The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 13

Today’s the day.

Damon wants to introduce me to the pack officially and it happens today.

I’m super nervous for some reason, it’s weird, I mean I grew up with these people so I don’t understand why I’m nervous since I know most of them but I’m still nervous.

It’s been a month since the whole Kristie kidnapping Brandon situation. Damon and I have gotten closer at it, were friends, which is weird but I guess it’s better than not talking to him for weeks at a time.

I’m looking through my closet trying to find an outfit but it’s like mission impossible, especially since all the fashion tips that I’ve learnt over the years have flown out the window, leaving me to remember the awkward days of being a 15-year-old girl.

I sighed frustrated and I heard a chuckle behind me and turned to see Damon. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Having trouble finding an outfit?” he asked amused and I scowled at him.

“Shut up, it’s all your fault anyway. You’re the one making me do this stupid thing” I huffed angrily. He looked though my clothes and pulled out my favourite blue dress.

“Wear this, just grab a jacket to cover up your arms so you don’t show to much skin” he said, he threw the dress at me and walked out.

I closed the door before locking it and grabbed a strapless bra and underwear and slipped them on and then dropped the towel. I slipped in the dress and did the zipper up, I had some trouble but I eventually did it. I put on the brown belt and looked for my white blazer and white ballet flats.

I looked through my closet and grabbed my brown bag, watch, bracelet and aviator sunglasses. Once I was dresses I unlocked the door and walked out and saw Damon sitting on the bed. He looked up and stared shocked at me. I out my bag in the bed and walked into my bathroom.

I did light makeup because if I wore too much makeup it would make my eye lids heavier and had to kept open. I brushed my hair and then curled it before putting it in a waterfall braid.

I walked into my bedroom and smiled at Damon before grabbed my phone and purse and putting them in my bag.

I looked at Damon and he smiled.


“Ready as I can ever be” I said and he grabbed my hand and we walked out if my room.

“Don’t be nervous, they already love you” he said and I smirked.

“Not all of them love me, I can think of a couple of girls who hate my guts” I said still smirking and he chuckled.

“Well can you blame them? You are with me” he said arrogantly and I laughed.

“Really? I don’t know what the big fuss about you is, alpha Damon, I really don’t understand” I said and walked away as Damon growled at me. He caught up to me and bumped me with his shoulder and I laughed.


We walked out into the field that held all Dark shadow pack. They bowed their heads immediately and we walked up the path they made so we could walk up to the podium.

We got up onto the podium where elder Meghan and elder Christian is.

“Elder Meghan, elder Christian” I said and they smiled at Damon and I.

“It’s nice to see you alpha Damon, Naomi” Christian said.

“Okay let’s begin”


Elder Meghan cut my right palm and I hiss lightly. She held my wrist over a silver bowl and did the same to Damon. They joined our hands together.

“Okay, Namoi, repeat after me” elder Meghan said and I nodded. “I, Naomi Ann Grey, accept to now become a part of Dark Shadow pack. I promise to take care of them, fight for them and provide for them as the role of Luna. I vow to protect my pack until the day my life has come to an end” elder Meghan said and I start to copy her.

I, Naomi Ann Grey, accept to now become a part of Dark Shadow pack. I promise to take care of them, fight for them and provide for them as the role of Luna. I vow to protect my pack until the day my life has come to an end”.

I felt this overwhelming power come to me and then I my head filled with voices from the pack link.

“Luna looks beautiful”

“I wonder if the Luna is the same as she was when she used to be here”

"Luna Naomi is beautiful”

I started getting a bit light headed from all the voices and Damon grabbed my waist and held me up so didn’t fall and after a few seconds the ache in my head disappeared as I blocked them all out.

“Alpha Damon and Luna Naomi, the leaders of Dark Shadow pack!” Elder Christian yelled and everyone in the pack cheered loudly.

“Congratulations Luna Naomi” Damon said smirking and I shivered slightly at his voice but snapped out of it and I smacked his chest.

“Shut upAlphaDamon” I said and his eyes darkened slightly and I smirked knowing the affect it had in him.

“Whatever” he said and I continued smirking.


I woke up and groaned at my phone, seeing that I’ve only been asleep for 2 hours, I roll back over and close eyes.

I try to clear my thoughts.

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep, Ahh fuck it.

I got up and walked out of my room. As I went past Damon’s room, I heard whimpering coming from his room and I scrunched up my face confused.


“Yeah” she answered.

“What’s wrong with Damon?” I asked her and I felt her slip into Damon’s mind.

“Naomi, he’s having a bad dream, you need to go in there” she said and I frowned. “Please Naomi, he’s hurting” she said whimpering and I sighed before walking towards his bedroom door.

I walked in and the curtains were fully open so the light shinned right onto the bed.

He was kicking the sheets around and rolling around.

His whimpering got louder and he started mumbling words. I listen in closely.

“Lily!!! Lily come back, please don’t leave!” He cried out and I scrunched up my face in pain. He’s dreaming about Lily, oh Damon.

I walked a little further into his room and saw his face start to grow fur, his teeth turn into fangs and his hands turn to paws, his was about to shift!!! I ran to him and placed my hand on his arm and ran my fingers through his hair.

“It’s okay, Damon. Shhh, it’s okay” I said softly. “Come on, Damon, calm down, it’s okay” I said and his body shifted back to normal. His whimpering stopped and he calmed down. I stopped running my hands through his hair and removed my hand from his forearm.

I got up and started walking away, when I got to the door I heardhisvoice.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked softly and my body tensed and I cursed softly.

“Um, I, err, got up because I couldn’t sleep and when I walked past h-here I heard whimpering and S-Silver said you were having a bad dream and said you needed help, so-” I stopped talking when I felt his breath on my neck. I gulped. “So here I am”. I said and he chuckled.

“Can you stay?” He asked softly and I turned around and shifted nervously.

“Um, I don’t think that’s a good idea” I said, staring at the floor. Damon let out a growl and I looked up with wide eyes and gulped when my eyes connected with his pitch-black ones. Oh, oh, Axel’s here. “Axel....” I said and he lunged me but I dodged him and ducked under his arm and I tried to run out of his room but he stopped me.

I’m just happy the kids aren’t here, there with Hunter and Kristie, Hunter and Liam promised to keep them safe, with a several of our pack warriors.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up. He placed me on his bed and then laid down next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist, which kept me in place. I couldn’t move a muscle. I struggled and kicked his shin making him let me go.

I pushed him away finally and scooted as far away from him as I possibly could while staying on the bed.

“I’ll stay but on one condition, you stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine, you cross the line to touch me and I’m gone” I said and he smirked while putting his hands in the air. His eyes were back to normal thankfully. I turned away from him and closed my eyes.

My eyes opened when I felt a warm hand on my thigh and stomach, pulling me closer. My back hit Damon’s warm naked chest. I looked over my shoulder and sent a deadly glare towards Damon and he just smirked at me. The hand on my thigh moved up to my waist. I felt the warmth and tingles through theverythin tank top I was wearing.

I tried moving away from Damon but he just tightened his grip on me, pulling me back towards him and making it impossible for me to move. The tips of his fingers teased the bottom of my tank top before he slid his hand underneath my tank top and ran his fingertips over my stomach.

I sucked in a deep breath from all the shocks and tingles.

“You can feel it too?” Damon whisper huskily in my ear as his hand went down my stomach.

He pulled me closer so I could feeleverything.

“You and I both know we need each other, you can deny it all you want but we both know it’d be a lie, maybe just maybe if you gave us a chance, we could fix both the broken pieces in our hearts” he pulled away from me after he said those words and not long after he was asleep.

Could I give him a chance?

Can I risk it?

What happens if he hurts me again? I couldn’t live with myself if he broke me again.

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