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The Smith

Bored annoyance firmly grabs hold of my hand. It's rough, and calloused by much hard work, and little else. There is a definite need for adventure, but a careful thoughtfulness about this as the smith first moves straight to the page, then back again to chew on the tip of the quill. He doesn't normally move about much. He works in the smithy. Creation through heat is his forte. Stories, though more exist than he likes to admit, about what he does or how he does it, never quite rise to the surface. Rigid in his demeanor, and very orderly about his business, anything out of place or routine bothers him to no end. Adventures, though at times a welcome distraction, are to be addressed, and completed in the most expeditious way possible, so he can return to his true heart: his smithy. Remembering where his untold creations wait to be hammered into reality, the man drops the thought of writing, and with it, my hand.

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