Chasing the Horizon

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Chance Meeting

He ran his hand along the rail of the airship as it left the dock. He could already feel the wind in his hair and he loved that feeling. It was the feeling of freedom. Dax took a deep breath, loving the smell of the clean air. Today was turning out to be a good day afterall.

Dax stood at the helm of the ship, steering them into the horizon. No one would question his authority on the ship, the soldiers seemed eager enough to listen to him, regardless of the consequences. They followed any order he gave without any protest. And that was just the way Dax wanted it, he was in no mood to reason with anyone, if anyone did speak out, he would rather throw them over the side of the ship and by now they were flying so high that the ground was hidden beneath the clouds they were flying through.

The ship had plenty of space, after all it was a royal airship. It had luxurious rooms, the largest of which, Dax commandeered as his own quarters. After all he was the prince and captain and this was his ship. There were still spaces for guests, servants quarters as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Dax didn’t want to be in any other space then on the large wooden deck where the helm was. He had the most breathtaking view of the sunset and he was flying straight towards it.

Since the ship wasn’t a battle ship, there was no designated place for cannons or any other kind of artillery. Most of the weapons brought on board had to be stowed below deck. Dax would just have to make sure they had enough time to prepare everything before getting into any kind of real battle. Still, Dax kept one of the long barreled pistols in a holster on his waist. He didn’t want to be too far from a weapon.

Unfortunately the ship also had the royal crest on the sides of the ship. That was a mark that Dax did not want to leave on his ship. As soon as they reached the border of Toeaux, he demanded that his crew obscure the crest. They felt bad about defacing a royal vessel, but nonetheless, they followed Dax’s order and went to work, scratching off the painted crest.

They emerged at the end of the clouds and he could see endless open sky, this was the life that he wanted. Freedom. For the most part, they were heading east. Dax had made sure to get out of Toeaux as fast as possible. Now that they were officially in Tekoland, he turned the ship a little south, planning to sail for the southwest border with the Furhan Wastelands.

He could see a small dinghy of a ship sailing from the skies to the north a ways ahead of them. It certainly was unusual to see such a small craft sailing international skies. Small boats like that didn’t usually have a powerful enough levitation motor to get all the way from one kingdom to another. He wondered just what kind of fool was sailing that boat in open skies. They certainly hadn’t come from Toeaux, so where did they come from? He decided to redirect his ship a little north and east to follow the dinghy.

The boat seemed to be heading further into Tekoland and while that wasn’t his first choice of place to go, perhaps a detour on the way to Furhan could be a good thing. He let the small craft get far enough ahead that it looked like the size of his hand. He didn’t want the occupants of the craft to have any idea that he was deliberately following them. He certainly wouldn’t back down from a confrontation if it came to that, he knew it would be his overwhelming victory. Still, he resisted heading straight into a fight.

He saw the little boat docking at the Tekoland Floating Town nearest the Toeaux and Seslin border. He stopped his own ship, hovering in the same place in the sky so he could just watch them. He got out a spyglass, looking at them. There were only two people on the boat and neither of them really looked like they knew what they were doing. They even turned the levitation motor off and let the boat hang by the novice knots they tied to dock clamps.

Dax made no move to go closer, he only looked closer at the two men as they walked away from the dock. He kept looking at taller, redhaired one, there was something interesting about him. Dax smiled to himself, maybe he could have a little fun at this floating town after all.

When the two men were out of sight, he looked back at his crew, most of them were just sitting on the deck and he didn’t like that. He barked at them, “Prepare to dock.”

They all seemed to jump, not realizing that Dax had been looking at them. They prepared the ship for docking and when everyone was in position, Dax guided the ship to the floating dock. As soon as they were at the dock, he was the first one off the ship. He looked back at his crew as they were furiously trying to secure the ship.

He turned and left them on the dock as he started to ascend the stairs. He heard footsteps running up behind him and a gentle pull at his coat. He looked back at Saria, “What?”

“What are we doing here?” She was quiet, just looking up at him. He hadn’t really talked at all during the ride out to this floating town, no one really knew what was going through his mind.

He shrugged a little and started walking up the stairs again, “We’re here to explore. I have a toy that I want to take back with me.”

Saria was even more confused. She took a few steps to be walking next to him, “A toy?”

He gave her one devious look and she had a better idea of what he meant. He could be quite voracious and wanted anything that came into his head. All she knew was that someone had caught Dax’s eye and he wanted to keep them as his plaything. Due to his good looks and position, he never had trouble getting whomever he wanted. She wondered who it would be this time.

The crew seemed to be done docking the ship and followed Dax and Saria as they walked up the stairs and onto the main street of the town. Dax looked around at everything and couldn’t help but be disappointed. This town seemed so sleepy, there was hardly anyone and hardly anything going on. He wanted to make this visit a short one, he didn’t want to stay longer than it took to get his prey.

He walked through the town, wondering just where the two men had gone. Though there really wasn’t much to wonder about. There was either the inn or a tavern, everything else seemed to be shut down. He decided to try the tavern first, if the redhead was here, it would certainly be easier to spot him in a tavern then have to look through a hotel. He threw the door open and looked around, seeing the red hair that he’d been looking for and he just happened to be looking back at him.

He smirked, yes, this was a good sign. He would be taking that redhead with him one way or another. He went over to the bar, sitting on a stool, but leaning against the bar so he could keep looking at the redhead. He was younger than Dax had first thought, his boyish features certainly made him look cute. Someone walking away from the bar made Dax notice the redhead’s companion, he was walking back to the redhead’s table with a pint in each hand. Only when the friend returned, did the redhead stop looking at Dax. He almost didn’t like that.

He looked back at the entourage he had walked in with and motioned to Saria. He couldn’t help noticing that Saria was now looking at the redhead’s blond companion. He smirked to himself, “Why don’t you go talk to them.”

She instantly turned to look at Dax, “I-I couldn’t...”

He looked at her more seriously, “Come on Saria, a pretty girl like you, I’m sure they’d act most gentlemanly.”

She looked at him a moment longer, trying to decide if she should do what he wants. She figured that if she didn’t, he’d just ask someone else in his crew. She knew that the redhead was the one he had his sights on. He wouldn’t stop looking at him. She took a breath, she did want to talk to them even though she had no idea who they were.

She walked up to their table and the blond immediately stood up, offering her his seat. He pulled up another chair as she sat down. She smiled at the two of them, “I’m Saria.”

“I’m Konnor,” Konnor smiled, he nodded towards Timothy, “This is Timothy.” Timothy nodded and smiled shyly, he couldn’t help but be taken aback by Saria’s beauty.

She smiled happily, Timothy’s reaction was too cute. She looked at Konnor, “What brings you to these parts?”

Konnor shrugged, he didn’t want to say too much about why they found themselves on a floating town in Tekoland. He thought it simplest to say, “Just passing through.” After all, it wasn’t a lie. He doubted that he and Timothy would stay here very long. “What about yourself?”

Saria smiled a little nervously, “Oh I doubt we’re staying very long.” She glanced at Dax who was eyeing Konnor hungrily. She said quietly, almost more to herself than Konnor or Timothy, “We’ll leave as soon as he gets what he wants...”

Konnor looked at her, he’d heard her second comment but wasn’t really sure what to make of it. As soon as who got what he wanted? Konnor wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings very well, he’d gotten too lost in the conversation with this new girl and the drink that Timothy had brought for him. He leaned a little closer to Saria, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Oh nothing,” she snapped her attention back to Konnor, smiling like nothing was wrong. She chuckled a little, redirecting the conversation, “I couldn’t help noticing you looking at my friend earlier.” She pointed back at Dax’s tall figure leaning against the bar and not even trying to hide that he was looking at them.

Konnor blushed, looking from the stranger to Saria, “Oh I didn’t mean... I just...” He was so caught off guard by what she said. He had hoped no one noticed him staring at the tall, handsome stranger. It was embarrassing, not to mention rude, he should’ve known better as a prince.

She laughed musically, “There’s no need to be shy. If you wanted to... get to know him a little more...” She did her best to make it obvious what she was implying, “I’m sure you could join us on our airship, there’s plenty of space. Dax would love to have you.”

Konnor opened his eyes wider, staring at her. He wanted to believe that he didn’t hear her right, but he knew he did and he knew what she was implying. Dax, the name sounded familiar to him, maybe he should’ve known who it was but he certainly didn’t mean to give them the impression that he wanted to sleep with this Dax just because he’d looked a little longer than he should’ve. No. He didn’t want to get to know him a little better in that way. He was saving himself, especially as an omega. He wanted the first time he slept with someone to be with someone he loved, otherwise he could’ve stayed and married the Toeaux prince.

Dax had been watching the whole conversation intently. Saria seemed to be managing quite well, she even got the redhead to blush. But what he didn’t like was how the redhead, apparently named Konnor, was acting now. He looked far more serious and was shaking his head. Dax could tell that Konnor was refusing their offer and was not going to be going willingly with them back to his airship.

The redhead was standing up, the blond too. They were going to leave. Dax would not admit defeat, he would not let them just go. He motioned to his crew and they immediately took places on either side of Timothy and either side of Konnor. Konnor looked side to side at the men that suddenly appeared next to him, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Even the taller of the two guards had to look up slightly at Konnor, “You’re coming with us.”

Konnor stared at them, bewildered. Could his dad have sent these men to take him home? But he’d never seen these people before. He narrowed his eyes at them, balling his hands into fists. “I will not.”

He was taking a fighting stance, ready to defend or throw the first punch, whichever would be necessary. But they just looked at each other and that caught him off guard. Before he could do anything, a hand came from behind him and held a cloth over his nose and mouth. He started to struggle, but the men on either of his sides held him firmly in place. His vision started to blur and knees started to weaken, he didn’t think he could stay awake. The last thing he saw was a smirk on the face of the tall, handsome fellow.

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