The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 2

It’s been 5 months since Hope’s party and I found out I was Damon’s mate. I wish I wasn’t his mate through, he only wants to play with me, he doesn’t treat me like his mate, he treats me like every other girl he sleeps with but he keeps doing it instead of moving onto another girl. I wish he’d just reject me and leave me the hell alone.

I wish I could reject him and even if he let the words leave my mouth, it wouldn’t work. When an alpha male and a female are mates, only the alpha can reject his mate, so if Damon doesn’t want us to work, then he will reject me and let me go, if in some twisted part of his mind he wants us to work as mates then, I’m fucked.

I was currently playing my iPad on my bed when I ran to the bathroom and vomited.

After I was done, I stood up slowly and walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth to get rid of the horrible taste. I walked over to my phone and made an appointment with the pack doctor, most of the time the doctor blocks us out of her head so you can’t get an appointment.

I walked to the clinic and went inside. My name got called and I walked in Dr Hastings examination room.

“What seems to be the problem Miss Naomi?”

“I’ve been feeling sick the past week and vomiting” I said.

“Have you had sex in the past month?” She asked.

“Yes” I said.

“Okay, I’m going to do an ultrasound and do some tests” she said. “Go lay down in the chair please” she said and walked out and I went over to the chair and sat down. She walked back in, wheeling in an ultrasound machine. “Lean back please” she said and I did as I was told. “This gel is going to be a bit cold” she said and put some on my stomach.

“Okay” I said and she grabbed the stick thingy and moved it across my stomach

“Well, you are indeed pregnant” she said and I gasped.

“How far along?” I asked.

“About 2 months” she said. “Wait a minute, what’s that” she said and continued to look at the screen.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, Miss Naomi, it looks as if your pregnant with twins” she said smiling and I smiled back.

“How long till I find out their genders?”

“About 4 and a half months to 5 months, just depends if there in the right position so I can see” she said and I nodded.

After the doctor’s appointment, I walked home and laid down on my bed. I heard a knock on my door.

“Naomi, open up!!!” Damon yelled.


“Naomi, I know you’re in there!!!” he yelled but I didn’t answer.


I heard him walk away and a couple of minutes later I heard the door unlocking and saw Damon walk into my room and then close and lock the door.

“Why didn’t you answer the door?” he asked but I didn’t answer so he walked closer to me and I jumped off my bed and walked backwards until my back slammed against the wall, why do I always do this? Just once I would like to get out and be free. “Naomi?” He asked and put his hands in either side of my head.

“I was sleeping, I didn’t hear you knock” I said softly and looking down, I was calm on the outside but my heart was going crazy.

“Really? Are you lying to me Naomi?” He asked and I shook my head quickly. “Well, your heart says differently, its beating like crazy, why are you lying Naomi?”

“I’m not” I said and my voice crack. I looked up at him and his eyes were black, they looked scary. He looked down at my lips and back into my eyes. He smirked and crashed his lips down onto his and started undressing me.

I tried to stop him because I didn’t know if it was safe for the babies.

He threw me onto the bed. I tried fighting him off but he was an alpha. He pulled back.

“You can either tell me why your lying or you do this?′ He said and kissed me, after a couple of seconds I started kissing him back. He pulled back and smirked. “So you were lying” he said.

“No I wasn’t” I said quickly and shook my head so fast I’m surprised I don’t have whiplash.

“Yes you are, Naomi. If you weren’t lying you would have tried to stop me from kissing you” he said smirking and I gulped. “Bad girl Naomi” he taunted and I’m sure he can see the fear in my eyes. He ripped my clothes off and pulled his clothes off too.

It’s been 2 hours since Damon left and I haven’t stopped crying. It hurt so bad.

I felt the need to vomit again so I got up quickly and ran to the bathroom and threw up.

I shakily got up and jumped into the shower and scrub my skin until it was red.

I got out and went into my closet and grabbed black jeans, light grey tank top and a red flannel with black ankle boots.

I tied my wet and knotty hair into a bun.

I walked downstairs and saw Damon and his friends. I grabbed a banana and a glass of milk.

“Hey Naomi, come here!!!” Tegan yelled.

She’s one of the pack sluts, she annoys the crap out of me but I play nice with her just so she doesn’t push me into ripping her head off.

I walked over to them and went to Tegan.

“What do you what Tegan?” I asked nicely.

“Come sit with us” she said and I was about to reject the offer when I heard screaming.

I ran out of the room and onto the porch and saw about 20 rouges running towards the little kids.

I felt my motherly instincts kick in as I jumped off the porch and bolted towards the children and tackled the rouge that was closet to them. He tried to go for my neck but I ducked and tripped him. He fell on his stomach and I grabbed him by the throat and bit down until he didn’t move anymore. From the corner of my eye I saw the women getting the children to safety.

I was tackled and a bit disoriented but I got back my eye sight and I kicked the rouge in the stomach and she went flying and slammed into a tree. I got up and she charged at me and I did the same, we collided and tumbled a bit from the impact but steadied ourselves and continued to fight.

I grabbed her foot and bit down, hard and she howled out in pain. I pushed her down to the ground and scratched her stomach, she let out a howl of pain while growing her head back, which gave me the opportunity to bite into her neck.

I kept fighting until there was no rouges left. I went behind a tree and shifted. I grabbed the jumper and sweatpants I hid in the trees.

“Naomi!!!” Hope yelled and I came out from behind the trees and Hope ran towards me. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine” I said and breathed deeply. I had a cut on my forehead, my stomach, back and leg.

“You sure, Naomi?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine” I said and walked to my room and had a shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and grabbed my first aid kit out of the bathroom cupboard. I gasped when the door opened and I turned to see Damon. “W-What are y-you doing-g?” I asked. He picked me up by my waist and put me up onto the bathroom counter. He pulled the towel down a bit and cleaned my wounds.

“Cleaning you up” he said and I hissed from him touching my wounds with the cloth.

“Why?” I asked but he ignored me. I shifted slightly from the pain in my stomach when he was putting the alcohol on but he grabbed my waist to keep me still, which work.

Once he was done he put all the stuff he used into the bin.

“There you go” he said.

“Why are you being nice to me, your never nice to me” I said looking down.

“What, do you want me to be mean to you?” He asked and I shook my head furiously.

“N-No” I said shakily.

“And by the way, I am nice to you” he said sternly. I looked up at him and I had tears running down my cheeks. I don’t know what came over me but what he said pissed me off.

“No you’re not but thank you for cleaning my wounds” I said slightly angry and his eyes widen but before he could reply I got up and walked out of my bathroom. I walked into my wardrobe and grabbed an oversized jumper, leggings and undergarments and put them all on.

I walked out of my room and Damon was gone.

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