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For the next seven days, I resided within the boy’s room as he nursed me back to health, while I secretly used healing magic in order to accelerate the process. Not once did he ever allow me to leave the room, or allow anyone else to enter. For the majority of the time, the boy stayed in his room so that he could keep an eye on me. Besides monitoring me, the boy spent most of his time drawing and writing. As such, I deducted that the mountain of papers spread across his desk and chair were actually manuscripts of an unfinished novel.

At the end of the seven days, the boy unraveled the bandage on my leg for the last time. Once the bandage was removed, I could see that my leg had fully healed, save for the scars that would remain forever. “Man, that healed fast!” exclaimed the boy, surprised. “I guess that means that this is your last day here.”

When night came, the boy gently lifted me up into his arms and stealthily carried me out of his house. As we exited out the back door, the boy lowered me to the ground and said, “Bye… I guess…”

I looked back at the boy briefly before I turned and ran. I felt horrible for leaving him so abruptly, but I knew that I couldn’t bear to see his sad face one last time.

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