The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 18

My eyes open and I blink, trying to get rid of the blurriness. I look around remembering I was in Damon’s room. The curtains were closed but I saw the sun sneaking through the top of the curtains and Damon had his right arm around my body while his left arm his under my head, which I had been using as a pillow and then his head is resting on top of mine and our legs are tangled together, I’m trapped.

“morning” he whispers in my ear and I shiver runs down my spine at the feel of his breath fanning my ear and over my neck.

“morning Damon” I whisper back and his grip tightens around my body. I wiggle around slightly because it harder to breathe. “you do realise I need to breathe, right?” I said giggling and he chuckled and loosened his grip slightly.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table and it said 8:07am. I yawned and rubbed my eyes.

“I have to get up, the kids will be getting up soon if there not already and just being really quiet which will concern me because it means their up to something or there’ve done something” I said and Damon chuckled.

“our kids aren’t criminal master minds and did you forget that they were staying with Kristie and hunter?” he asked and I bit my lip. That’s right we dropped the off last night before we came home and fell asleep in here.

“maybe….” I said and he chuckled. “I still have to have a shower”

“no…” he mumbled, shoving his head into my neck and I giggled again because his breath and beard were both tickling my neck.

“no? what now you want me to smell?” I asked giggling as he moved his head.

“you smell like me” he said and I felt him smile against my neck and I bit my lip to hide my smile.

“another reason to have a shower, wouldn’t want to smell like you, gross” I teased and he growled and his hold around me tightened and he rubbed his stubbly cheek along my shoulder and arm, covering me in his scent even more. I laughed loudly as it tickled me. “stop it, I won’t have a shower, I promise, just stop, it tickles!” I said between laughs.

It all happened so quickly, one minute I was lying on my side and Damon was behind me and then I was on back and he was on top of me. His hands are on placed on both sides of my body.

My breath caught in my throat as I realised how close his face was to mine. I looked into his eyes, then at his lips and then back up to his eyes. His eyes were shifting between their gorgeous blue colour and pitch black, Axel was trying to take control over Damon’s body.

I gasped as Damon’s lips slam onto mine. He gently bites my lip and I start to move my lips against his. One of his hands start running up and down my side and I moan. I wrap my arms around his neck and I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him even closer to me. He growls and kisses me harder.

I start to feel this itchy feeling on my neck and I try to ignore it so I can keep up with Damon but it begins to irritate me and I pull back and place my hands on my neck, confused. What the hell is going on?

“your marks healing” Damon said and I looked up at him confused “that’s why its itchy, its healing, it’ll stop looking like an angry bite mark and sort of turn into a tattoo when it’s completely healed” he explained but I looked up at him confused.


His mum never had a mark like that, neither did Jeremy’s mate, Annie. They both looked like mine.

“tattoo? I thought they just looked like a bite mark” I said and he shook his head.

“alpha’s and royal werewolves have different marks, it helps show other werewolves that they need to be respectful around the werewolf, betas, gammas and maybe the head warrior can have marks that look like a tattoo but they have to come from a very powerful bloodline or pack for that to happen, that’s why only alphas and royals are usually only seen with it. Most warriors and omegas have just a normal bite mark, the reason why the marks are different is to show how powerful the werewolf is and to see what kind of relationship the male and female have, if it doesn’t look like a tattoo then you know the mark has been forced” he said and I nodded my head thinking about his mum and Annie.

Annie’s mark was forced? That means Annie didn’t accept my brother and maybe still hasn’t, same for Damon’s mum.

“so, that means your mum didn’t accept your dad?” I asked and he nodded.

“still hasn’t” he said and I frowned, thinking. my brother forced Annie? Does that mean he also forced her to have kids too? “what are you thinking so hard about?” he asked and I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled.

“I’m thinking I’m hungry” I said and as if to prove my point my stomach growled quietly.

“alright do you want to cook or do you want me too?” he asked and I snorted.

“considering I don’t want to die, I’ll cook” I said and he glared at me making me smirk. He rolled off me and continued to glare at me.

“hey!!!” he protested. “I’m a very good cook”

“yeah and I’m the Easter bunny” I deadpanned.

“by the way, you can’t die from food poisoning” he said grumpy.

“maybe not but I could die if you burnt the house down” I grinned.

“I think I deserve breakfast in bed with the way your treating me” he said cheekily.

“listen here buddy, this girl doesn’t make food for people she can’t see” I said and he pouted. “that’s not going to work” I said and got up and walked out of his room and went downstairs and realised I’m not wearing any pants, just underwear. Ugh, I can’t be bothered going back up the stairs. Fuck it, this shirt is long enough.

I went into the kitchen and got the eggs, flour, milk and sugar and started making pancakes. I heard Damon walk down the stairs and walk into the kitchen. He went over to the cupboard and grabbed the coffee and started making coffee. He may be the worst cook I’ve ever seen but he makes damn good coffee.

I finished the last pancake and put them on a plate and put them on the table with the rest of the food and went to the fridge and grabbed the whipped cream and then the golden syrup that was on the bench and went back to the table. I laughed as I watched Damon run towards the table and grabbed the rest of the pancakes, I had made sure to grabbed 4 before he came in and stole them all.

“god, you’re such a pig” I said laughing as he finished his last pancake. He had 8 pancakes, 6 eggs – that were scrambled together, 7 rashers of bacon and 3 pieces of toast. He just grinned at me.

“do you want the last rasher of bacon?” he asked and I shook my head.

“no thank you, you can have it, pig” I said smiling and he quickly grabbed it of the plate and I stacked up the dishes and took them into the kitchen and started filling up the sink with hot water. I usually put them in the dish washer but I was trying to distract myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Damon had said about marks.

It annoyed me.

How could I have not noticed?

Damon said that if a mark was forced it would look like a bite mark, not a tattoo but he also said that a powerful werewolf had to make a mark like that, so is my brother abusing his mate or is he just not strong enough?

He was born to be Damon’s gamma, not an alpha, so maybe he’s just not strong enough, however from what I saw, even though Annie and Jeremy’s pack was very small, the warriors were very strong and great fighters, Jeremy is an alpha of a very strong pack, so he should be strong enough to make a mark that looks like a tattoo.

I continued to scrub the dishes as I thought about it, the downfall of having golden syrup is that it likes to stick to the plate.

I heard someone knock on the door and I dried my hands and raced up the stairs and changed into a jumper that said “I miss summer” and grey jeans with grey ugg boots. I put my hair up in a messy bun and I heard Damien answer the door. I listened and heard it was hunter and Kristie with the kids. I walked down the stairs as Brielle and Brandon ran in.

“mummy!!!” they yelled and raced towards me and I picked them up.

“how’s my babies? Did you enjoy staying at Uncle Hunter’s and Auntie Kristie’s?” I asked and they nodded their heads quickly. “well that’s good” I looked Damon and then hunter, they were mind linking.

“we have to go” Damon said and I looked at him worried.

“what’s wrong?” I asked.

“20 rogues are trying to get across the border” Damon said and I nodded.

“go” I said and hunter looked at Kristie worried and then the boys. “go, I’ll watch them” I said and he nodded and Damon came over and we kissed before he ran out of the house.

I looked at Kristie and it suddenly became very awkward. I sat down on the couch and Kristie followed my actions, sitting on one across from me.

“so…. How are you?” she asked hopefully and I sighed.

“I’m fine” I said and she looked disappointed but I didn’t care.

“Brielle and Brandon look so big now” Kristie said and I gritted my teeth together, I didn’t want to do this, I didn’t want to talk to her, stupid Naomi, why did I agree to watch them, stupid, stupid Naomi.

“can we not do this Kristie” I snapped and she flinched slightly.

“not do what?” she asked gulping.

“pretend that you didn’t kidnap my son 6 weeks ago and that I actually like hanging out with you now” I said and tears started to form in her eyes.

“Naomi, please, I’m sorry” she whimpered and I ignored the pain that started to form at the sound. I don’t care, I don’t care. “Naomi, please just talk to me or hit, just do something, I can’t stand you ignoring me”

“I already slapped you and if you didn’t want me to ignore you, you shouldn’t have taken him, what did you think would happen” I snapped and stormed out of the room and went into the bathroom and tried to control my breathing. I turned on tap and splash my face with water and gripped the sink. I sighed and grabbed the towel and dried my face and hands and walked out and went back into the lounge room and stopped dead.

Brielle, Brandon, Logan and Lucas were in here but no Kristie. I grabbed the piece of paper and quickly read what she had written on.

“you can have the kids Hunter, just leave me alone”

I ran out the door and saw Kristie bolting towards the woods. I ran and jumped off the porch and landed on my feet and took after her, I caught up to her quickly and grabbed her arm and yanked her back and slowed down.

“what the hell were you thinking Kristie!” I snapped and she flinched.

“I need to leave, I need to get away from here, please Naomi it’s too hard being in the pack house after what mum and dad did, please just let me leave” she sobbed and I stiffened as the breeze shifted and I caught the smell of rogues.

“get in the house Kristie” I whispered quietly.

“no, Naomi, you don’t under-“ Kristie tried to protest but I tightened my grip on her arm.

“get in the fucking house” I snapped and I heard a growl come from the trees and I snapped my gaze towards where it come from and saw 10 rouges stepping out from the trees. I turned back to Kristie and her eyes widened.

“go” I ordered and pushed her towards the house and she took off running towards the house and I started running with her. I could hear them chasing us and I ran up the porch and slammed the door and locked it.

“Damon, come home” I said through our mind link.

“I’m a little busy right now, Naomi”

“Damon, get home right fucking now, it was a trap, there’s 10 rogues, maybe more trying to get into the fucking house” I snapped and I heard him growl through our mind link.

I grabbed Brielle and Brandon and Kristie grabbed Logan and Lucas and I ran to the basement door and opened it dragged Kristie in and locked the door, I turned on the lights and Brielle and Brandon whimpered.

“what’s going on mummy?” Brandon asked as a rogue slammed against the door. I quickly went down the stairs and the pin code in that Damon had me memorise and opened the door.

“don’t touch the door, just the handle, the doors pure silver” I said to Kristie who nodded and the kids whimpered again. “it’s okay, shhh, it’s okay babies” I said kissing their heads and I laid them down on the bed and Sliver whined as they started to cry.

“Sliver, what the hell do I do?” I asked worried.

“grab the pressure point on their necks and they’ll fall asleep” sliver said and I shook my head immediately.

“I can’t do that sliver, I’m their mum, I can’t do that to them” I said worried.

“you have to Naomi, their scared, they need to be asleep right now, what happens if those rogues get in here, you need to do this, otherwise their going to remember this moment and always look back on it, there too young to go through this” she said and I scrunched up my face frustrated and sighed.

I quickly grabbed the pressure points on their necks and they went unconscious and it was very unsettling to see my children’s eyes roll into the back of their head before their eyes closed and creepy, unbelievably creepy, I might even have nightmares. I looked at Kristie who was watching the entire scene stunned.

“what the hell you just do?” she asked, still stunned.

“I’m making sure they’re safe” I said and moved the bed they were laying into the corner farthest from the door, that way if they did somehow get through the pure silver door, I was standing in between the rogues and my kids. I couldn’t even hear them, I focused on the door and tried to see if I couldn’t but still nothing. Suddenly I heard a bang on the door and it shook lightly, I strained to hear something and I heard growling and someone letting out a sting of curses.

“stupid alpha put in a silver door, there’s no way we could get through”

“what if we blow it up?” I heard someone suggest and then there was a slapping noise.

“are you fucking stupid? There’s a powerful Luna and future alpha in there that were supposed to bring back unharmed unless we want to die, boss said so much as a paper cut and were dead” another voice piped in.

“not blow up the room, just the door to get it off its hinges” the same voice from before said and I heard a cracking sound and then something fell to the floor.

“fucking idiot” the one that I had heard first spat. “alright, let’s find something to knock his door down without having to touch the door” I heard footsteps but they stopped as soon as there was a growl, Logan and Lucas cried harder even though Kristie was trying to calm them down. I picked Logan up and cuddled him closed to my chest.

“hey buddy, it’s okay, shhh, it’s okay” I whispered softly in his ear and he buried his head into my neck and I rubbed my hand up and down his back, trying to calm him. “it’s okay to be okay, they’re going to be here soon” I said, even though I could hear Damon’s wolf snarling upstairs. Don’t ask me how I know its him, I can just tell, it’s a mate thing.

I felt Logan go limp in my arms and I placed him down on the bed and picked Lucas up and did the same to him and placed him back down on the bed. Now why couldn’t I do that with my kids instead of knocking them out.

“it’s because Damon’s upstairs, even though he’s fighting and you can feel his pain, your calmer with him here, you more focused and can think clearly” Silver said and I sighed.

She’s right, I am calmer now he’s here.

I leaned against the wall and slid down it and closed my eyes. I heard the door opened and I looked towards it and saw Damon standing there and I rushed towards him and pulled him into a tight hug and he hugged me back tightly.

“I saw what happened with Kristie through our mind link, hunter’s pissed” Damon said and I nodded. I heard someone stomp down the stairs and hunter came into view and glared Kristie straight away. He shook his head angrily and went towards his kids and made sure they were okay.

I couldn’t even look at Kristie, I was so angry.

“come on Naomi, hit me again” Kristie suddenly snapped at me and I growled lowly and went to go towards her but Damon grabbed my arms to stop me.

“don’t tempt me Kristie” I growled.

“I don’t even get why you’re so angry with me” she said annoyed.

“of course you don’t Kristie, because your so fucking self-involved, why should I be shocked” I snapped and she glared at me.

“I am not self-involved” she snarled.

“yes you fucking” I snapped. “and do you want to know how I know, because you haven’t thought about what would happen to hunter if you left and took those kids or what would happen to those kids if you ripped them away from their dad and it’s because you don’t care about anyone but yourself, all you care about is leaving because of what mum and dad did years ago to you” I sneered.

“they made my life hell!!” she snarled angrily and stepped towards me.

“what and they didn’t make mine like that, you had it easy, trust me” I said and she scoffed.

“how do you figure that?’ she snapped.

“because you left, I was only one they could hurt, to take their anger out on, if either one of them had hurt the other, they would have been hurt because of the mate bond, so they hurt me, no Jeremy, no Diana, no Kristie, just me” I snapped and Kristie looked at me shocked. “I didn’t get breaks from their wrath, I just passed out so I don’t remember most of it” I said and tears sprang in my eyes. “but why would you care, you were leaving, remember?” I said and walked out of the basement and went upstairs to my room. I laid down on the bed and I felt the adrenaline leave and it felt like I had been hit by a train.

I yawned and closed my eyes slowly falling into the darkness.

I yawned, stretching and opened my eyes, I looked at my phone and saw it was 4:34pm.

I sat up and yawned against. I yawned again and got up slowly and walked out of my room and went down the stairs, I heard laughter and walked towards it and saw Brielle and Brandon on the couch watching a movie with Liam. Liam looked towards me and I noticed he instantly got nervous and looked away from me quickly.

“Liam, what’s wrong?” I asked confused and he sighed and got up and walked out and I followed. “what happened?” I snapped and grabbed his arm and turned him around and made him look at me, something didn’t feel right, something felt very wrong.

“after what happened between you and Kristie, Damon went to see your parents and-“

“why would he do something as stupid as that” I snapped and Liam flinched.

“he wanted to hear it from them, anyway, your dad said something to Damon and he just snapped and axel took over straight away” Liam sighed.

“is Damon okay?” I asked worried.

“he’s fine, Naomi, your dad’s dead though” Liam said sadly and I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t care, what’s wrong with Damon? What the hell are you not telling me?” I snapped again making Liam flinch again.

“axel wouldn’t calm down Naomi, he was willingly to kill everyone in sight to get to your mum after your dad was dead so we had to-“ Liam said sighing again.

“had to what? What the hell did you do to my mate Liam?” I snarled and Liam moved away from me.

“we had to put him in one of the cells”

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