The Dolphin's Song

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Will Arc be able to lift the curse of the Dolphin's SOng and prevent the unmappable island from becoming a hideaway resort for criminals?

Fantasy / Children
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At the Dolphin's Song

“He’s just a boy!” Ungh roared causing the messenger to shrink back in alarm and piss in his pants.

“How can you not find a boy who stops people from dying and is not even aware of his powers?”

“Fidel hunted him in all of Earth, master. There was no sign of him. He’s disappeared from the mountain cave dwelling he was last thought to be in. So has the grandmother.”

“You fool! You allowed him to slip into the Mists of Time. Not even I can touch him there! I need just that one piece to complete the World energy Map and my plans for world domination would be complete. I can’t do anything without that last piece that resides in a puny boy called Arcturus!” Ungh shouted whipping his body into a hurricane around the unfortunate messenger.

“Master please! I have not yet seen Darkness reign supreme. Mercy! Allow me to live till your plan is complete!” he pleaded to the poisonous hurricane.

“You are not fit to see it,” came the gravelly reply. The messenger’s screams were abruptly cut off as he was flung into the wall on the far side. There was a loud crunch and then silence.

While his parents slept, their five year old son Arc looked out of the round window of the yellow house and stared at the sea. He was so excited to be here at last! The path of the Mists of Time had been beautiful but sort of boring. He had never dreamed that reaching the Dolphin’s Song would be so easy. Much too restless to stay indoors, Arc ran down the spiral stairs on light feet, his curls flying back.

Pausing at the door, the 5 yr old Arc stood two feet tall with black-brown and curly hair tied in a pony. Ocean blue eyes sparkled with excitement as they contemplated the beautiful scene in front of them. He smiled as though encompassing all that lay before him. With his confident stance and long striding walk, he cut quite a fine figure, even being as small as he was. Most people had an aura but Arc had an AURA. He was like the sun. Everyone would find themselves drawn to this young man, without knowing what power compelled to do so. It was definitely more than his beautiful, fair skin. He had a power, a life force that was strong that drew every other life force like a beacon. But Arc was mostly oblivious to all this. He delighted in making new friends.

He stepped out confidently on the seaweed ground, taking time to get used to the stickiness that helped him keep balance on the floating Dolphin who would occasionally swim or flick her tail.

Once he was used to it though, he ran around in glee! He stared in wonder at the strange trees that grew in the head of the Dolphin’s Song. The leaves were shaped like the fishes you drew in school, coloured a rich blue and gold. There was never one tree of a colour. Each colour had a group of trees growing together like groups of friends gossiping. Arc sat right in the centre of the blue trees. The bark was smooth almost without any of the coarseness you feel in trees in the real world. From the centre he stared right up at the blue leaves that shielded him from the sun.


Arc looked around for the source of the noise. It sounded like water and the sea looked so far away! Nevertheless he felt a compulsion to follow the water’s voice. Jumping up from his resting place, he ran around in search of it. Then he decided to climb a tree and see if he could spot it. So he chose a tree with a long bark and green blue leaves and lightly sprung himself upon it. After he had managed to climb a few feet the tree suddenly began to bend. And then it was falling! Arc clung to the tree in fright and muttered a chant he had heard his grandmother speak so often.

Sab Sukh Lahaye Tumhri Sarna,
Tum Rakhshak Kaahu Ko Darnaaaah!

When the tree finally fell he heard a splash. He opened his eyes and saw to his wonder, a pool shaped exactly like an eye! And the water was not just blue like you would expect. It had concentric rings of green, blue and purple. The inner circle was of the most beautiful dark green imaginable and it made a most delicious combination with the outer ring of purple. Arc looked at it in delight. He took off his t-shirt and using the tree as a spring board he launched into the sky like a tiny catapult and dived gracefully into the pool. He swam strongly across the pool, even trying a few somersaults skimming over the water as he did so. Half an hour later, quite tired out, he lay on some purple rocks by the Eye.

The water lay still again. Then a gray wave popped up on the purple ring. Two eyes blinked on the wave which then swam closer to the water’s edge. The eyes regarded him in delight.

“Hello there!”

Arc looked up, startled.

“Umm Hello?”

The wave like creature was gray, with a long nose, a shiny body and two small eyes. Arc had never seen such a creature before but instantly liked his new companion.
“My sqyrke here says you’re a human boy. Are you?”

“Err yes. What is a sqyrke? I don’t even know what manner of creature you are!” Arc confessed.

“A Dolphin of course! And this is my sqyrke.”

A red ball suddenly launched out of the water and bounced itself on Arc’s head. It then raced around the pool with Arc merrily chasing it!

The Dolphin smiled.
Arc and the sqyrke were finally tired out and they came to a stop near the Dolphin. Arc had Sqyrke in his arms.

“Hey! Why don’t you come to the sea with me? You could ride on my back. We could have some good fun!” said his new dolphin friend.

“The sea? I’d love to! But my parents will wake up any time now.”

“Aww but come some other time! It’s very lonely here. Everyone here is asleep.”

“Up here too! I’ll come as soon as I can! Bye!” shouted Arc.

The Sqyrke jumped onto the Dolphin which waved its fin at him.

Sleeping houses

Slightly nervous, Arc clambered over the rocks surrounding the eye and ran quickly through the Head forest. He soon came to a cross path. One of them lead up to his house. Just as he was about to step in it, the island gave a terrible jerk. Arc stumbled. With the second jerk he flew into the air. By the time he landed the tremors had subsided. It was one of the Song’s efforts to stay afloat.

Arc looked startled. He held his breath waiting for the next one. When it did not, he scrambled up and shook himself free of seaweed and looked around. He had landed in a colony of houses of every colour imaginable but had a deserted look about it. He decided to explore the place a bit.

He looked at the watch his father had invented. It was the only watch that could work in an unmappable place. And its peculiarity was that it worked on Einstein’s theory of relativity.

There were three pieces in this watch set and showed the mind time of all three family members. Mother and Father were still asleep. Good!

Like the trees, the houses too were constructed like a circle of people. There were several groups of these clustered houses. To Arc they seemed alive, their breathing hardly noticeable except by those who were very observant. Even with all the colours, there was something infinitely sad about the place. Arc could almost hear music which was reminiscent of the Dolphin’s voice.

The most peculiar thing here though, was that whichever house Arc looked into, had people as still as statues. All of them sat upright, frozen in front of a rectangular screen with worms attached to them. Like the ones he’d seen Daddy work with before they had been sent to the Dolphin’s Song. There was even a library with a frozen librarian inside. With one last look at the house clusters he took the path to his own cheerful yellow house longing to see his parents after his adventures.

Arc’s presence had already brought about changes to the Dolphin’s Song, thought Emer as she noticed how fresh the food was today. Usually, teleported food was not in its freshest state. She smiled as she sang to Ameth’s melodious hum and started to set the table when Arc entered in great excitement.

‘So what did you do whole afternoon Arc?’ Emer looked at her watch and found that time had passed super fast for Arc.

Arc sat himself at the seashell table.

‘I spoke to a Dolphin and a sqyrke.’

His parents stared. ‘A sqyrke? Does it look like a red ball with eyes?’

Arc nodded looking extremely surprised.

‘How did you know?’

‘That’s the dream we had. Of a beautiful eye-shaped pool, of trees and houses. Of a Dolphin and a red ball that had eyes.’

They both said in unison. Emer looked at Ameth in joy. What a change Arc had brought to the Dolphin’s Song. Just a few days ago it was just a dead island. Now it had more life than anything else she had ever known even breaking the silence that had began to grow between her and Ameth.

Ameth said,

“I’m glad you found some companions on this dead island. ’

His mother looked at him fondly.

“Poor Dolphin must be feeling lonely. You should visit the Eye more often.”

Arc said,

‘There is a sadness lingering here. The people have been put into an unnatural sleep by a curse.’

Arc looked at his parents solemnly.

“I read about the Dolphin’s Song in a story on the Mountains. I am very happy that since you were born before time, the galactic council chose to send you to this particular unmappable place. Now I can find a way to make things right again. Just like grandma. She never lets a wrong remain so.”

“We want to help.” Ameth and Emer said in unison, ashamed that they hadn’t thought of this earlier.

Ameth felt an excitement he hadn’t felt for a long time. Most people thought that designing spaceships was exciting stuff. It was, if you were allowed to innovate. But he and Emer were just required to deliver designs that stuck to a specific structure. He was pleased to have something different to concentrate his mind on. He knew Emer would also love the prospect of helping this island back to life.

Emer felt her heart beating faster. In that moment, she realized that she had grown very attached to what she had thought of as a dead island. She loved it enough that she would do everything in her power to help.

That night Arc dreamt of the constellations.

He walked among the houses. When he looked inside one he saw the rigid, frozen people. But beside them he also saw a floating playing card. The picture on the card was that of a guard with a spear and fangs. There was a ‘J’ written on the top and bottom. It was a variation of playing cards he realized. The guard did not appear to have noticed Arc at all. But he knew that if he were to touch the body, he would definitely be attacked! So he drew back from the window. Everybody was guarded.

In the Ocean

Several new trees had sprung up and grown in a day ever since Arc’s arrival on the island. The air itself had changed but the people still remained in limbo. His life force had begun to affect the island but could not wake the people because it could not override a curse.

Next morning, Arc was at the Eye waiting impatiently for his friend to arrive.

Soon a Grey wave and a red ball appeared on the green ring. Arc laughed and dived into the water. The Dolphin chased him madly around the pool till both of them grew tired and stopped to pant for breath.

The Dolphin then let out a musical note. The water around them shifted and a layer of fluffy, white cloud was created on the water. Dolphin urged Arc to lay back on it. Arc did so and was elated at wonderful view of the sky.
He lazily asked,

“I’m Arc. Do you have a name?”

“Erra. From Estos”

“Where’s Estos?”

“Nowhere, of course.”

“Oh right,” said Arc, secretly quite perplexed.

“What about this little sqyrke?” The red ball landed softly on his tummy.

“His name is Ikly Wonk!”

Arc giggled and Ikly Wonk tickled him. Splash! Arc fell into the water. He came back up spluttering while Ikly Wonk started singing thus:

Ikly Wonk broke into a sonk!
Ikly Wonk tiddly tonk
mecry wicry sponky lonk
danky honk ranky honk
skikli gigli hokly quonk!

Arc and Erra laughed till Arc almost fell off again.
After an hour of merry chasing, Arc asked Erra,

“So are there any other Dolphins with you?”

“Yes in the ocean. They mostly hang out near the port. I’m the only one here at the Eye. I was drawn to the strong Prana I could feel here. Our native place is almost on the other side of the Earth. The three of us are part of the Inter Galactic Dolphin’s Association. The silence of the Song Dolphins had us puzzled but we had no way of tracking the Dolphin’s Song. We made a major breakthrough when Erra and I made the Ultra Sonic Audioscope. With it we managed to catch a very low level thought wave that kept repeating itself. Since we made the breakthrough, Erra, Mermaid and I got the honour of tracking the Song and its inhabitants. Leaving the other Dolphins to maintain our own eco system, we followed the weak pulses to reach here. No other Dolphin could contact us though. The telepathy network in the water here seems to be extremely weak or nonexistent. The sporadic thought wave electricity was our only guide. We volunteered to come here and find out what the problem was.

When we reached here, we found all dolphins to be in a deep magical slumber. We don’t exactly have instructions on what to do next. Even now, it’s strange that I can’t contact my cousins. As I said, the telepathy network here is very weak. Well anyway, would you like to see the Underwater?”

“I’d love to! But how would I breathe?”

"Ikly Wonk will help you! He can create an oxygen bubble that we can encase you safely in. No problem!”

“Let’s go!” exclaimed Arc in glee.

Erra did a graceful jump in the air and went below followed by Arc in a bubble and Ikly Wonk. Suddenly the most beautiful sight was in front of him. Right before his eyes plants were unfurling themselves from their deep sleep. Erra was watching this with wonder on her face.

“Your prana is quite strong,” she mouthed at him. It came out in a series of bubbles.

She looked at Arc in surprise and then waited for him to swim with her. Wherever they went, new plants were coming up. The sleeping Dolphins, fish and other creatures lay deeply asleep though.

It felt like magic, Arc thought. He sensed that these plants were coming alive because of him. He knew he had some kind of effect on them. Arc tried waking up the dolphins by speaking to them but they wouldn’t wake. Soon they found themselves at what looked like a ruin. The funny thing, Arc noticed was that it looked exactly like the castle that had been at the fish tank back home on Earth. Even the stones were the same. Arc shook his head in astonishment. He swam over to the castle and marvelled at the sleepy looking ruins. When he touched it through his bubble however, it shivered and transformed into its former glory! Arc clapped in delight!

Erra led him to a plant that had flowers like Disco lights. It turned out to be a video game console. The dolphins, being highly intelligent, loved to use their skill and weave their thoughts into inventions. The video game competitions were almost as looked forward to, as part of the annual water dance festival. And of course every dolphin group had a music band. This one hadn’t been used since the disastrous curse and was one of Erra’s discoveries in the sea. They both played with glee till finally Arc thought it was time he returned to his parents. Besides he was terribly curious to see what they had found in the library. Erra and Ikly Wonk came to see him off. He waved at them as dressed again in his dry clothes and set off for home.

Arc discovered a much easier way to get home quickly. He simply climbed to the top of a tree. It would bend and gently drop him right at the edge of the forest where the constellation of houses began.

Houses on the Song grew in groups. They were called constellations because when viewed from the top, the houses had a particular formation which coincided closely with the Irridea constellation. In fact when it was full moon, the house clusters would reflect light which was reflected by the heat wave in the atmosphere and appeared to be a constellation in the sky. Scientists on Earth were puzzled at this double appearance of the Irridea constellation.

Arc whistled as he took the Indigo seaweed path to his home. Suddenly he was struck by the feeling that there was another life form on the island. Apart from his parents and the plants. He changed his course and followed his intuition. Faster and faster he ran ahead tracking the life form. Finally he seemed to be nearing it but couldn’t see anything except for trees and smooth, round stones. Still, he had a strong feeling that the life force was right here. On sheer instinct he lifted up a stone and saw- a cockroach.

Arc shrank back in great alarm at the sight of the cockroach.

“Yes Yes. Do that. Shrink away from me like everyone else. Have your parents taught you no manners? Anyway, I can finally die in peace. For years I’ve been waiting to scare someone so my soul could rest in peace,” said the cockroach in a resigned voice.

“Err sorry. Are you depressed?” asked Arc.

“Wouldn’t you be if everyone hated you on sight and ran away screaming?”

The cockroach sighed. “Especially if it is a pretty woman.”

“How come you’re not asleep like the rest of the Island?”

“Haven’t you heard anything about cockroaches? We can survive anywhere! I however am from another planet. I came here on an adventure with my cousins. They managed to reach back home safely but I was left behind. And ever since Lady Magick left, I haven’t even been able to contact them.” The cockroach twitched his antennae.

Arc almost recoiled.

“Well what am I to do with you?”

“Well, you can always kill me with one stamp of your tiny foot. But think about it, I was here when the curse happened. I know things that the books might not. I might be able to help. Only if you want of course.”

Arc stared at him.

“You want something in return though.”

Very seriously, the cockroach said,

“Yes. But why don’t you take me home first and feed me a bit?”

“How do you propose I take you home? You are not going to travel in my pocket!”

“Maybe I’ll just follow you and surprise your mother?”

“No! Come to me first then I’ll take you to Mom and Dad.”


Arc walked off shuddering.

Next morning Arc leapt out of bed and after hurriedly kissing his parents, he raced to the Eye by climbing the tree that would drop him directly into the green circle. Erra however was a bit solemn today though Ikly Wonk jabbered away, unconcerned.

"What’s the matter Erra?"

“I have not been able to connect to Mermaid and Osiris.” Arc felt his body tingling.

Erra continued,

“The portal that takes us directly to the sea seems shut too. I’m worried that something must have happened. They must be worried about me too.”

Arc hugged Erra. ‘Come let’s go to the castle and discuss what we can do.’
The three of them swam into the depth again to the castle that seemed like their home in the Underwater.

They even went to the portal to try and transmit some sort of signal into the sea. But the portal that should be a pulsating blue light when working, seemed just an ordinary blue ball. Arc tried to examine it to see if he could find something.

“Someone has tampered with it, I think. And probably has also switched off the conductivity of the transmission molecules,” said Arc.

“But there’s no one around here.”

“Something is not quite right,” said Arc thoughtfully.

“Wait! I can sense some life presence.”

Erra frowned (as much as possible for a Dolphin.)

“But I can’t sense anything.”

“I can. Whoever it is, is moving around in circles with nothing to guide them. We simply must reach them!”

“But how? We could get lost!”

Just them the water vibrated and a voice spoke inside Arc’s head.
“Arc, they are right next to the Eye. You father and I, are charging the water with some transmission particles. These are temporary. You will have but five seconds to establish your contact. Ok?”

“Yes Mom.”




Erra and Arc felt the water change and immediately concentrated on sending as many thought impulses as they could manage. They strained all their senses to get a response but they got nothing. They held their breath and waited. A fear clutched his heart. And then they saw two dolphin shaped figures come into view.

Erra darted forward in joy and greeted her two cousins. Arc smiled to see this reunion and wished he too had cousins he could meet. And then the dolphin called Osiris turned to look at him and something changed. Arc saw in Osiris’ eyes a beautiful soul that was also his own. A silver cord stretched out between their hearts flashing as bright as the moon and lighting up the sea for miles. It even reached Emer and Ameth reaching anxiously above. They looked at the glowing flashes of silver light in wonder. When the moonlight flash finally faded, Arc had transformed into a dolphin. He involuntarily swam forward. This too felt different unlike what he was used to. He greeted his soulmate with a soft Dolphiny note. Osiris did the same. Osiris touched his forehead and a star appeared on it. Then Ikly Wonk and all the Dolphins whooped with joy. The five of them set off for the surface of the Eye.

The four dolphins broke the water surface. One of them swam quickly to where the couple had just stepped into the water with very anxious looks on their faces. The dolphin rose out of the water swiftly transforming back into the five year old boy as though he’d been doing it all his life. He ran forward and hugged his parents who almost cried. By them the other dolphins surrounded them and raised their noses in the air.

Arc sat with his parents on the rocks beside the Eye with the three Dolphins and Ikly Wonk in front of them.

Ameth said,
“We have been testing the water for a few days now. We noticed the dead transmission cells and were working on recharging the network here. We weren’t sure it would work but we had a premonition that you really needed it so we used it to send a message to you and then sent you some extra to use for yourself.”

Emer said,
“The legends of the Dolphin’s Song state that every person in the world has a soulmate in the ocean. For the people of Dolphin’s Song, it is of course the dolphin. The soulmates are called the Sylvayen. The meeting of the Sylvayen is very powerful and has strong ties to the disaster that took the people of this Island. Now that the first Sylvayen have met, we are closer to bring the Song back to life. And from now on, our lives are dedicated to that.”

The dolphins sang in agreement. A wave of green, purple and blue encircled the six linking their hearts with its own magic.

The girl at the window

Ever since his union with his Sylvayen, Arc had felt like he was buzzing with electricity. All his senses were much sharper. His eyesight, ears, nose and skin could perceive much more than they had ever done. His mind seemed to be much faster now with enhanced telepathy.

Now he was walking among the blue cluster houses. He looked once more into their windows. He saw the same things, people frozen in front of rectangular boxes which had pictures in them. Arc felt terribly sad and wanted to call out to them but something told him it would be futile. He moved on to the next window and saw a young girl of 8 staring at the screen. She was dressed like the others in a fabric woven of green flowers. She was thin and had a pixie face which was set with green eyes and a pretty rosebud mouth. To Arc she looked like an angel.

Arc was going to move on and go home but something stopped him. He saw the corners of her eyes glisten. As he watched, a tear drop ran down her cheeks. When he looked at the screen to his surprise he found that the moving pictures were Dolphins.

“Hello”, he said softly. He thought she turned but she hadn’t.

“Come outside and play with them,” Arc said to her softly.

She looked like she would love to swim with the dolphins. Though her face was frozen, her face looked full of mischief. Even a curse could not hide such a thing.

“Maybe you’ll find your Sylvayen too,” he said softly. Another tear appeared. After that, he visited her every day, speaking of the treasures that he discovered. He told her stories about Osiris, Erra, Mermaid and Ikly Wonk. He spoke about their research about the Great Disaster of Dolphin’s Song.

His parents were trying carbon dating methods to get the rocks to reveal the unrecorded history of the place. But so far no breakthrough had been made. They still did not know anything about the curse. Arc told her how they had all grown to love this island and wanted to save it. Still she did not move but the tears flowed.

That is how Emer found him a week later. Talking to the girl at the window. She led him back by hand. There were tears in her eyes too.
Arc returned to his place at the window in his room only to find himself face to face with a cockroach. It took him all his guts to not jump back in alarm lest the cockroach go into self depreciating comments!

“Hello. Nice self control,” the cockroach commented drily.

“Err hello.”

“So let’s go shall we?” asked the cockroach politely.

“Yes let’s.”

Arc went downstairs followed by Eddy the cockroach

When he entered the room his parents looked at him and stared in surprise at the following cockroach. Arc expected his mum to scream but she did not.

“Mom, this is Eddy.”

“Yes I remember you told us about the... ah lovely cockroach you met. Hello Eddy” said Emer tactfully.

His father murmured greetings too.

Eddy glared at her.

“You can be as sarcastic as you like! I know I’m far from lovely. Everyone screams-”

“Eddy says he was here during the Great Disaster of the Dolphin’s Song,” Arc said hurriedly.

“No manners at all! But yes I was there. I saw it happen. And I hid under the rock, quite as a mouse. The curse did not see me as tiny as I was. And I lived to tell the tale.”

The three of them were listening with rapt attention.

“Well, Go on!” Arc said.

“Not so fast buddy. If I do, promise me you’ll take me to the Council of the Moon when you go!”

“The what?” Arc asked. “Why do you want to go? Even though I don’t know what the Council of the Moon is!”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Ok,” said Arc patiently.

“If I tell you, you must not laugh,” said the cockroach anxiously.

“Umm ok?”

“Well I want to request them for a form that is more... becoming. I want people to love me.”

Arc was the first one to break the silence.

“But why am I going to the Council of the Moon?”

“That is where the Lady Magick of Dolphin’s Song has gone. It began with the coming of Anusuya from the Mists of Time. He was unwilling to leave the comforts of his home regardless of the perils of being born before time. There was one thing he could not bear to part from. The thing he called his Computer. So he built one here. People were curious to find out about this new thing that had appeared on the island. They began to get obsessed with this thing, going so far as to neglecting their Sylvayen bonds. Thus the magic of this place and the world began to get imbalanced. Soon the electricity needed for the computer, began to interfere with Lady Magick’ss own existence on the island. One day, in a rage she left the village cursing that its inhabitants would be frozen to the computer till a Sylvayen pair came seeking her and banished the machines. But how could anyone seek her? Everyone but me was frozen. But now with your arrival, and of the dolphins, the Island has some hope.’

“So where do we seek her?”

“On a full moon night, you must attend the Council of the Moon. That is where Magick has in her anger hidden herself.”

“But how do we get there?”

“You must reach the point where the sea and the moon meet. After that even I do not know. I have never attended one,” said Eddy.

“But how do you know all this?”

“A cockroach always knows. You must sail as soon as possible for I sense that evil is soon to befall this place.” With that cryptic comment he left through the door.


“Who am I?’ The bit of wind wondered.

Did I ever have a name? Was my face ever loved? I am just a part of the wind. Then why do I remember...the water? Was I sea breeze? What is a piece of sea breeze doing here in this dull, dreary place? The word Song is important to me. I have known the word ‘dolphin’. But now I have no form. But why do I call myself ‘I’? Wind is not an individual. Is it possible that I had a history that I am not just a psychotic piece of wind? Is it possible that I am a person who once played with a dolphin and once had hopes of becoming one? I have a name. And winds don’t have names. I was once called Arya. What happened to the girl called Arya?”

Arya tried to open her eyes. After struggling a bit, the piece of wind had the impression of the dreariest piece of land ever seen. It lacked the joy of a bright blue sky, blue-green waves, leaping dolphins, blue leaves. Blue leaves? Where had that scene come from? Was it a memory? But anyway, she saw a mound of grey dust. The sky was dark and there were no stars shining. Hundreds of people lay on the grey ground. To her shock, she realised that the people were translucent. Their clothes were completely tattered. They did not even seem to have colour. The people seemed to be moaning in pain. Their hands twitched as though bound by handcuffs that could not be seen. And she was one of them.

With a rush it came back to her. She wasn’t a piece of the wind. She was the soul of the girl named Arya. She was Arya of Dolphin’s Song. They had all been put under the curse when Lady Magick had stalked out of the island in her rage. Arya would have shuddered if she could have. She had always known the Lady Magick as a calm, firm woman if a little mischievous. This rage had been a shock. Since then they had spent time in this place, each bound with different illusions. She herself had thought that she was part of the wind. But she was a girl. And she had been many things before that she could not remember.

But what was it that had awakened her now? Made her come out of this cruel illusion? Arya had a vague sense that someone had spoken to her. Arya felt a pull on the silver light that emerged from the centre of her heart like thread. She suddenly felt vital and buzzing with energy as thought it was Life at the end of the thread. Joyfully she rose away from what had been the prison of mind and flew to wherever the silver thread belonged.

Arya flew so fast that she barely had time to register anything clearly. She felt oddly like a yoyo springing back to the point where she had started. Suddenly her pace began to slow and she could make out a dolphin like shape. She felt a sudden surge of emotion as she recognised the Dolphin’s Song. Soon she was hurtling towards her physical body. She was just about to enter it when she slammed back as if from an invisible wall.

Arya whirled around to find the Jack of Diamonds card looming up above her, shielding her body like a guard. It had two faces; the second face was upside down and was in place of a lower body. Both of them were pointing dangerously sharp swords at her. She skittered backward as a second sword came at her from the Jack that was upside down on the card. The yearning to get back into her physical body was so great! It was just so close. She was really tempted to just make a dash for it. But she knew it was much too dangerous. She had to defeat the guard first. So she concentrated and appeared right behind the Jack card but he was too quick for her. He had changed his place too. I have to do this faster, Arya thought. She swiftly changed placed but it was no use. She had been under captivity far too long.

Again she concentrated and managed to make a shining sword appear in her hand. She started to fight the double Jack assault with sword strokes of her own, half remembered from a time long past. Again she felt a stab of longing to enter her body which sat unmoving at the chair in front of the computer. She could see someone talking to her body at the window. He was a small boy talking about dolphins. Despair struck her again. Her sword attack wasn’t working. The Jack of Diamonds was too good. Then suddenly Arya was struck by inspiration. This would work she felt sure. It just had to! Concentrating much harder this time she imagined 13 wine glasses filled to the brim. She imagined them surrounding the Jack with one of the glasses replacing a sword. She turned to look where the Jack had appeared to her right. To her delight she saw her vision appear on the card. As she watched the glasses tipped and poured the deep red liquid into the Jack’s mouth. As he came over to her he started stumbling and unable to handle the powerful drink he fell; quite unconscious at her feet. Arya breathed a sigh of relief.

She floated to her body and with a swoop of joy she entered her body.

Slowly Arya opened her eyes and looked around in confusion. She had the strange feeling that she was forgetting something extremely important. All she could remember was that she had woken up from her sleep (?) because a boy had been speaking to her. But he was not there now. She moved slowly, unused to the feeling of using her muscles. But she caught on quickly enough. Sliding out of the chair she left the house. Blinking in the sunlight she walked ahead drawn by a strange power she could not resist.

The Jack of Diamonds began to dream in his drunken stupor. In his dream, Ungh was right in front of him staring expressionlessly at him.

Shivering with fear, Jack of Diamonds immediately lay down flat in front of Ungh.

“You allowed a girl to escape.”

Ungh’s voice sounded like the crack of whips. Jack almost screamed in agony of hearing that dark voice.

“I’m sorry Master! She tricked me.”

“You let yourself be tricked by her! My plans could be destroyed by your foolishness and utter lack of control!”

Ungh poured his body of smoke all around Jack. Jack of Diamonds began to cough uncontrollably.

Ungh tightened his smoky grip on Jack’s face. Positioning his formless mouth near the terrified Jack’s ear he rasped,

“You will recapture her and pass on her soul to the Keeper of Curses. He is my servant and he will take the necessary steps. Who knows, your mistake might just turn out to be a boon. If that boy can be captured through her, you might still live and continue to serve me Jack of Diamonds.”

Ungh narrowed his glowing red eyes. “If not, then the tortures of the Dark await you.”

Jack of Diamonds was too petrified to ask what boy Ungh was talking about. He was still gibbering and shivering violently when the smoke that was Ungh’s body, began to disintegrate but the voice still boomed’

“You better succeed Jack of Diamonds, you better succeed.”

Dolphin’s Meet

Every day Arc swam with the Dolphins. Each day they explored the ocean a little more. They looked among the sleeping Dolphins for a hint. In the library Emer and Ameth hadn’t found anything to help them with the curse. That is, till they spoke to Eddy. They couldn’t help the involuntary dislike they felt for cockroaches but they could not deny his contribution to their knowledge.

So, the next morning Arc rushed to the Eye taking graceful little leaps and bounds over the bent tree trunks. The Dolphins were already there when he got there, swimming and chasing each other. He watched them with a smile on his face. Then he counted that there were four dolphins. He watched the new dolphin in fascination.

Eager to know this new entrant, he made a graceful dive into the water, transforming as he did so. The four other Dolphins raced to him to touch his forehead in greeting as they usually did. He looked at the fourth one and he knew. It was the girl with the tears. She and Erra were Sylvayens. And her name was Arya.

“Thank you,” she told him. “If you hadn’t stopped to talk to me, I would not have woken up. Your strong life force drew me out. Though I’m still not sure how it happened!”

Arc grinned at her.

“I’m glad you woke up! And happier still that you’re Erra’s sylvayen. Now we can all swim together every day! Race you to the castle!”

The five of them went to their usual hangout at the castle and there Arya telepathically told him how after he’d left she had felt a deep and terrible sadness in her heart. Somehow his presence along with the moving pictures of the dolphins had unlocked her from the curse and she’d stumbled from her house. She had gone straight to the Eye, pulled by an irresistible force.

Erra had been there and as soon as she’d entered the water, she’d turned into a dolphin. And nothing had felt as right to her as being a dolphin did. She was happy that the legends of the Sylvayens of Dolphin’s Song were still alive.

Arc touched his nose to her forehead and the five of the raced into the depths of the sea. As they were racing, Arc let them see through their telepathy the conversation with Eddy the cockroach.

“We’ve taken the oath in the Song’s water and all of us will attend this Council of the Moon.”

‘The Dolphin’s Song will sing again!’ cried Arc. The others echoed his cries. They sang,

‘Cutting across waters,
Let’s get to the heart of matters
Let’s wake the world sleeping
Restore the joy of hearts meeting’
Ameth and Emer were still working on a device to restore the transmission particles of the ocean. The absence of network was going to endanger the mission because the couple wouldn’t know if the dolphins needed help. And the sea was an unknown to them all. The mysterious waters must hold many secrets. The curse would leave most of it empty of life, but you never knew. It was most fortunate that Arc had a strong Prana. As he swam, some of the plant life and the smaller beings at least would spring into life.

Full moon was two nights away. And that’s when the seven (including the Ikly Wonk who wouldn’t be left behind) would set out to bring magic home again.

The Journey begins…
Something was terribly wrong.

For the life of him, Arc couldn’t imagine what it was. They had thought of everything hadn’t they? He walked to the edge of his forest his heart thumping hard with anticipation and fear. Feeling very uneasy and trying to calm down his fears, Arc waited at the edge of the forest for Arya.

One moment he was looking at the trees, the next he was looking at Arya in chains in some place he did not know. He writhed in agony. Arya was struggling against the chains, tears streaming down her face.
A voice spoke.

“The Jack of Diamonds recaptured me Arc! He took my soul away as I slept and started to dream. When we dream our souls generally travel out of our bodies and the double faced Jack found me and turned me over to the Keeper of Curses. When you came along, your own power brought me out of my chains. Now I will be punished. I think the best chance I stand is for you to get Lady Magick back. Don’t try and rescue me! Please… “

Arya stopped speaking and disappeared

Arc found himself on the ground as the vision faded away. He ran to Arya’s place and there she was as he had first found her. Frozen in front of the screen. Arc understood that it was the vision of the mind that she had shown him. Something warned him not to approach her and speak to her then.
A blind rage filled him. He wanted to reach out and destroy the one torturing Arya. He rushed to the Eye. Diving straight into the waters without pausing to speak with his parents he connected his mind to Osiris. To his horror he discovered that Erra too had gone into a freeze. Mermaid was there with her at the castle.

Osiris and Arc swam over to her. Arc gently nudged her. Her eyes did not open. Osiris paced about in the water. Mermaid said.

“This rage is not helping either of you. You must make this journey alone and succeed because that is the only way to get them back. Their lives depend on you Arc.”

“You’re right. Let’s go Osiris!”

Just then Arc heard his name being spoken. He swam up to the surface and went over to the edge. Emer kissed his grey forehead, comfortingly. He told her about Arya, trying very hard not to cry.

“We’ll look after her Arc. We’ll try to find a way to relieve the torture at least. You go! And bring back the Lady Magick of the island Dolphin’s Song.”

Ameth and Emer hugged him tight. Then he broke away and swam into its depths.

The Keeper of Curses

Arya remembered nothing of how she reached the planet of Korinka. She just remembered a floating sensation. The flying had felt odd though. She could not see and wasn’t really free to drift. Then they had opened the blindfolds. She looked at captors and found them not with any features she could distinguish but just two steel bars on either side. Somehow that was more frightening than a huge, scary looking monster.

Once a beautiful place, Korinka was now a black crater with many other souls in it. Each of them had silver chords attached to their hearts. The chords seemed infinitely stretched into the sky. The planet Korinka was known to her subconscious. It was the planet of dreams.

Listening to bits and pieces of gossip, Arya gathered that the Keeper of Curses was a schoolteacher in his Earth life and had been given the duty of making sure that curses were not broken through. He had once been a just man. Very strict but not cruel. Simply any upholder of rules. They said that one day he had been captured in a tarot card by a terrible entity, Ungh, who knew magic. This tarot card was ceremoniously reversed and he had turned rogue. He became a slave of Ungh and began to assist him is his wicked plan to convert all people into Dark Universes.

The Keeper captured Korinka and used a part of it as a prison for the cursed ones of Dolphin’s Song. He had then posted a demon near every body that had fallen into a trance. Now the souls were barred from returning to their own bodies.
The Keeper glided above the huge black crater in a long grey cloak, his face invisible. He looked at the mass of souls looking at him blankly. The atmosphere grew cold and a silence fell upon them and he spoke.

“So, Soul of Arya. You caught the bait I set for you so nicely. I must thank you.”

In a firm voice she said,

“What bait Narise?”

He looked at her in surprise.

“You dare address me directly?”

He slapped her hard but Arya did not wince.

Calmly she said,

“Narise you will not win whatever your bait is.” Her voice seemed to magnify with each word.

“You are in my hold Arya. Even a goddess could not break these bonds. Especially one that does not know how to use her power. I let you escape the first time so that I could spy on the Dolphin’s Song for Ungh. My master wants the boy with the strong prana and he means to have him.”

Arya said,

“To have him you must catch him. And I don’t think you can. Little boys are slippery.”

He lifted the silver link from her heart and tugged. Arya’s features contorted in pain but she did not scream.

“If I cut this link off. Arya will die. And her soul will be taken to the Ungh. And you know what that means? Her soul will be fed to aid the destruction of the Light planets. Ungh will certainly be pleased with such a generous gift. The soul of a Goddess is a tremendous source of power. Imagine the things he will do with it.”

Now he spoke directly to Arya.

“Where is your friend Arc? He is not on the island anymore. Tell me and I might set you free.”

Arya’s face remained blank. He tugged on the chain again.

“4 hours for you to change your mind.”

All the faces went blank.

The metallic bars snapped chains on Arya’s soul and lead her to the platform to die.
The journey

Arc and Osiris swam in the cold waters following the reflection of the moon on water. They did not know much about how they were actually going to get on the moon. Their mood was sombre as they navigated. The water seemed colder because of their fear for their friends Arya and Erra. Arc looked very worried and was half inclined to turn back and help Arya. Sensing it through their bond, Osiris said:

“Arc, you must trust your parents. They are not as wise as you because they have become adults but they are intelligent and loving. They will definitely bring back Arya from wherever she has gone. The best way you can help her is to bring back Lady Magick from her hiding place.”

Arc looked at Osiris and said, “You’re right! I must trust them to do what they think is best just as they trust me.”

Slightly more cheerful at the thought of Arya’s rescue, they swam ahead. Even though they did not encounter any sea creature, the water had some beautiful glowing plants which looked like some fireworks Arc had seen on mappable Earth.

One of the ‘fireworks’ was rather curious and followed Arc and Osiris. They felt strange at first but soon got used to the plant whose name was Fisky. Fisky was content just to follow them and did not say much. Telepathically, they understood she popped into existence because of Arc’s life energy presence.

Their sombre mood was disturbed by a little noise in the water.

“Is someone coming here?” asked Osiris.

“I think it is a ship. Tread carefully.”

They swam to the surface with Arc in the lead. As soon as he popped his head above the water, he was stung by a net thrown over him. He struggled as the net lifted him and carried him to the surface. He struggle as he spotted two evil looking men lifting him to the deck. And he realized that he’d turned into a boy again.

“Well, well what do we have here?” one of them asked. They swiftly bound him.
A Boy Dolphin eh? The great Ungh has given us orders to look out for them. There is a huge reward on his head. He is one of those sylvayen thingies, I reckon. I thought they all went to sleep. No doubt the Boss will have some beautiful plans for you, young one. Why did you not listen to your mother and not leave your house after dark? Never mind. It’s the best thing for us really. A wonderful reward and a house in the new resort.”

It never occurred to him to cry. Arc absentmindedly shook his head desperately hoping that Osiris was safe. At least he could go and get the Lady Magick. He would just have to find a way to escape, he thought as he saw the men going to steer the ship. The knots were quite secure, he found.

Arc tried to calm himself and reach out to Osiris in the sea. His mind telepathy probed. But the ocean seemed empty. Arc started to panic when he heard a muted thud that only his heightened dolphin senses could hear. Then he saw a boy who looked exactly like him right in front of him

Osiris of course. Despite his gag, Arc grinned.

When the men came to check up on their prize, they found the ropes loose. Hearing the sound of scurrying feet, the men ran to the other side of the ship. The boys were cornered. The men came to them with bare hands that could easily cobra crush them. The hands grabbed but only clasped empty air. They looked around and found the boys swimming in the air. They stared and tried to back away in fear. Sylvayen, being on both solid and water could now assume powers of both the worlds. Maintaining a marvellous balance of dolphin and boy, the two swam in the air out of the men’s reach till the men got tired off hunting them and got tangled in their own net. How it tangled around the men and bound them so was a mystery to the boys until they swam to the deck. They found Fisky tying the edge of the ropes in a secure bond. Arc and Osiris hugged the leaves and telepathically thanked Fisky.

The boys then went to the steering wheel and steered towards the moon. The thing was that the further they travelled, the further the moon seemed to go. It cast iridescent colours where it touched the clouds.

Arc said,

“Now that we’re closer than before it seems that the moon is much higher. The water does not flow into the moon, I see.”

They stared at the full moon glowing in the sky. It glowed brightly above their gaze.

Jump on to the moon.

The instruction entered their heads directly. They looked over the side of the ship and much to their delight, they found two dolphins in the water. They cried out to Osiris who nearly went mad in delight. He quickly jumped into the water followed by a very excited Arc and they both turned into beautiful little dolphins.

“Mom! Dad!” Osiris cried out. The three of them nosed each other affectionately. Quickly, succinctly, Osiris told them the events that had passes since he had left home with Erra and Mermaid. They were very sad when they heard about Arya and told them to hurry to the Council of the Moon. They would hurry to the Dolphin’s Song to see what they could do to help.

“To reach the moon you need to leap towards it. The Moon’s gravity will pull you in if you have been called. At least that’s what the elders have told us.”

Osiris’s parents swam off.
They swam around a little uncertainly, and then decided to leap.

They made their first leap. It was disappointingly low.

Then the second.

This time they reached much higher. Delight filled their hearts as they jumped with all they had, in a graceful arc with co-ordination that only the sylvayen can achieve! Soon they were taking leaps quite high, carried by the wind and the gravity of the moon. Soon they were leaping high enough to see a glittering ladder. Not once did they break the careful rhythm they had built. In unison they made their final leap, transforming into two identical boys as they did so. For a heart stopping moment they thought that they would not be able to get the ladder. But both of them landed very neatly on the second lowest rung.

They looked at each other in wonder and quickly began the climb to the moon, to the future of Dolphin’s Song. Of Arya and Erra. Of the whole planet.

Back on the Dolphin’s Song

Emer and Ameth had gently teleported Arya’s limp body to their own home. After the first few cursory checks into her eyes they set up a white sheet in front of them. Both of them held hands with Arya and closed their eyes. After a few minutes of concentration on Arya’s mind, the white sheet showed the grey landscape of Korinka’s prison. With alarm they watched the Keeper’s speech.

Emer burst out indignantly!

“He means to kill her soul and capture the released energy to make a bomb of sorts! We must not let that happen. Her soul is particularly powerful!”

Angrily Ameth said,
“We definitely cannot let that happen! There’s only one thing to do. We must go there and rescue her.”

“She appears asleep. Perhaps she is in the land of dreams. And we can follow her there,” said Emer.

Leaving their bodies behind, the souls of Ameth and Emer rose up gracefully and floated out through the walls of the lovely yellow house. They enjoyed the sensation of flying for a while as they passed numerous clouds and were fast approaching a cluster of planets. A very musical scream made them look around. A butterfly as tall as they lay wedged between two clouds. They flew over to him and helped him up on to the cloud. To their great sadness they discovered that an atom of floating, stray lightning of the previous thunderstorm had sliced his wings off.

“You did find me in time, friends. I was afraid I would die here, with none of my kin to sing me a song to eternal sleep. My name is Miniscule. What is yours?”

Ameth and Emer stared at Miniscule the butterfly who was as tall as them.

“I’m Emer and this is my husband Ameth. We’re extremely sorry that you had to lose your wings. Is there anything we can do to help?”

Said Miniscule:

“Why, yes there is! Would you two be my wings till we can reach the planet of Butterflys?” asked Miniscule,

“But we don’t know how to be wings!” said Ameth helplessly.

“It’s simple! All you need to do is hold on to my body with one hand and one leg. The other hand and leg must flap the air.”

Ameth and Emer looked doubtful but said,

“We will do it. But we must hurry because we actually set out rescue our friend.”

“Rescue a friend? This sounds like an interesting story. You must tell me while we fly. I may weave it into a song.”

And so they set out to the planet of Butterflys. Awkwardly at first, because the two were not used to flying. But they were in such good sympathy and understanding with each other that they managed to flap in synchronization really quite well. En route, they told Miniscule about the Dolphin’s Song and Arya’s predicament. Hearing their description of the dreary imprisonment place Miniscule gave an exclamation.

‘Ah! I am familiar with this place. It is Korinka- the planet of Dreams. Never in one place and never the same size. People constantly change it and build upon it with their dreams. Some of my kin live there. They have been a happy part of many of the children’s pretty dreams. But this place you speak of is dark and the planet itself has been taken over by an evil man. The taint in him has started to affect people’s dreams. Tell you what, I’ll take you to the King of Butterflys and we’ll see if he helps you with your quest.”

Soon they landed on the most beautiful place they ever saw. It was a huge garden in the air with lush green leaves and flowers with every beautiful colour imaginable. And the Butterflys! Of every shape and size they flitted about as they chattered in their tiny voices and song beautiful songs. Exotic fountains glittered here and there. The air was scented with flowers that the humans had never seen. The beauty of the strange, new colours was enough to make anyone weep! The moisture in the air made the senses reel. Ameth and Emer felt exactly like they’d just downed some alcohol. It was the most seductive thing ever. Ameth and Emer looked deep into each other’s eyes and leaned in closer for a kiss. Their lips were just about to touch when Miniscule, looking thoroughly embarrassed, reminded them of Arya’s need. Still feeling extremely sheepish they reluctantly walked with Miniscule to the central part of the garden which was surrounded with the most beautiful of flowers. There was an arch made of silvery water. When the light fell on the water it was as if the arch was made of diamonds! The three entered through the archway where they were greeted by a band of five butterflys. They played some sweet music that tugged on their heartstrings.

Mesmerized, they followed the band through a maze and finally beheld the King. He was the largest Butterfly they had ever seen, at least as tall as a four story building. He sat on a throne, with many of the pretty female butterflys tending to keep his magnificent golden wings free of any crease. Awed, they knelt upon one knee to make their pleasantries to this King.

Curtseying beautifully, Miniscule stepped forward and first narrated his story of how he lost his wings and was helped even by strangers of another race. The King nodded and looked at Ameth and Emer from time to time. Ameth related the tale of darker tidings on Earth and a girl’s soul in grave danger. The King sat up straight at this story and said:

“Brrrrrr On no account must the enemy of all things good be allowed to succeed. I will send an escort of my bravest Butterflys to the planet of dreams! Your friend must be rescued. And I will not allow your kindness to Miniscule be unpaid! Miniscule, you will be stitched a new pair of wings today. And you shall depart with them since you have brought them here.”

“Thank you Your Radiance! You do me a great honour!”

As soon as Miniscule had his brand new set of Turquoise wings, The two human beings set off with five butterflys; Miniscule, Periwinkle, Ivy, Rose and Ridicule.

Periwinkle was a pretty, young butterfly with pink wings with silver flowers and a deadly song. Her song had a strangely attractive tone to it which could lull you to sleep or make you do what she wanted.

Ivy was a butterfly with huge green wings with intricate black flower motifs and an ability to whip up storms when she wanted. Pretty impressive!

Rose was a stunningly beautiful Butterfly who could sprout thorns on her wings if she sensed danger.

Ridicule was an extremely nimble dancer, even for a butterfly. He danced so quick that you couldn’t see the net trap he was spinning for you. You would suddenly find yourself wondering how you got tied up into knots.

So the seven of them set out for danger. Miniscule tried out his new wings with Ameth and Emer sitting on his back. It was hard for them to not just float off in the wind.

Back on the Song, two bodies lay peacefully side by side in the yellow house.
Five boats landed Phin side of Dolphin’s Song.

The Council of the Moon

The surface of the moon was pure white. The moon was a pearl and a piece of the sky was its oyster. The oyster was wide open tonight, making it the full moon. On new moon nights, the oyster would close upon the pearl within. No one could visit on a new moon night.

Arc thought they would have to jump about on the moon because of the lighter gravity he had read about in school back on Earth. Must be silly rumors to keep this place safe from people, he thought.

This is true. The lighter gravity is the moon’s defence mechanism to dissuade unwanted visitors. They also found just grey rubble which was a part of the moon’s extremely effective and clever disguise. Poor Neil Armstrong has no idea how close he had been to discovering extra terrestrial life.

There are a few permanent residences on the moon. Only the richest can get houses here. Rich in karma, that is. Lady Karma was a dear old woman who checked the record book and assigned houses to different races of the Solar system.

The duo saw that the houses here were made of silver. The moon supports the ability to manifest things out of your imagination. Here, there’s always magic and laughter. And you get a silvery peace that is a blessed relief from the chaos on Earth.

If you wanted to visit, you could only do so if you were called by the spirit of the moon. If you had business on moon, you had to send a subconscious message. If the moon approved your application, you would find yourself in its silvery delights.

Arc and Osiris looked around in wonder. They found that not far from them, was a merry carnival in full swing. There were silver rides, giant wheels, merry go rounds, circuses and other things in full swing. They ran over to the fair. At the entry of the carnival they were stopped by a gatekeeper who scanned them with his eyes and let them pass into the silver.

Their gaze was riveted to the magnificent silver giant wheel at the centre of which was a glow that was somehow made up of all the colours. But this was still brighter than the rest of the moon. They could vaguely make out a circle of people sitting at the hub of the wheel, cross legged with their eyes closed in deep concentration.

Arc and Osiris realized at the same instant that they needed to go there. They looked longingly at the rest of the fair. Osiris seemed unable to move. He had never seen a fair before. Arc gently reminded him that they had a mission. He nodded, sighing regretfully. They moved in unison through the clamour of magical creatures to the giant wheel.

As they reached they saw a small boy of three. He looked at them in surprise and said hesitantly.

“Are you sylvayen? I haven’t seen any of you in years!”

“How did you know we were sylvayen?”

“The blue on your foreheads formed on your first meeting and bonding as sylvayen. We have an entire chapter in our history book on sylvayens.”

He bowed to them and said. “Porrine, at your service!”

He gave them cloaks of silver, stuffed with a sponge like material. The boys immediately felt light. Porrine touched their foreheads with his finger and left a silver star on each of their foreheads.

They found themselves floating upwards and gently settled into one of the seats in the giant wheel. They watched in wonder as other people floated into their seats. When it was full, the giant wheel began to move. It moved slowly at first and picked up tremendous speed, but the boys did not feel dizzy. As the giant wheel moved, few people would be thrown upward and would then neatly land in the centre to meet the council. After a few rounds of the giant wheel, Arc and Osiris found themselves gently airborne, and then they were in the centre of the council. The members had a serene look on their faces.
A sonorous voice resonated around them.

“What is it you wish?”

“We want to restore the magic to Dolphin’s Song.” They replied in unison.

“You must sort that out with Magick herself.”

‘Where is she?’ they asked

“You must seek her out and speak with her. And also you must be prepared to keep Dolphin’s Song free of technology. It is one of the few places with magick and keeps the world in balance. This folly has cost the entire world. Darkness is erupting on this light place.”

“We will see to it.” they replied, anxious to please the magnificent voice.
They found themselves back in the carnival near the giant wheel.

They thought,
Where do we look for Magick?

This place is full of Magick but her manifestation is what we must find
Let’s ask that witch in the silver cloak in the tent who seems slightly apart from everything else in the carnival.

She did not look up from her cards

“Greetings to the first sylvayen! What do you wish?”

“We want to speak to Magick. Do you know where we might find her?” they chorused in sing song voices.

The witches face grew thoughtful and serious.
She gave them a package.
You’ll find her in this.

“Thank you,” they said and paid her with a bit of karma.

When they opened the package however, all they found was a mirror! They turned around to speak to the witch but of course, she was gone.

A mirror? What do you think this means?
She fooled us?
No, my heart tells me this has some significance.
Yeah, I feel the same
But what could it mean. A mirror where we see ourselves. Does she mean that Magick is within us?
That’s it! Of course, as Sylvayen we have Magick within us!
So how do we meet her now?
We go within ourselves.
Everybody can do it. Concentrate on a point inside your heart and feel yourself drifting to a place. Someone will guide you to yourself. We must concentrate on our bond to stay together.

They closed their eyes and concentrated on the silver thread they could feel linking their hearts. Soon Arc felt himself floating along with Osiris. Something tugged at his heart. He looked up and saw to his surprise that the blue ocean God was taking them through the sea. When they broke the surface of the water, Wind took them in her arms for a while and set them upon some grassy hills. Upon the highest of them a woman sat on a throne, surrounded by two winged guards. She was dressed in white and had a moon as a crown. She had a third eye in the crown on her hair and it looked at them speculatively while her other eyes gazed into a crystal ball. The boys tried their best not to stare.
They knelt before her and felt their minds automatically say a silent prayer. This prayer was without any words and was a silent plea to her to return.

She regarded them solemnly.

Arc spoke,

“Your Divinity, the Dolphin’s Song has suffered long years of nothingness from this curse. They were not able to break free till I, journeying through the mists of time found my sylvayen in Osiris. Arya of Dolphin’s Song also woke up for a while and met her sylvayen, Erra. Now she has been dragged to be punished by the Keeper of Curses. We beg you to return so that peace may be restored to the Song and to the Earth.”

“No.” the strange, satiny voice echoed in their minds. Feeling the weight of it they were about to give up their cause. Then Arya’s face flashed in their minds.

Arc looked up at her and said:

“I have Magick in me through my inheritance of Arcturian abilities and my powerful bond with Osiris. That means you are a part of me. Yet I don’t feel any resonance with you. That makes it rather obvious. You are not Lady Magick.”

“How dare you question my identity!” she screamed suddenly livid with rage. Arc and Osiris stood their ground. Then she looked into his eyes and was about deliver a hateful speech but the strength in his eyes gripped her.

Recognizing her defeat, she said humbly,

“I am sorry Wise one, for the lies I tried to tell! I am Neptune, the Goddess of Illusion. I set up a diversion on all thoughts leading to the Lady Magick. That is how you have come to stand before me, instead of her. But even I, with all my terrible deceit, cannot lie before a child. I will tell you what truly happened. Lady Magick did not go away in anger. She was kidnapped by Ungh the Wicked. I took her place for a few days and left the village pretending it was anger at the electronic technology that drove Magick away.”

Clenching his tiny fists, Arc shouted. “But why did Ungh kidnap Magick?”

“Greed,” She said simply.

“The Dolphin’s Song is in great danger, Arc. Ungh planned to turn the Song into a resort for all the most dangerous criminals and terrorists of Earth. Being an unmappable place, no one could ever find them there. So he decided that he would get rid of its residents, raze the whole land and build a new resort. To do that he had to get Magick and the Sylvayen bond that protected the Song, out of the way. So he brought in technology, knowing that it was harmful to the magic of Dolphin’s Song. Magick grew weak and he had her kidnapped and replaced with me. The computer also served as the means to hold the people in its unbreakable grip. Even as we speak the Song is in great danger.”

Arc and Osiris looked at each other in horror. The Song! To be razed for a resort? He would not let that happen.

Arc quietly asked: ‘Where is Lady Magick now?”

Neptune replied: “She is on Island Dragon. Another of the Unmappable places. Rescue her and Dolphin’s Song may still get the chance to live. Hurry I’ll give you a bit of magic to reach quickly!”

Arc said: “But why should we trust you?”

Neptune said: “Because you have no choice!”

A few minutes later, Lady Neptune stretched the elastic of the giant catapult and let go.

The two boys sailed through the air. They flew for a long time till they landed directly in the Dragon’s mouth. Running inside hastily, they found themselves in a dusty metallic room. A woman in white and silver was unconscious in a corner. They knew at once that she was the Lady they were seeking. Arc and Osiris tried shaking her awake. But to no avail! What to do now? There was no time.

Linking their minds, Arc and Osiris concentrated on the Lady’s mind. In her mind they found a harp and a sheet of notes. Without having ever played it before, Arc strummed the harp following the instructions on the music sheet. Osiris hummed along. The melody started out simply but then quickly wound itself into such complicated harmonies that the boys themselves had no idea what they were playing. It was a song as beautiful as the Dolphin’s Song. Now they thought they would burst with the beauty of it and it would be a fitful death. It ripped through the Lady’s mind they felt the Lady’s mind stirring into consciousness. And abruptly the music stopped. They found themselves suddenly thrown out of her mind and back in their bodies in the metallic room.

The three of them stirred. Dragging up the two sluggish boys, she said: “We’ll talk as we travel. Now let us go! There’s no time to lose.”

The three of them raced out of the Dragon’s open mouth and unleashed the Dragon from the cloud. The three of them played the giant harp in the dragon’s mind to awaken it and pretty soon they were off back to the Dolphin’s Song.

On The Dolphin’s Song
Arya defiantly stared back at the Keeper of the curses even though her heart was in total despair. She sniffed. She was relieved that Arc hadn’t tried to rescue her and put himself in danger yet she was sad too.

She almost cried when she felt the emptiness in her bond to Erra. Her sylvayen’s soul had been taken prisoner too just because Arya had dared to break out of the curse.

Now she steeled herself to accept her fate.

The Keeper walked up to Arya and raised the scythe when 5 Butterflys and 2 humans burst in upon the scene. Arya’s hopeless eyes lifted to take in the scene. The Keeper stopped in sheer shock of seeing butterflys enter this place of dread. Because of their very presence, the prison place began to change. First was the sweet smell that spread around making the crowd of souls gasp. Then the majestic Butterflys started singing a sweet, sweet song that was made of love. They weaved, crafted harmonies in the finest voices anyone had heard. The land itself had begun to change. The Keeper found himself unable to move suddenly. The Butterfly moved closer as his eyes narrowed and then widened in fear. His eyes narrowed cruelly and breaking free of his invisible bonds, he brought down the scythe hard on Arya’s silver chord.

The Butterflys smiled nastily. When no scream came, Keeper looked at his hands and found that they held not a scythe but a flower which smelled so unbearably sweet. But of course, the Keeper was not affected by such things and he viciously tried to tear the bulbous flower apart. The flower made an outraged sound and opened its mouth and swallowed the Keeper whole. The flower trembled for a bit and was still. After a moment’s silence, all the gathered souls stamped and cheered. Arya smiled weakly.

After discussing it a bit, they decided that it was better for the souls to remain on Korinka as their bodies were still guarded by the demons. The Butterflys fashioned a garden out of the prison and left for the Planet of Butterflys. After narrating their story to the King, the trio thanked the Butterflys warmly for their help and for healing Arya from the torture she had suffered. They promised to come back and narrate the rest of the story.

The three of them found themselves back in their bodies on the Song. When they opened their eyes however, they found guns trained on their heads. Still groggy from the astral travel they got up as carefully as they could manage and they were led out at gunpoint. Arya winced at the sight of these. She had never seen a gun. It looked an instrument of great evil. Seeing her look at it the man pointed his gun to Arya’s right and shot. The vase there shattered into tiny pieces. He grinned and turned to look at Arya. Her face was blank. He frowned and then shrugged his indifference. The girl would be dead soon enough.

Outside, they got a terrible shock. There were huge yellow bulldozers near the destroyed cluster of houses.

Emer screamed ‘No!’

The tall, thin man in a nondescript suit, turned to look at her with polite interest. It was as though she was no more than a fly that happened to land on his nose. His smile reached his eyes. Both were filled of loathing and contempt for the world “The Dolphin’s Song will make a great resort!”

Arya’s eyes snapped open at his words and she tried to stand despite the crushing weakness she felt after her torture.

“A resort!”


“Yes a resort. And what’s more this is an Unmappable place.”

He grinned evilly and said to Arya,

“Don’t you think it’s ideal for smuggling goods too? No one would ever find the criminals”

‘You are to lose your precious island.’ He sneered. “Where will all the poor Dolphins go? And you poor little runaway humans. Your grand gesture to save the Song. All in vain! Besides my master is interested in the souls here especially the Master soul and the young Goddess. Let the destruction begin!:

Arya spat. Emer said, ‘Arya don’t’

“I saw the Keeper in Korinka! He tried to torture me and died for it!” Arya told her captor.

The Commander looked at her uncertainly.

“You’re lying!”

“Well, how do you think I am here? He was supposed to kill me for breaking free, was he not?”

“I am the Child Goddess of this island. If you doubt me go ahead and give your orders. You will not survive!”

Ignoring her, he opened his mouth to yell out an order.

And a cockroach flew straight into his mouth. He choked trying to get it out while Ed just grinned proudly at the feint he had just done. He scuttled to a bush.

Arya closed her eyes and the Dolphin’s Song began to jerk violently, trying to get the enemies off. The soldiers ran to catch hold of trees. Arya remained standing firm on the ground. Her eyes were closed. Only her lips moved a bit as though she were casting some kind of spell. Emer and Ameth also found themselves unaffected by the tremors.

The commander managed to hold on to a tree stump. Holding the stump tight with one hand he tried to shoot with the evil looking gun but…

…the tree stump suddenly burst because it was a Dolphin pimple!

The force of the pimple burst was so great that the Commander was tossed into the sea. He yelled, “The Keeper may have died Goddess! But he was only my boss! My master is Ungh. And as long as he lives…yahhhh!” The last they saw of him was a green plant tying itself around him.

With their commander gone the rest of the men were at a loss. They scrambled for their ships. Another flick of the Song’s tail dumped them all into the ocean.

Arya opened her eyes. Many houses lay as rubble in front of them.

And it would have remained so had the Dolphin’s Song not been very startled by the sudden appearance of a very huge dragon. Right on cue Arya yelled, ‘Jump!’ Ameth and Emer did so. And it was well they did, because the surprised Dolphin’s Song made a huge backward leap which it is not supposed to and the Song went into an alternate future where it had never been damaged. SO the houses were restored to their former glory.

Sensing the return of Magick, the demons guarding the bodies from the souls fled in sheer terror.

Inside the houses, each person was covered by a bubble. The Song had protected her people. Now, feeling the call of the Master Prana Arc, the trapped people began to wake.

Now the Dragon Island dropped the two boys into the water. They disappeared into it. His parents and Arya ran to the pool anxiously. Arya entered the water and was reunited with Erra. Arc and Osiris scrambled up from the pool’s edge and were grabbed into hugs by his parents.

The people of Dolphin’s Song approached Arc, Arya, Ameth and Emer. A ten year old boy with dark eyes stepped forward.

Bowing to Arya he said:

“We are humbled that you have decided to live among us, Goddess of Dolphins. We hope you and Erra will be our Wise Ones.”

She gracefully accepted the golden shawl and crown he gave her.

He said to Arc.

“Thank you for bringing us and the Song back to life. Your service has won you the honor to become the Protector of Dolphin’s Song. You and your sylvayen Osiris together must see to the safety of the Song. I was the Protector of Dolphin’s Song once and it gives me great pleasure to hand this over to you. No! Don’t refuse the title! I am ten now and tradition decrees that I have outgrown the title. You must be below the age of ten to be Protector. And then you must find a successor.”

So saying he gently placed a crown of shining Pearls on Arc’s head and gave him a magic staff made of water. White streaksfslew out of this staff and enveloped him in silvery glow. Everyone clapped and shouted his name. ‘Arcturus!’

Ed was a bit disgruntled. “I can’t believe it! No one’s scared of me now! They call me sweet and brave! Eaurghhhh! I guess you shouldn’t wish for something you don’t want even as a joke!”

Amongst a lot of fanfare, Arc, Arya and many others entered the Eye and transformed into Dolphins. With their Sylvayen they swam off through the channel into the Sea. Many of the people had run to the Phin and were enthusiastically cheering them from there. Arc and Osiris made a graceful leap in the air to rousing cheers. And the sea was now teeming with leaping Dolphins.

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