to disappear and go someplace where no one knew who he was. He peeked into the hall, it was completely empty. Quickly, he ducked out of his room and to the end of the corridor. He had to walk down a few halls of the castle before he finally got to the staircase leading to the servants’ quarters. Everyone would be working around the castle at this time of day, there shouldn’t be anyone here to notice him. Luckily for Konnor, his assumption was right, the servants’ quarters were completely empty, no one saw him duck into a room of one of the footmen. He was going to change into a spare uniform but when he took one out of the closet, it was far too small. Even the tallest footman was still a foot shorter than him.

Konnor looked around the different servant rooms until he found the room of one of the kitchen servants, he was just under six feet but that would be as close to Konnor’s own height as he was going to find. He pieced together some clothes, leaving his expensive, gear-enhanced suit behind. He looked common in the faded pants and shirt that didn’t quite fit properly, it was just what he wanted.

He ran his fingers through his hair, messing up the slicked back look he always had. His hair fell down, it was long enough to partially cover his deep auburn, almost red, eyes. Something about the look made him feel more real. He’d grown up too long in isolation in the castle, his father was just trying to make him the perfect prince, but no more. Konnor wanted to make his own decisions in his own life. He didn’t care about the wealth or the power, he just wanted to be free.

He made sure the coast was clear before walking back into the hall. He kept to the service corridors so he wouldn’t run into his father again. As he got closer to the front of the castle, there were more servants passing through the halls. Konnor made sure to keep his head down and walk quickly, hoping that his fiery red hair wouldn’t give him away. His looks were something special in Seslin. Most people had eyes and hair that looked like the blue and white hues in large slabs of ice. For him to be so vibrant in color, especially reds, he was like the essence of fire.

He didn’t know how, but he made it to the back door and walked through it without anyone even trying to stop him. He kept walking, the clinks, clanks and constant hums of the castle fading as he got farther away. He hadn’t realized how much noise the castle and all its clockwork type gear enhancements made. As he finally got far enough from the castle and started to run through their surrounding land, heading for the main town. He could’ve taken one of the family steam carriages, it would’ve been far faster than going the whole way on foot but he didn’t want to be noticed and he wanted to feel the free air ruffle through his hair as he ran. He felt exhilarated to just up and leave everything behind.

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