In a F****ed up world with Drugs

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Every high must end and all of us return to reality. It's that realization that pushes us to find something better; something stronger. Some choose sports or arts to escape, while others choose drugs. Can one teen overcome the trials of his life and escape the need for the very things killing him, or will he too fall victim to the grave?

Fantasy / Adventure
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“Hey, how are you? I see you’ve found my story. What brought you here? Was it curiosity or something more? Did Sola’s words reach out to you? Have you also been injured by this world? Are you beaten down? Ready to give up? Do you also bare battle scars? I’m not going to be like everyone else. I won’t tell you to keep fighting. You won’t be pestered by the cliché of ‘Life’s worth living’ because I’m sick of hearing that too. Life’s hard, isn’t it? Those that tell you to fight, get over it or stop being sad can’t understand, can they? They don’t know how we feel or what we think. They’ll never be able to help stop the pain we feel, because they can’t fully understand just what we’ve been through. Honestly, when we’re getting beat down and tormented, by either our own thoughts or the actions of others; it doesn’t seem to be worth it. I don’t know why we’re put through so much shit. But I do know one thing for sure...I’ve still got a fire in my soul. I’m not ready to die and, since you’ve found this story, I hope that you possess the same desire to keep those embers ablaze. I don’t want to watch another bright soul be doused out by the hate of others. I let Sola write this story to give others like us hope. My name is Remus Stone. I survived my mess of a life and I’m inviting you to join us in finding the reason as to why we continue to survive.”

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