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Travel with Thomas as he fights demons within and demons without. Fantasy adventure that travels with Thomas, enjoy danger and adventure with Thomas by your side.

Fantasy / Adventure
Lady Anker
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Rough Beginnings

The babes mournful cry echoed off the barn wall, the sorrowful sound agitated the animals within. The creatures began to shutter and join the young one’s song of abandonment. The anguished symphony filled the dawn with a pained song. Mary, a young eleven year old kitchen maid, walked from her simple quarters amongst the pots and pans of the castles kitchen to the barn. Her task was to collect the mornings breakfast ingredients. Mary approached the barn with caution as the ruckus bellowed forth from within. Mary cautiously peered around the corner and listened to the sounds of pain and fear. Yet among the animal’s bellows was the cries of a babe, Mary moved towards the sound. Her sweet heart lead her to the melody of the small bundle laying amongst the crazed animals throng of noise. Mary tentatively moved closer to the crescendo of the melody hidden among the animals’ bellows. To her astonishment lay a newly born baby boy. Mary’s innocent heart, full of childish dreams and whimsical merriment, shattered with the wisdom of a mother’s love, she knew the tormented infant would die without her protection and guidance. Although Mary wasn’t much older than the child, her heart cried out to care for the small parcel, she swaddled him with her apron and brought him home. His tiny heart pounded against Mary’s chest as he lay silently looking up at his new hero. Mary went back to the barn and collected her ingredients for the Lord’s breakfast and some extra goat milk for the wee babe.

Mary’s days filled with duty to the lord of the castle evolved with her new baby in tow, with her new challenges life became more than she bargained for, she never knew what her little heart could tolerate. Although Mary felt her life turning to a path unknown she soldiered on for her new child. Mary struggled each day she grew older her childhood forever gone with the decision to care for the sweet babe. Mary only being a young girl of about eleven imagined her childhood wiped away with the tears of her recent charge. Mary cuddled her new baby boy as the thoughts of lazy summers at the river and childhood laughter fading away, these thoughts filled her heart with longing. “I will love you always.” she whispered hiding her tears as she drifted off to sleep cradling her new life, her baby boy.

One night as she soothed the babe, Mary realized he had no Christian name. Mary sat and looked down at her son’s regal brow and curious eyes darting about the room, collecting every vision to enhance his mind. Mary spoke aloud to the brilliant baby boy embraced in her tiny arms.

“What shall we call you my little prince” Mary cooed softly to the babe. “I will give you a brave, smart, and regal name.” The new mother paused and thought carefully, sparks of memories lighting up her tiny face she continued to speak to the awaiting infant. ’When I was small, little Prince, I had a twin brother but he was lost to me when sickness crumbled the kingdom. In honor of my twin brother who had no name I name you Thomas meaning ‘twin’. I will love you always sweet Thomas.”

Thomas quietly drifted off in his “mother’s” arms as she whispered his new name into his little ear. Now known as Thomas Mary’s son grew swiftly and began experiencing his world around him. Thomas was a quiet observer. His bright blue eyes sparkled and gleamed with curiosity. Each moment he hung from his mother’s home-made baby swaddle Thomas watched and learned. His toddler years drove his mother mad. Mary chased her little man as he fought invisible foe who threatened to blow Mary’s freshly clean laundry from the line. He would save the damsel, his mother, from the evil rooster dragon as Mary collected the mornings eggs. Thomas’s adventures would lead him through the kingdom imagining monsters, and bandits creeping in every shadow Thomas would wander off to save the world. At the end of another heroic day Thomas swore to his mother as he drifted off to sleep, “when I am grown I will be a hero, I’ll save you from chores!” As Mary’s babe closed his eyes she would smile and think, “Yes my son you will do remarkable things.”

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