Chasing the Horizon

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On the Airship

Konnor slowly opened his eyes. He had no idea where he was, everything seemed to be dark around him. All he could tell was that he was laying on a wooden floor, hands tied behind his back and ankles tied together. He pulled at his hands, trying to get them apart, but it only seemed to make the ropes tighter. Why was he even here, what did those men want with him? Was Timothy tied up like this too? He sincerely hoped not, he didn’t want to get his only friend into this kind of trouble. He tried rolling over to see if he could get to where he could stand up. He had to get out of here.

A door flew open and he was blinded by bright sunlight. He shut his eyes but could still feel the sunlight through his eyelids. He turned his face to the floor, trying to block the sun. Just as quickly as the light came, it seemed like it was suddenly gone. He looked back towards the doorway, he could see someone standing in it. With the light behind them, Konnor couldn’t make anything out about them other than that they were tall. He glared up at them, “What do you want?”

“I brought you onto my ship, you could at least be a little more polite,” the voice was deep and gravelly, “Konnor.” It sent a chill down Konnor’s spine to hear his name from this man.

He tried again to free his arms, gritting his teeth as he said, “What do you want with me?”

The man came into the room, shutting the door behind him. Konnor could finally see again and now saw that his captor was the tall man from the tavern, Dax. He walked up to Konnor and rested his boot on Konnor’s back, pinning him firmly to the ground. “Don’t try to struggle, you’ll only make it worse for yourself.”

He let his muscles relax a little, finding himself unable to shake the boot from stepping on his back. “Why are you doing this? What have you done with my friend?”

“The blonde one? Don’t worry, he’s dining with the rest of the crew right now. He’s not nearly as interesting as you are.” He leaned closer to Konnor’s ear, “As far as why, you’re here to entertain me.”

Konnor’s eyes widened, he did not like the sound of that. He was pretty sure what Dax meant and he didn’t want to entertain anyone. He tried again to free his arms and legs, “I won’t do it.”

Dax just laughed in response, but Konnor failed to see what was so funny. He leaned down, pressing his foot harder into Konnor’s back. He whispered against Konnor’s ear, “You will, and you’ll also call me master.”

“No, I won’t!” Konnor practically yelled, he didn’t want to give into any of his demands.

Dax just leaned back and lifted his foot from Konnor’s back. Konnor had just enough time to take a breath before he felt Dax’s foot under his side rolling him onto his back, his arms pinned under his own body. Dax’s foot pressed down on Konnor’s torso, pinning him down again. Konnor only grit his teeth, glaring back up at the tall male. A smirk spread across Dax’s face, “You’re quite the feisty one. I haven’t had someone put up a fight in a long time.”

Konnor wanted to spit up in his face, but knew it would only come back down on himself. He knew the tanned male was an alpha, his cocky attitude was a dead giveaway. If all alphas were as domineering as this, he wanted none of them. All he wanted was his freedom back, he did not want to be plaything to this alpha.

Dax leaned down over his knee, pushing his foot into Konnor more to where he could barely breathe. “You really are quite the pretty one.”

He took as much of a breath as he could and built up as much saliva as he could, spitting it in Dax’s face while he was still close enough. The spit landed right on Dax’s cheek and his expression immediately darkened. He stood back, wiping the spit off with his hand before flicking it down back on Konnor. “You’ll regret that.”

Konnor couldn’t shake the feeling that he already did, Dax’s expression was enough for him to regret his actions. Dax didn’t say anything else, he just kicked Konnor over again, laying him on his stomach. He went to the redhead’s pants, starting to pull them down. Konnor kicked his legs as much as he could, fear creeping into his voice, “W-what are you doing?”


Konnor went cold. He struggled more, he wasn’t just going to let it happen. “This isn’t funny, just stop.” But Dax didn’t seem to listen. When he felt a cold hand on his bare skin, he practically screamed, “No! Please!” There were tears in his eyes and he was practically whimpering, “Don’t do it...”

This time, Dax did stop. At least he pulled back and turned Konnor over again. He was kneeling down next to him, looking intently into Konnor’s face. Konnor didn’t know what else to say or what he could do. Anything he said would sound like begging at this point and Konnor wanted to at least save himself from that. In the brief moment they looked into each other’s eyes, Konnor could see something change in Dax’s deep blue eyes. Something almost seemed to soften in them, but Konnor couldn’t say for sure. All he knew was that Dax suddenly flipped Konnor over again and cut the ties around his wrists and ankles. He stood up without a word and left through the door he came in. Konnor could hear it click and lock behind him.

He gathered himself, rubbing his sore wrists. He kept staring after Dax, why did he suddenly change his mind. Konnor was glad of course that Dax wasn’t going to hurt him, but it certainly couldn’t have been his pleading that made him show mercy.

Dax let out a long breath as he walked away from the room he was keeping the redhead in. He had gotten carried away and seeing that look of fear in Konnor’s eyes brought him back to reality. He didn’t bring that stranger on his ship to hurt him. Anyone else that he’d been with who had resisted, only resisted for a brief moment. It just hadn’t crossed his mind that the redhead might not be at all interested. He didn’t imagine the way Konnor had looked at him in that tavern.

He walked back out to the deck, going through to where his crew was sitting around the big table in the kitchen. Everyone was happily talking, Saria seemed to be getting quite cozy with Timothy. He walked up to them and instantly, everyone stopped talking. He rolled his eyes, usually he liked that his crew seemed to be afraid of him, but right then it was just annoying. Still, he let them be silent since anyone trying to talk to him would be even more annoying.

He went to the side of the table where Saria was sitting next to Timothy and pulled out a chair next to her. He pulled it back far enough so that when he sat down he could stretch his long legs out and put his feet up on the table. No one was eating, so he thought it would be fine, no one would challenge him on it regardless.

He sat there for a moment and looked at the crew who all seemed to be looking at him. As soon as he looked at them, they all looked away and after another moment, started talking again. He didn’t want them staring at him, that would just annoy him more, but he could feel that Saria still was. He leaned back, turning his gaze to her. After a moment of silence between them, she finally asked, “How...did things go with Konnor?”

He shrugged, he didn’t want to tell Saria that he’d shown mercy on him. He didn’t even know why he did that himself. “As expected, he’s unhappy about it but he’ll warm up to it.”

He could see Saria’s shoulders fall a little when she let out her breath. She smiled a little, seeming happy with Dax’s response, “I was worried that...”

She trailed off when she saw Dax’s expression sour greatly. He didn’t like everyone thinking that he was cruel. He had some humanity, he wasn’t going to abuse someone just for instant gratification. Even if he did kidnap the redhead to get him on the ship, he wasn’t going to hurt him. He’d never forced himself on someone before and he didn’t want that to change now. He could feel the crew all looking at him again and he hated it. He stood up abruptly, his chair clattering to the floor behind him. Everyone was silent again. “Ready two rooms for our visitors and when you’ve moved the redhead, keep him locked inside.”

He turned on his heel and stalked out of the kitchen, he wasn’t going to let any of them judge him for his actions. None of them really knew him, apparently not even Saria. That was really what frustrated him the most, she had no faith in him. She thought he was weak and maybe sometimes he did give in to temptation too much but he could have some self restraint.

He ended up going back to his quarters under the helm, laying back on the king sized bed. He looked up at the painted ceiling above him, this really was the nicest place on the ship. Expensive carpet and silk bedding, enough space for several chairs plus the big bed, even priceless paintings hanging on the walls. Dax never really cared much for art or silk sheets, he wasn’t sure he even cared much for being a prince. His father never let him have any peace, he was always pushing Dax to do this or that, it was always something to make the crown look good to the citizens. Behind closed doors, his father was a nightmare that he did his best to shield Saria from. He tried to make sure that she didn’t know everyth his father had done. That meant that Dax was the recipient of his father’s occasional decent side, but mostly his wrath.

This was the first real time he’d had been alone in a long time. He didn’t even remember when last it was. There was always some servant forced to call on him by his father or Saria who would never let him do what he wanted. She used to act more like a friend to him but after his mother died a few years ago, she changed. It was like she was almost trying to fill Queen Austeareus’s place as his mother. And he didn’t like that at all.

He laid back on the bed, closing his eyes and letting himself completely relax. He didn’t need to think about anything, there was nothing here to bother him and he wanted to keep it that way. He liked having this kind of quiet moment and of everyone on the ship, he most wanted to share it with Konnor. Though after what he did, he doubted that the redhead would want to be near him again. He wanted to try though, he couldn’t quite say why, he just got the feeling that there was still more to happen between him and the redhead. He let himself drift off to sleep with visions of the beautiful redhead in his mind.

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