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The next morning I was rudely awakened by the loud barking of a large dog. When I opened my eyes, I could see a set of large, white teeth trying to make their way through the hollow log. My heart jumped as soon as I saw the terrifying image before me. I turned to the other end of the log to escape, but was disappointed to see that it was buried under the ground. I began to panic as the dog’s teeth came closer and closer as it tore apart the log to get to me.

Once I saw that I only had one choice left, I closed my eyes, extended my paw, and whispered, “Fulmen.” The moment I uttered the word, a small, magical flash of electricity shot from my paw and struck the dog on his snout, singeing off most of its whiskers. The dog immediately withdrew its head and started whimpering in pain. With the dog out of the way, I fled, saying, “You deserved that, jerk.”

Before I had only gone a few meters, I could feel the after effect of the magic taking its toll on me. I was already feeling weary and a little fatigued, but I knew that I had to keep going. It was only a moment later when I could hear that the dog was chasing after me. My heart started racing even faster as the dog’s paw-steps grew closer and closer. Suddenly, I felt an enormous amount of pain surge from my back leg as it was pulled backwards. It felt as though a series of daggers had pierced my leg, harrowing its flesh.

I turned to see that the dog had caught my leg in its teeth, and was trying to drag me away. Frantically, I tried to free myself from the dog’s bite by clawing at its face with my other back leg. However, the dog was determined to keep me from getting away a second time and refused to let go.

Desperate, I whispered, “Fulmen,” and unleashed another, stronger, bolt of electricity. As the bolt struck the dog’s face, it immediately released its grip on my leg, and went cartwheeling backwards. When it landed flat on its back, the dog quickly returned to its paws and sprinted away, whimpering. Once the dog was out of sight, I turned my attention to my injured leg. “I’ll kill that jerk the next time he comes anywhere near me,” I vowed to myself as I saw a substantial amount of blood flowing from the wound.

Eager to get away from that place, I picked myself up from the ground and slowly limped away in the opposite direction of the dog. With the midday sun high in the sky, I knew that I could be easily spotted by anyone or anything, so I limped as fast as I could to the first hiding place that I could find. Soon, I came across the house of the boy that I saw the night before, and as I approached the house, I noticed a small crevice in the house’s wall. Using the very last of my energy, I squeezed through a gap in the fence posts, and ambled my way to the opening. Once there, I crawled into the gap, collapsed to the ground, and passed out.

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