The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 19

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Naomi’s POV

“We had to put him in one of the cells”

“You did what?” I yelled at him and he moved further away from me, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Naomi, you have to understand, Damon totally lost control, Axel went ballistic, he was trying everything he could to get to your mum after he killed your dad,” he said and I rolled my eyes.

“Oh I couldn’t care less about my parents, I’m a little more concerned about the fact you locked an angry alpha up in a cell” I snapped. My angry Alpha.

“We had no other choice!” he yelled and I growled at him.

“Yes, you did, you could’ve come and got me, I could’ve calmed him down. Now that he’s been locked in a cell, you’ve probably made him ten times angrier” I snapped.

“Damon would kill us if we let you go in there” Liam responded and I chuckled.

“I’m sorry, did I give off the impression that I was asking, because I didn’t mean too,” I said, stepping closer to him and he gulped when I glared at him. “I want to see my mate. Now, Beta Liam” I ordered and he nodded his head quickly.

“yes, of course Luna” he mumbled, showing his neck submissively and I felt a little guilty, I didn’t mean to do that but Silver’s on edge, she wants to make sure Damon’s okay, whatever my father said to upset Damon must’ve been really bad. I want to make sure he’s okay. I need to make sure he’s okay.

“Well, lead the way” I said and he nodded and we walked out of the house and warriors were stationed around the front of the house. “Keep an eye on my kids please, they’re inside” I said to one of the warriors that I knew when I was growing up.

“Of course Luna Naomi” he said and smiled and I smiled back softly. I continued to follow Liam.

* * * * *

It wasn’t long until we were at one the warrior’s houses. Damon has six houses for warriors spread throughout the pack land. There were at least 500 living in each of them, not mention the warriors that have their own homes.

We walked inside and everyone bowed their heads when they saw me and I smiled softly at them and followed Liam to a door. He put in a pin on the keypad and the door opened. We walked down the stairs and when we reached the bottom, Liam put his finger on the finger print scanner. I raised an eyebrow at him and he chuckled.

“Damon’s very careful when it comes to the prisoners, he doesn’t want anyone to escape or break in. that’s why the only exits from the prison is through the warrior’s houses. That way they have very little chance of getting out or having someone break in for them,” Liam said and I nodded. We stepped in and my nose burned as soon as the smell of bleach hit my senses. I grimaced but continued to follow Liam as the smell got stronger and stronger.

We turned the corner and there’s a dark blue tarp covering a lump on the floor and there were to two men moping at a red stain. Blood. Although it didn’t look like blood, anymore since it was a light red now it was were the bleach was strongest.

“Luna Naomi, Beta Liam” they both said bowing their heads in respect. I smiled back as we walked past. We turned another corner and I jumped when I heard a loud inhuman roar. Liam looked back at me cautiously. There were 10 guards surrounded around a door that was rattling by the force of whatever was slamming against the wall. Suddenly it stopped.

“Naomi” I heard a familiar deep voice growl. Axel. The guards looked at the door in relief realising Axel was no longer slamming against the door to try and break free.

“Axel” I said softly, my heart beating so loudly in my chest I was sure he heard my heartbeat better than my voice. A growl echoed loudly through the prison. I jumped when the door started rattling again.

“let me out!” he ordered in his Alpha voice and I could see the guards and Liam straining against their wolves, trying not to let him out but the order from their Alpha made it difficult. “Now, I want to see her! Dammit! Let me out!” Axel yelled the door was starting to buckle making me gulp.

“Go” I ordered to the guards and Liam making them look at me shock.

“No!” Axel yelled. “You mongrels better stay right where you are so I can rip you limp from limp when I get out for locking me in here” he yelled furiously, the door holding on barely.

“As your Luna I order you to leave!” my stern voice echoed through the prison and the guards bolted. Liam looked at the door and then me hesitantly. “Go” I ordered and he tried to fight his wolf but his eyes turned black and he took off, catching up easily with the guards. They turned the corner and I exhaled softly. I look back at the door just as it went off its hinges. The silver door flew through the air towards me and I yelped, jumping out of the way.

The door slammed into the concrete floor, it slid across the floor making an awful screeching noise as sparks flew up from the contact of the silver and concrete. Black scorch marks marked the floor where the silver door had slid across. I looked back at the now door opening and gulped seeing Damon’s body completely covered in blood with pitch black eyes.

“A-Axel” I stuttered nervously. He started charging towards me and I stayed planted to the floor.

“You made them leave” he growled lowly and I sighed.

“Axel, you were going to hurt-“ he growled furiously making me stop talking.

“They locked me in that cage” he snarled.

“Trust me, I’m not too happy about that either but they are still our packs member” I said trying to reason with him but he growled angrily, obliviously not working.

“I don’t fucking care” he snarled and I clenched my jaw, trying to stay patient.

“Axel, please” I whispered looking into his eyes and his angry expression faltered for a second before turning cold again. He sidestepped, trying to walk around me but I followed his actions.


“Axel, no” he glowered down at me and I glared back. He stepped closer to me, our chests almost bumping as he tried to intimidate me with his height. “Axel, I’m not scared of you, so cut it out now” shocked covered his face. “you can either act like an adult, who is the Alpha of this pack or I’ll find another cell to lock you in and this time, I promise you, you won’t get out on your own” he crossed his arms over his chest, chuckling darkly and I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah right” he scoffed.

“I’m not joking Axel, their families in this pack and I will not have you tearing them apart because you are having a goddamn temper tantrum!” I snapped and he glared down at me. “Act your age Axel or I swear to whoever you believe I will fucking make you” my Luna instinct working in overdrive.

Part of my wolf was worried for Axel and Damon but the other part was worried for our pack, filled with thousands and thousands of people, so if we didn’t stop this rampage here then who knows what could happen.

He looked down at me shocked as his eyes turned back their original colour, Damon’s blue eyes. I exhaled in relief. I was hoping if I distracted Axel by talking to him, Damon would have enough tie to take over and I wouldn’t have to try and calm don Axel.

“Thank god” I said wrapping my arms around him tightly and he did the same with me. “I was so worried about you when Liam told me what they did”

“It’s okay, they didn’t have a choice, although Axel doesn’t see it that way” he said, chuckling softly at the end.

“Obviously, is he always that pigheaded?” I said frustrated and he chuckled, pulling away slowly.

“Yes” he answered quickly making me laugh. “Actually, that’s why he’s the perfect match for you” he said and I stopped laughing, glaring at him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I crossed my arms over my chest. He chuckled nervously.

“What? I was joking” he said kissing my forehead. Maybe, I heard him say through our mind link and I kicked his shin. “Ow! What was that for?” he whined.

“I heard that!” I snapped, storming away, pretending to be mad. I could hear him behind him.

“Hey! Wait up! Come on Naomi, I think you crippled me!” he complained and I rolled my eyes stopping.

“You’re an idiot” I said, looking over my shoulder at him.

“your so mean today, first you don’t make me breakfast in bed, then you yell at me because I left you in the house going to the trap the rouges set up, then you yell at me and say you’re going to lock me in a cell” he complained like a 2 year old and I rolled my eyes.

“Actually I said that to Axel because he was being an asshole” I said and he shrugged.

“Were basically the same person” he said and I snorted.

“Your right about that” I said and Damon frowned.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means your both assholes” I said running off and I heard him growl.

“Come back here” he yelled. I turned the corner and placed my hand on the finger print scanner, cheering when it unlocked. I closed the door behind me and ran up those stairs and tried to remember the code that Liam put in. it unlocked thankfully and I ripped open the door. I squealed seeing guns being pointed at me.

“What the hell Liam” Damon growled from behind me and I jumped when his arms wrapped around my waist tightly. Oh oh, I got caught.

“Damon” Liam said relief flooding through his eyes and the guard’s eyes.

“Can you stop pointing that at me” I said, looking at the gun that was loaded with silver bullets making me shift nervously. If they pulled that trigger I’d be a goner. Dead. Worm food.

“Yeah, put the damn guns down” Damon ordered and they instantly pointed them away from me thankfully.

“Okay, I’m going to go, you boys have fun with the scary guns filled with scary bullets” I said slipping out of Damon’s grip and I ran off. Damon laughed at me. I turned back around glaring at him. “What’s so funny?” I asked annoyed.

“It’s just five minutes ago you were threating to lock me up in a cell and now you’re running away from some little guns”

“yes scary guns filled with scary silver bullets that could obliterate me from this world, versus you, the big bad scary Alpha but whose also my mate and knows that I’d annoy your ass for all eternity if you did hurt me” I said sarcastically and Liam and the guards laughed at Damon until he glared at them. “Have fun” I yelled turning away from them. “Idiots” I said as I walked away.

** end of chapter **

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