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After night had come and gone, I raced around my house, preparing for when I would see Zelda that day. When I was adequately dressed for snowy conditions and ready to meet Zelda, I set out to the usual place to find her. As I went out into the white terrain, I began to ponder what it was that Zelda and I might do that day. However, when I approached the designated meeting place, I discovered that she was not there. Instead, there was a golden fox sitting there and staring at me, as if it was waiting for me.

Without hesitation, I immediately recognized the fox as the same one that I had nursed weeks ago. I then tentatively advanced towards the animal as it continued to stare at me. When I was only a few feet away, the fox rose on all four of its paws and then darted off in the opposite direction. Once it was out of sight, I saw that there was a pair of bright red shoes where the fox was sitting in the snow. As I approached the shoes, I noticed that there were words written in the snow beside them. I then fell to my knees in astonishment and wonder as I read the words, “Why not this story?”

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