The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 15

Damon POV

I saw the worst thing in my life.

Some male rouge had his jaw wrapped around Naomi’s neck. I quickly killed the rouge I was fighting with and then jumped and dodged every wolf that got in my way.

I wrapped my jaws around the rouges neck and mercilessly dug my teeth into his neck and ripped his head off. I turned to see Naomi had shifted into her human form, she was weak. I shifted quickly and picked her up bridal style before running off to the hospital. My wolf took control and he went even faster.

We burst through the hospital door and 2 nurses and a doctor ran to me with a gurney and I placed her on the bed.

“Fix her or die” my wolf said darkly and the nurses and doctor scurried off quickly with Naomi on the gurney. A doctor came over to me and dragged me into a hospital room and threw a blanket at me before she started to stitch me up.

“Hello Ana, how’s the kids and mate?” I asked.

“Willow just started to walk, Cole just started preschool, Tristan is starting primary school this year and my mate right now is fighting and bossing around your warriors” she said and stabbed me with the needle.

“Ouch, that hurt” I said.

“You’re the one who wanted my husband to risk his life and be your head warrior, you can handle a little pain” she said and stabbed me again. She’s getting rougher and rougher as she stitches up my cuts and stab holes.

“And he’s a damn good one too, Ana. Besides, he’s the head warrior, he can fight whoever he wants unless I tell him different. He’ll be fine” I said. I was worrying about Naomi; I hope she’s okay.

“Your mates fine” Ana said and my head snapped towards her.

“How do you know?”

“Firstly because us doctors always leave our mind links open with each other so we can listen in on every surgery and secondly because she’s my Luna, she’s a part of the pack so I am feel her through the bond and she’s strong. Besides, she’s your mate, why don’t you check for yourself?” She said and started cleaning the blood away as I dug through mine and Naomi’s bond, she’s right, it’s still there and strong. “I know what you did”

“What did I do?”

“Forcibly mark the Luna, I’ve since many forced marks and yours isn’t the worst, it’s actually the best one I’ve ever since” she said and I looked at her confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked. She sighed and kept cleaning the blood and mud away.

“The less a female wants to be marked, the more it looks like a scar than a tattoo, the Luna’s has some scaring but it’s barely see able now, the more the female gives into the mark, the more it heals and looks like a mark should, beautiful” she said and I nodded, understanding.

“So, your saying she’s giving into the mate bond?” I asked just to confirm it.


“So your saying I can stop giving her those tablets that prevent her heat?” I asked.

“Yes, just lower the dosage a bit every time you give her the tablet, if you stop the heat it will hit her full force, I’ll give her the liquid version while she’s in hospital. She doesn’t know about the tablets though, does she?” She asked and I shook my head.

“I didn’t want to tell her and scare her about the fact the heat would come every 3 months, she hated me when she saw I found her and the hate just grew when my wolf took control and marked her” I said and sighed. “I didn’t want to force anything on her, even though the elders forced me to get her to become Luna even though I knew it was too early for her but even if she does someday want to...... Reject me-” I choked out the word. “She can still leave, if we finish the mating before she’s ready though, she’ll hate me for the rest of her life because she’s stuck with me” I said and Ana smiled slightly.

“You’re a good mate, even though you did screw up in the beginning and when you found her again” Ana said smirking and started bandaging.

“Shut up, Ana” I said grumpy.

“I probably won’t” she said amused.

“You do realise that you are one of the few people that’ll let talk to me like that” I said and she nodded.

“I know and I’m honoured. Alright, there you go alpha boy, your all done” she said and handed me some tablets and a water bottle. “Take this, your mate will be in surgery for about 6 more hours so you can get some sleep willingly or I’ll go talk to the elders about putting you to sleep by force. These will keep you asleep for about 4-5 hours since you’re an alpha, sleep, that’s an order from your favourite doctor, I’ll get you some clothes” Ana said and walked out. I sighed and took the tablets.

Ana walked in and threw some clothes at me.

“Get dressed, for God shakes I have a mate, alpha” she said, shaking her head with fake disapproval while smiling cheekily and I laughed. She walked out and I got dressed and laid down on the bed. I felt the drugs start to take affect and I slipped into the darkness.

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