Chasing the Horizon

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Leaving Home

Dax slammed the doors open, storming out of his father’s office. He was not about to let his father tie him down with a husband. He wouldn’t marry the prince from Seslin, he wouldn’t marry anyone. His father had never listened to him, King Austeareus was always just trying to make Dax do things that would make his father look good. But Dax knew what a scoundrel his father really was. His father had a temper with a short fuse and he’d passed that on to his son. Dax had been the recipient of his father’s fist before when his father had to force him to do something. But today, that wasn’t going to work. He wasn’t giving in, no matter what.

“Daxi!” He heard the high pitched female voice behind him, Saria, she was the only person that he’d really call a friend. Even so, he wasn’t the warmest person to be around, certainly not when he was angry.

He turned on his heel, staring at the girl with long pink hair. She was one of the special few in Toeaux that had a color like pink as a natural pigment. “What?” He snapped.

She stepped back a little, looking up at him, worry covering her face. “Daxi... What happened?”

He smirked, “I’m getting married.” If anything, he would’ve thought that his father would’ve wanted him to marry her. She’d been orphaned when she was toddler and his mother had brought her into the royal family as a ward. He and Saria had basically grown up together, she knew him better than anyone, even King Austeareus.

Her eyebrows raised as well as the pitch of her voice, “Really?”

“Of course not,” he turned and started walking again, “I’ll be damned if I stick around for the wedding. He thinks all I’m good for is a political marriage. I’m going to prove him wrong.” He told a servant to get his coat and ready an airship, he was leaving here and no one was going to stop him, but Saria was certainly going to try.

“Daxi!” He heard her running up behind him. She grabbed his arm. She was the only one who could get away with that, everyone else, the servants, members of the King’s Court, they were all too afraid of the young prince.

He glared down at her, “What?”

“You can’t just leave,” she looked up at him with pleading in her eyes.

“Try me.” He tore his arm out of her grasp and kept walking down the hall.

She called after him, “Daxi, what about your father?”

He shook his head and kept walking, she should know better than to use his father to get him to do something. “Even less reason to stay.”

“But what about me?” She called out in a last attempt to get him to listen.

Using herself was certainly a better move. Though Dax would never admit it, he really did care about her. She was the only one he cared about, she was like a little sister to him. If he left and she stayed, he worried what his father might do to her. He shrugged and kept walking, doing his best to not show his internal debate, “Then come with me. I’m not staying.”

He was putting on his long, navy blue coat when she stalked up next to him with her hands on her hips, “Fine. I will come with you.”

He looked at her for a moment before turning his back again and walking out the front castle doors. “Just don’t slow me down,” he said as he headed for the royal airship dock where a ship should be ready and waiting for him.

Dax pulled aside a few of the soldiers as he made his way to the royal airship dock. He looked over the bunch standing in front of him. Most of them were strong and determined looking. He dismissed anyone who had even the slightest hint of indignation. He didn’t need anyone who wouldn’t listen to him or only do things for his father.

“Alright men, we’re on a mission to restore Toeaux’s honor.” Dax knew that his father was to blame for the increased number of invasions on the western border facing the Furhan Wastelands. His father acted tough, but Dax didn’t believe that his father knew how to run an army. It was time that he fix his father’s mistakes. “We’re taking the initiative to go to the Wastelands and take back the airship that the Kirinalli tribe stole. If you have a problem with this, you should leave now.”

Almost all of the soldiers stood tall, silently waiting for orders. There was just one that seemed to shift uneasily on his feet, but for whatever reason, he stayed. Dax looked at him a moment, but decided to let it slide. “Go to the armory, get pistols, cannons, ready the ship for battle.”

There was a collective yessir from the soldiers and they moved out to get the supplies. Dax continued onto the ship, soon they would be in the open skies and away from here. He couldn’t wait to disappear into the horizon.

“Are you sure about this?” Saria’s voice quivered a little as she said, walking up behind Dax.

“I am.” Dax didn’t hesitate, he just kept walking to the helm of the ship, waiting for his newfound crew to return. “I am going to save Toeaux and I don’t need a marriage to Seslin to do it.”

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