The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 12

Kristie and I were at the park with the kids while Damon and Hunter were watching not far away from us.

“I hate this” Kristie said softly and I shrugged.

“What do you hate?” I asked but I already knew.

“I hate not being able to go anywhere without one of Damon’s and Hunter’s guards or them, this is bullshit, how do you deal with this?” She said aghast.

“Look, Kristie, you know I love you but they’re not following me, their following you, Damon knows I won’t take his kids away without a really good reason. You tried to run sweetie. I know you had good intentions but no matter what you do, Logan and Lucas are still going to be Hunter’s sons, you can’t control that”

“Yeah well, he seems to think he can control me and who the hell does he think, calling him their dad, he hasn’t been around” she said angrily.

“Kristie, no offence but you did that, not him. It’s your fault he’s missed 4 years of their life, it’s your fault they don’t call him dad. I know I’m no better because I took Brielle and Brandon away from Damon but at least I didn’t run away when he found out about them and now they call him dad. I’m letting Damon have a second chance, why can’t you do the same to Hunter?” I asked and she glared at me.

“Since when are you on his side?” She asked angrily.

“I’m still on your side Kristie, I’m just saying he’s your mate and the father of your children, give the guy a break” I said and I looked at the kids and saw Brielle fell over and I jogged over to her. “Hey sweetie, are you okay?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I hurt my knee mummy” she said crying.

“Okay, come on sweetie” I said and picked her up. I walked over to Damon and Hunter. “Brielle has a cut on her knee, I’m going to take her home and clean up her knee, you guys can stay with the boys and Kristie” I said and they both nodded.

“Do you want to take Brandon too?” Damon asked curious and I shook my head.

“Nah, he’s having too much fun” I said and he nodded.

“Okay, bye Brielle, bye Naomi”. Damon said.

“Bye Luna” Hunter said and I smiled.

“Bye Damon, bye Hunter” I said and I walked to my car and put Brielle in her car seat and took Brandon’s out and saw Damon was walking towards me. He grabbed the car seat.

“See ya later sweetie” he said to Brielle and she giggled and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

“Bye daddy” she said and waved. I got into the car and drive to the house.


I was sitting on my bed and it’s been a 3 hour since Brielle and I left the park. They called to tell me they were at the park an hour ago about to leave to go to McDonald’s.

"Naomi!!!” Damon yelled on my head.

“What?!?” I said back worried.

"Logan, Lucas, Brandon and Kristie are missing!” He said and I flew up from my bed.


I drove quickly to the airplane strip, I dropped Brielle off first at the pack house with an elder in case Kristie came after Brielle.

I jumped out of the car and to Damon.

“Where did she go?” I demanded.

“We just got her in Adelaide, a pack from that area are flying her back with the kids in a different plane compartment” he said and I breathed out relieved.

“How long has Brandon been gone with her?” I asked.

“An hour, we don’t understand how she got their so quickly at first until we checked the plane logs here and we didn’t want to tell you until we found them”

“She got a plane there and now she’s getting one back, how ironic” I said and he nodded.

“Where’s Brielle?”

“She’s with elder Meghan” I said and he nodded.


I saw the plane landing and Kristie was dragged out. She kept pleading with me to help her but I ran straight to the guy holding Brandon and grabbed and held him tightly to my chest and he wrapped his arms around my neck and squeezed my neck a bit tightly but I don’t care.

I turned and glared at Kristie and she stopped fighting the guards tight grip. I walked over to her and while still holding Brandon in my left hand I slapped her with my right hand.

“Don’t ever touch my children again” I said angrily and walked back to my car. I put Brandon in his car seat and drove home.


I laid Brandon down in his bed and pulled the covers up to his chin and kissed his forehead. I did the same to Brielle before I walking out and closing the door softly. I leaned my back against it and breathed deeply.

“You okay?” I jumped and saw Damon leaning against his door frame.

“Yeah, I’m okay” I said and he shook his head.

“No, you’re not. Your sister kidnapped our son, so you could take our daughter and get out of here and for some reason you didn’t take it, why?” He asked confused.

“I know you heard me in the park with Kristie, Damon and don’t deny it because I saw you look towards us when we were talking. I meant what I said” I said and he nodded.

“Okay...” He said worried.

“What’s wrong Damon?” I asked.

“You seriously won’t take them away from me, you won’t leave?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not answering this again” I said and walked past him and went down to my room.

I had a shower and went into my wardrobe to look for clothes. I grabbed a sweatshirt, sweatpants and ugg boots.

I walked out of my room and went downstairs. It was 11 o’clock and I was hungry so I went into the kitchen and saw Damon.

“Hey” he said.

“Hey” I said and walked over to the pantry and grabbed Doritos and salsa. I walked over to the couch and sat down and Damon sat down next to me.

“Can I stay?” He asked and I nodded.

“Of course” I said and grabbed the tv remote before Damon could and turned on iZombie.

After a couple of hours, I started to get sleepy and laid down in the couch and everything went dark.

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