The Provinces of Veterumterrum

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Chapter 29


The Nekodarz

The Nekodarz felt strength grow within it. Every death at its hand fueled its power and strengthened its rage. After its first kill in the Feudal Lands, it went on a rampage slaughtering all that opposed it. It grew to the size of a three-meter-tall giant that toppled buildings and crushed knights under its feet. When it became strong enough, the Nekodarz summoned a dark storm in its wake that blew powerful winds over its enemies and fragmented trees into homes for its army to invade. A crossbow bolt shot the Nekodarz in the back. The annoyance gained its attention as the Nekodarz faced its adversaries, a team of elven knights armed with crossbows and swords. The archers fired and bolts flew into the Nekodarz’s massive body. The Nekodarz fell backward but instead of crashing onto the ground, it collapsed into a cloud of smog that dissipated in the air across the ground.

Suddenly the creature manifested in the middle of them. The Nekodarz summoned its magical sword as one of the knights advanced it with his sword. The Nekodarz became intangible as the knight and his sword tripped through its body. Its magical sword materialized in its desolate hand as it grabbed at the collar of the knight’s breastplate and pulled him into the burning blade. Another knight raised his loaded crossbow at the Nekodarz but found himself freezing in place as the creature breathed a frosting breath onto the knight. The knight became incased in ice as he froze to death where he stood. A third knight lunged and connected her blade to the Nekodarz’s back, which caused it to groan loudly. The creature groaned and took to a gaseous state again as large roots from under the ground erupted to the surface and knocked the knights prone. The third knight fell into a bundle of roots that restrained, suffocated, and pulled her into the ground. “What are you!?” she exclaimed in terror.

The Nekodarz in its gaseous state looked at the knight and levitated toward her as she slowly got deeper in the ground. Its haunting and intangible face alone made the knight stiffen with fear in her restraints. The Nekodarz materialized on top of the her, which the knight took the opportunity to impale the creature with her blade again. The pain was only a slight annoyance to the Nekodarz; it began bleeding black ooze from its mouth and it slowly gazed down at the blade in its torso, then it gazed back up at the knight quivering beneath it. It stared into the knight’s eyes and while still impaled with the knight’s sword took the knight’s head in its desolate hands and breathed its frosting breath into the knight’s gapped mouth; which then froze the knight from the inside out, killing her. The Nekodarz pulled the knight from the ground and dropped her body which shattered against the hard ground. It pulled the blade from its body and looked around. Its undead army had taken this unsuspecting rural area of the kingdom. Death and decay now claimed this dismal land: Fresh blood stained crops of cotton and the wool of domestic lambs, the once fertile soil now touched and blotted with the shriveling bodies that once tilled it, the meadows of wheat were now haunted by the tormented and burden souls of the fallen. The Nekodarz took to its gaseous form and flew ahead to catch up with the front lines of its army where it will attempt to breach the walls of the ones that tried to destroy it so long ago.

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