Chasing the Horizon

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The Wedding

Konnor looked out over the castle grounds to the capital city in the distance from his spot on the terrace. He didn’t know why he came back to this particular spot after the way Dax left him yesterday. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine that the valliant Dax was yet again on his way to rescue him from the evil king. Dax had always come to his rescue, but Konnor wasn’t sure he would do that again. A tear fell onto his cheek. He didn’t want to cry, he just wanted to go back to when he and Dax were alone in the world.

The wedding was only hours away. He just hoped that Dax would still be there and agree to marry him even after all the heartache. Konnor just wished that things had gone better when he tried to talk to Dax yesterday. If he had approached it differently, maybe Dax wouldn’t have gotten so angry with him. Maybe Dax would still love him.

He heard a tapping against the granite floor behind him and a pair of arms wrapped around him and pulled him into a tight hug. His eyes opened wide. He craned his neck to look over his shoulder. He whispered, “Dax...”

Dax hugged Konnor tighter. “I’ve been wanting to see you for months, I never thought I’d get to see you again.”

Konnor brought his hands up to rest over Dax’s, pressing his body into Dax. He turned his face away from Dax, trying to keep from crying more but to no avail. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for yesterday. I’m sorry for everything. I should’ve told you who I was.”

Dax’s arms tightened a little around Konnor and he could feel Dax shake his head. “No... you’re right. I would’ve pushed you away for it.” Dax let out a long breath before saying, “I can’t let you go. I’m sorry I made you cry. I wasn’t thinking yesterday, I just reacted. I want to be here for you,” Dax move his hand down to rest over Konnor’s abdomen, “And our baby.”

He almost didn’t believe what he was hearing. He never thought Dax would forgive him like this. Konnor turned in Dax’s arms, burying his face in Dax’s shoulder. He gripped onto the front of Dax’s suit jacket whispering quietly, “I love you, Dax.”

Dax pulled back a little, bringing his hands up to hold Konnor’s face. “I love you too.” He looked into Konnor’s face, a soft smile spreading across his face. He closed the distance between them, gently pressing his lips to Konnor’s. Konnor’s knees weakened and he leaned into Dax, kissing him back. It’d been months since he felt Dax’s kiss and he missed it so much. He wanted this moment to last forever.

A quiet tapping against the stone brought an early end to their kiss, but Konnor stayed close in Dax’s arms, looking up at his husband to-be with a soft smile. Someone clearing their throat finally got Konnor to look over Dax’s shoulder and towards the entryway. He saw Timothy standing there, shuffling his feet slightly. “Konnor, Prince Austeareus... you’re both needed downstairs to be able to finish preparing for the ceremony.”

Konnor nodded, he knew that it was a Seslin tradition for the person getting married to spend a moment of silence with their family before the ceremony, it was a way to mark the transition from a child into an adult. His father was doing everything traditionally for this wedding, with only a few changes to incorporate Toeaux customs as well. He turned back to Dax, holding his hands tightly, “You won’t run away from this wedding again, will you?”

“Of course not,” Dax looked straight into Konnor’s eyes, bringing up a hand to rest on Konnor’s cheek. Konnor nuzzled into Dax’s hand. He knew Dax meant what he said and it made him the happiest because he really couldn’t keep going on if he didn’t have Dax with him too.

Konnor smiled, nodding again, “It won’t be long now until we’ll be able to always have each other.” He stepped back, reluctantly letting go of Dax’s hands. He walked back to the hall, glancing over his shoulder at Dax one last time. He could feel Timothy, who was now walking with him, looking up at him. Konnor was just smiling for the whole time they were walking, he hadn’t smiled that much in months.

“What happened with Prince Austeareus? Wasn’t he angry yesterday?” Timothy asked, looking up at the redhead.

“I don’t know what changed. He just came to me and apologized for running out on me yesterday,” Konnor shook his head.

“Did he say anything about the baby?” Timothy’s brow knitted together.

“Yeah,” Konnor smiled again, happy tears coming to his eyes, “He said he wants to be here for us.”

Timothy let out a small sigh of relief, “I’m glad to hear that, Konnor.”

“In a few short hours we’ll be married,” Konnor couldn’t keep himself from smiling wide. He felt like it was a dream come true. His father would be happy and he’d be marrying the person he loved most. He really couldn’t ask for more.

They continued down to the first floor of the castle, going towards the parlor. King Tendarian was already in there waiting for his son, as well as Timothy. They reached the doors, but Timothy paused before going in. He looked up at his friend, “I’m not sure it’s right for me to be participating in the moment of silence and the ceremony, Konnor.”

Konnor shook his head, “Nonsense, you’re family to me, you deserve to be here.” At one point during the ceremony, the people getting married and their closest family would join hands. Dax would have his father and Saria. Konnor wanted to even it out and have Timothy with him and his father, but really he wanted an excuse to have Timothy with him because he felt like closer family than his own father. He opened the doors to the parlor, King Tendarian looked towards them as they both walked in.

King Tendarian tapped his foot impatiently, “We won’t have much time now before the ceremony begins. The servants are preparing your things now, what you’ll need for the honeymoon and what you’ll need for moving to Toeaux.”

Konnor swallowed, he wanted to stay in Seslin someway, but he knew that there would be no way to change what arrangements have been made. His father seemed so eager to rush him out of the castle and out of Seslin altogether. He knew this is how his father was, but it still upset him because he knew that really his father was completely embarrassed by him. The bright side to all of it would be that he’d be with Dax. That would make everything better if he could be with his lover. He wanted to hold onto that happy feeling and not let anything his father would say take it away.

King Tendarian didn’t wait for his son to say anything else, he just motioned for them to come closer so they could start the moment of silence. Konnor and Timothy moved to stand with his father in the middle of the room, heads tilted down slightly, hands clasped behind their backs. They all stood there for a long moment, no one making a sound and no one looking at each other. Konnor was glad that this meant he wouldn’t have to do what his father told him to any more. He was getting freedom, even if he was getting married. He found himself smiling just thinking about being with Dax.

After about ten minutes, King Tendarian stood up straight, saying, “Alright, it’s time to go to the rest of the ceremony.” Konnor nodded, standing up straight too and following after his father. It was finally time that he’d be married to Dax and no one could ever separate them again.

Dax let the minutes tick by before he finally left the terrace and walked back down to the castle entryway. He didn’t have a moment of silence waiting for him, no, he had his father glaring at him and getting ready to chew his head off for running off before the ceremony.

Dax held his hands up in a gesture of surrender as he walked up to his father. His father didn’t seem as angry as when he ditched the soldiers the day before. It had taken him a long time to explain himself out of that one. Before his father could say anything, Dax quickly said, “I’m not running out on the wedding.”

King Austeareus narrowed his eyes at his son, this reaction was far from what he was expecting. Dax had been so volatile regarding anything to do with the wedding. Especially yesterday, when he’d been completely rude at the feast. But now his attitude seemed suddenly changed. He stepped closer to Dax, “Then why were you gone this morning when the servants came for you? And why did you sneak away from the soldiers assigned to protect you?”

“You mean trap me,” he stepped closer to his father, practically snarling in his face, “It is none of your business what I was doing. I came back. I made an appearance at that dinner. I’m here now.”

He knew that just yesterday, he was ready to do anything to get out of the wedding. Even after he found Konnor, he wasn’t sure what he would do. But last night, hearing how Konnor really felt, he couldn’t turn his back on the redhead.

Even if he hated to see his father happy, he had no reason to run from Konnor and he didn’t want to. He didn’t think he’d ever get married so early in life, but if that was it took to be with Konnor, then he’d do it. Especially knowing that Konnor was going to have their baby, he knew that he would do anything to help him. He was afraid to be a parent, he couldn’t deny it. But he couldn’t let Konnor do it alone.

He started to walk to the front doors, heading outside where the actual wedding ceremony would be held. “I’m not doing this for you, so don’t expect anything from me,” he threw the comment over his shoulder before walking away. He didn’t want to wait and see or hear his father’s reaction to his words.

He made his way to the clearing by the garden where the wedding would be. Many of the guests were already taking seats and mingling about. He knew that everyone here was either from Seslin or Toeaux and yet he still didn’t recognize a single person. It seemed that this affair was more for their fathers and their friends. He saw the six seats towards the front arranged in a half circle, that would be where he, Konnor, their fathers, Saria and Timothy would sit. The ceremony wouldn’t start until everyone was seated, so he decided to wait. He wanted to walk over there with Konnor by his side.

“What happened, Daxi?” Saria’s voice at his side made him look down at her.

He smiled, “I talked Konnor again.”

She smiled back, letting out a sigh of relief, “Does that mean you’re not angry with him anymore?”

Dax narrowed his eyes, tilting his head to the side a little, “Why didn’t you tell me who he was?”

Saria avoided looking directly at Dax, saying, “Daxi... he didn’t want you to hate him. I thought as long as you were getting married anyway... I was going to tell you yesterday, but the soldiers never left us alone.”

Dax didn’t say anything back. He knew that all of this would’ve been easier if he’d only had time to accept the news. He was almost more bothered that his best friend kept such a big secret from him.

“Daxi,” Saria rested her hands over Dax’s arms, “Konnor said he was going to tell you, he wanted to be the one to tell you. So I didn’t say anything. For a while you were unconscious in the hospital so it wasn’t the first thing on my mind when you woke up, I’m sorry.”

Dax shrugged her hands off, he knew he would forgive her, he just wanted a little space to be mad at her. “Just don’t keep things from me.”

“Of course not, Daxi.” He could hear the worry in Saria’s voice. “He loves you, you know, so please don’t try to run from this again.”

He let out a sigh, “I know, I’ve talked to Konnor. I even heard you, Konnor and Timothy talking last night. I just wish I knew all of this before we came here.” Dax smiled at Saria, “I won’t leave him again, especially now.”

Saria looked at him with an eyebrow raised, expecting him to say more. She prompted him, “Especially now?”

He nodded, pulling her close so he could whisper in her ear. He didn’t want anyone else hearing about this yet, he wanted to keep it to him and Konnor. “We’re going to have a family.”

Saria looked straight ahead for a moment, brows creased. After a minute, realization set in, “A family... do you mean that he’s...”

Dax stepped back, nodding at her with a smile. He had to admit that he was glad that this was something she didn’t already know. He didn’t say anything else, he just wanted to remain happy, thinking of what it would be like to have a family with Konnor.

As a few more moments passed, Saria left Dax’s side, saying that she’d be at her seat next to his for the ceremony. Dax nodded and waited longer. A few more minutes passed and Dax could finally see people walking out of the castle. As they got closer, Dax saw Konnor, Timothy at his side. They were followed by the king, he looked almost as sour as his own father.

Konnor walked faster as he got closer to Dax. He stopped next to Dax, letting his father and Timothy continue to the seats at the front. Konnor smiled giddily, “I can’t believe this is really it.”

Dax took hold of Konnor’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “I never thought it would be so easy to see you again.” He started to walk towards the half circle of chairs where his and Konnor’s fathers, Timothy, and Saria all sat, bringing Konnor with him. They took their seats at the center of the half circle, their fathers sitting on either side of them. Dax didn’t mind his father sitting so close to him when he had Konnor next to him too.

A minister stood in front of the half circle and in front of the rest of the crowd. By this point, everyone had taken their seats and were watching as the minister started the ceremony. The ceremony consisted of the minister first welcoming everyone to the occasion, followed by a brief speech about loyalty, unity and family. The end of that speech was the cue for the family members to stand. Their fathers shook hands and Saria and Timothy each shook hands.

After that segment, the minister moved onto the next portion of the ceremony. She spoke about love, respect and dedication as two servants walked up, carrying a large bowl full of wax between them. The bowl was set down at the front of the half circle and the minister asked for Dax and Konnor to stand. They both stood and walked forward, standing on the other side of the bowl and looking at the minister. At that moment, Timothy and Saria also stood up to hand Konnor and Dax rings respectively. Dax took the ring and slipped it onto Konnor’s left ring finger. Konnor did the same, sliding the ring over Dax’s right ring finger. Dax took hold of Konnor’s left hand as instructed to do so. Konnor was smiling all the while and even intertwined their fingers as he glanced at Dax. Dax smiled back and carefully dipped their hands into the bowl of wax. For the rest of the ceremony, Dax and Konnor stood at the front, listening to the minister as the wax morphed around their hands, forming into a statue of their clasped hands that would be a monument of their marriage.

When the ceremony was finally over, the minister carefully took their hands from the wax. Dax and Konnor were officially married, sealing their union with a kiss. Everyone was clapping, but to Dax and Konnor, everything else seemed to fade away, with nothing left in the world but them.

Soon the party was moved to an area in the castle’s garden that was specifically set up with tables and food for the wedding. Dax continued to hold Konnor’s hand the whole time. He didn’t want let his lover slip out of his grasp, even if they were just married. He sat down at the table specifically set up for him and Konnor and their immediate family and closest guests, pulling Konnor to sit down next to him. Konnor happily sat down, moving his chair even just a little closer to Dax’s. He smiled wide and Dax leaned over to kiss the side of his head, nuzzling him slightly. Konnor’s cheeks turned bright red and Dax couldn’t help but smile at that.

Dax whispered, “I can’t believe we’re actually going to have a family.”

“Me either,” Konnor was looking down at his plate, but Dax could tell he was blushing even more. “I was so worried we’d never be able to be happy together again.”

“I never thought we’d be happy either, especially since I thought I’d never see you again,” he pulled Konnor closer to him, making sure he was real.

“I really am sorry about lying to you...” Konnor gently squeezed Dax’s hand.

Dax shook his head, “Forget about it. We’re here now.” He let out a short sigh, “I wonder if we’ll have a boy or girl. I’d like to have a baby girl.”

Konnor looked back at Dax, smiling, “As long as I have you, I’m happy with whichever.”

“You’re so sappy,” Dax chuckled, kissing the side of Konnor’s head again.

Konnor blushed more at Dax’s words and nuzzled back into him. He reached for Dax’s hand, holding it tightly. Dax smiled, he loved having his lover this close with no one questioning them, but even rather be happy that they’re together. He had spent too long without Konnor, he’d just been waiting for the moment when they could be alone together again. Even if it was only two months, it certainly felt so much longer. Dax kissed Konnor’s earlobe gently before licking it, causing Konnor to let out a little giggle. Dax loved to hear him giggle like that, it was too cute and he didn’t want to stop. He moved down to kiss Konnor’s neck, lightly biting the soft skin. Konnor squeezed Dax’s hand, a strangled moan escaping his lips. He turned his head to whisper, “D-Dax... th-there are people here...”

Dax stopped, leaning back but only slightly, “Does it embarrass you?”

Konnor looked at him for a moment before shaking his head, his cheeks brightening a little. “O-of course not...”

Dax leaned in, kissing his now husband deeply. “Don’t worry, I’ll wait,” he leaned closer to Konnor’s ear, whispering, “We’ll be all alone when this is over.”

Konnor visibly shivered at Dax’s breath on his ear. He smiled back at his husband, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

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